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The Great Utah Adventure Extravanganza Rendezvous
September 30, 2011

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It's early the next morning and us guys are out for a little guy-time in the wilderness! Rah! Survival of the fittest! Course Michael has to ruin everything by going feminine on us.

Grandeur. I could stand and peer down this canyon for hours.

We wanted to climb into that cave until we came to the conclusion that it would mean certain death.

Michael sings praises. The echo was AMAZING.

More petroglyphs. Why did they draw like 5-year olds?

We have a "rear race."

Doing manly stuff ... like jumping over creeks wearing your wife's knapsack.

We find the second waterhole. Yes, and it's freezing. You know how that is? When you just stand there and daydream for awhile before jumping in a cold body of water?

Let's go around instead.

Matthew and Michael take the plunge!

As does the foreign Portuguese exchange student!

Not wanting to be outdone, I jump from a higher ledge.

There's a shark in here!!!

High School Musical!

Like I said, I just love flying shots.

This dog had me laughing for a good 5 minutes. I just get such a kick out of animals doing people things. I have no idea where the owner was.

We enjoy family time in the living room.

We are laughing!

Not sure what they're doing here. Kinda gross.

It's now the next day and ... I'm your worst nightmare.

Time for another family Christmas picture! Maybe you all could tell us which one you like best.

I like this one.

We thought the Department of Child Safety Services might come after us for this one.

This one's pretty good too.

And one more.

Love the modern, "I'm bored with life" look, Marscel.

That's cute.

Oh my goodness, what a wreck. Trying to take pictures of two toddlers and a baby in sand is not an easy thing to do. Look at Philip's face!

Getting sand in their eyes. This is great. I think we're done now.

Time for some beauty shots. "Daring, yet delectable."

"Dreamy, yet tangibly touchable."

"Confident, yet goof ball."

"Just plain sweet."

"Skinny, yet silky."

"Irritating, yet not too bad to look at."

"Lovely and gorgeous, yet lovely and gorgeous."

"The whole package."

Just the guys.

They're at it again. The Tijuana Times calls El Cinco Blanco's latest album "Muy bien."

Oh my word ... as we were posing with our cash these oriental ladies ran over screaming to take a picture with us. Slightly awkward.

Doesn't get much cuter.


Forgot Ma and Pa.

Walking out to "Delicate Arch," renowned for being the size of a football field.

Many tourists were seeing double that day.

Just fab, gals.

That thing is pretty huge. Part of it fell down in the 90s and it looks like it's just ready to snap.

A lovely meal prepared by my wife, complete with Chinese lanterns.


Another picture of the boys wearing baseball outfits. Just can't get enough, can you?

All right, you may want to leave at this point. Marscel took approximately 450 pictures of us on our last day for a family picture. I think we have enough for the next ten years.

That would be us again. We're the perfect, problem-free family.

Sure would have loved to see this photo 10 years ago. Thank you, Lord.

"What's that? Oh, you ask about my watch? Yes, I love my watch."

"You ask for the time? I'm afraid I cannot give you the time. You see, it's timeless."

We ready ourselves for a picture by the water. It was just gorgeous.

I like William in this one.

Even better.

Now we're in the water! How artistic can you get!?

This was fun.

She so belongs in a catalogue.

One final broil before heading home.

Let's just hope he's not doing what we think he's doing.

Did I mention I like flying pictures?

When New Mexico became a state, one consideration was "The Land of Disenchantment."

And one final picture of this castle-like mountain. Just amazing.

Congratulations! You survived GUAER! Thanks so much for stopping by! Till next time!

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