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Another August Again
September 5th, 2012

Greetings, Niedbloggers! That's my official name for our blog followers (are you a Niedblogger?). Anyway, how are you? You probably thought the next blog entry wasn't coming, huh? Yeah, this one's a little late, but we're still alive and here! I must admit, at times I think of stopping the blog. It takes time, which grows more and more thin, but what keeps me going is ... well, you guys, and then the thought of this being an online journal that we'll be able to look back on years from now with the family. I mean, I already enjoy going back to when I started in 2005 and seeing where the Lord has taken me through life. Pretty incredible.

Anyway, so September is here and we sure are looking forward to fall! It was a long, hot summer, though August I must admit was pretty nice (we got over 10 inches of rain!). The cool, crisp nights are already here, and that feeling of autumn is permeating the Ozarks.

Anyway, enough blab and on with the fab! This last month was mildly exciting. I mean, you can only have so much fun with Nathan Daher. He's a good guy and all, but, you know. Gonna start off with a few pics from before our Hawaii trip at the food conference in San Antonio.

Video Blog - August, 2012


And here we go ...

"Guess who's your new daddy for the next two weeks!?"

Here we are with Ma and Melanie (not pictured) and Marscel headed down to good ol' San Antone for the Faith and Food Conference! Got some fresh watermelon to commemorate. Let me tell you, that was one cruddy crammed car trip.

We saw a car accident occur as we were taking a bathroom break, compliments of McDonalds (I actually go to McDonalds often, but never for the food). Though he doesn't look it, William was ecstatic about the ambulances.

A little rain during our travels. Almost there!

That evening we arrived at Lori Voeller's lovely home to stay for the night. Philly was his usual witty self. "So Melanie, I says to the guy, 'Over my wet diaper!' "

A delicious meal together. Thank you so much, Mrs. Voeller, for your royal hospitality!

And here we are at the conference the next day making ready our booth. I tried to sneak subliminal brain messages into our advertising, but for some reason it had the exact opposite effect.

Quaint conversing with the Roach family.

Marscel and I were hard at work while Melanie played the usual slacker.

Ma was on the panel of speakers! Did a GREAT job. She's just so herself. Most of the time that's a good thing. (Ma's gonna kill me)

As was Sarah! Great job, Sarah! I love the subtle bird egg blue blouse that gave you the aura of a medical doctor! (now my wife's gonna kill me)

One more look. These ladies had a lot to share.

Ok we jump ahead now to this random picture of a razor. This is no ordinary razor, mind you. So here's the story. It's Saturday and I'm outta razors. Church is the next day, so I'm desperate (although at our reformed church nobody would look twice if I walked in with a beard). So I ask my mom for a razor. She comes over and gives me this unopened, still packaged one. I'm about to open it when I look more closely. What the nhoj? How old is this thing? I turn it over and it reads, "1989." What!? This unopened razor is 23 years old!!! Only my mom. Yes, only my mom. (btw, it still worked great)

Ok jumping ahead again to Amber Hansen's baby shower! And now we can report that she had her little girl a few weeks early. Congratulations, Erik and Amber! Catch up on your sleep!

Glad I wasn't there.

Wish I'd been there.

Hello, ladies.

Course my wife the seamstress made Amber this adorable outfit. I never used the world adorable before I was married.

And we jump ahead to find Uncle Nathan enjoying some hillbilly fun with us again! Just keep your eye out for leeches and water moccasins and it's not so bad!

Little man is growing like a zi ... leaf.

May and June were terribly dry months for us, but in July we saw 5 inches and August 10 inches! It greened up so fast, and made the Ozarks beautiful again. Thank you, Lord.

Enjoying one of our many dinners together. Nathan looks good next to flowers.

Spent most of our time doing this ... playing with Nathan's remote control helicopter. This thing is sweet. I circled it in red.

Down at the lake! Yes, it's time for another boat outing with the Niednagels!

You just pray you don't get pulled over for a safety inspection.

While the rumors are true that Jeremy can be a bit intimidating, overall he is a very cordial person.

I don't know exactly why we've been friends for so long. I think Nathan just bothers me less than most people.

A bird's eye view as we attempt to get William properly situated.

Everyone smiles as Kalea desperately tries to stay above water.

Fun times!

Eating a nice meal on a boat used to not be so complicated.

Grandma with the babies.

My favorite part of the boat ride. Sitting by my love and putting our feet in the water as we drive home.

lol, if this isn't the cutest picture ever. Anyway, Melissa made a Chinese dinner one night, so we all dressed up for the occasion, including the kids. I dressed William as a Chinese mafia hit-man.

Wow. That's ... pretty amazing. Jeremy apparently didn't know what was going on.

You laugh ... but soon you won't be laughing.

I think I need to loosen my black belt.

It's actually kinda awkward. Nathan looks like he just got fired from his minimum wage job while Jeremy nearly borders indecent.

"William, you must seriously ask yourself at a time like this ... can you trust your father?" We jump ahead again to our wonderful weekend trip to Branson! We stayed at the Willow Ridge Lodge, or something like that, which had this awesome pool and spacious grounds.

I love these "beach-side" pools! What genius finally thought of these for kids?

Philip was in heaven with the fountains.

"Whoa, check her out ..."

Looks like Jeremy and I both have ENFPs. It's very funny how similar they are in so many ways.

Eating dinner in the elevator. What are you looking at?

Yeah, we actually were heading down to the picnic area to eat. A gorgeous evening.

Happy people! (I look a little too happy)

Evening falls. The kids loved running around in the grass. Don't you fondly remember those days?

So cool! The pools lights changed color every 5 seconds.

The place even had little playgrounds everywhere. Void of sleep and proper parental correction, the kids were having the time of their lives!

Special times.

It's the next morning and we're enjoying breakfast together. Look, despite denying it, Nathan is clearly jealous of my newly streaked hair.

To answer your question, no, our kids don't watch much TV.

Why does this remind me of an over-exaggerated Tom Cruise smile?

Before heading home we went to the Sight and Sound theater to see "Joseph." What a marvelous production! Everything is so professionally done, and it really brings the Bible to life.

Us again after the show. A really beautiful theater.

And that's it! As always, thanks for stopping by! Remember to leave any comments below and not on Facebook itself so they're saved for posterity! Lord bless you all!