Be Born In Me
Francesca Battistelli


Marian Katharina Niednagel
December 10, 2012

All I can say is, the moment I heard Ma cry, "It's a girl!", I was in complete disbelief. Me? A girl? The daddy of a little girl? After having two boys, it was an impossibility for me to imagine such, and yet there she was, large as life, barely making a sound, with a head full of dark hair and cute, chubby cheeks. What a little miracle! Welcome to the family, Marian Katharina!

And now, as is tradition with every child, let's do some explaining.


So why Marian? Those who ask this question evidently don't know us. But first, as we did at the birth of both William and Philip, Melissa and I would like to clarify we did not name her after the following notables ...

Marian The Librarian
African American Singer Marian Anderson
The Congregation Of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception
Miriam But We Spelled It Wrong

Yes,we already have a William Locksley, and a Philip Huntington, so it was only natural for us to continue the Robin Hood tradition! Since I was a boy, the name "Marian" has been among my favorites, and that because of Maid Marian, Robin's love.

We chose Katharina for a few reasons. First, we just like the name, so there. Second, one of the most famous German women in history was Katharina Von Bora, wife of Martin Luther, so what better name to prolong the German heritage (yes, Niednagel is quite German)? Third, we like the meaning. Katharnia means "Pure," and reminds us of Christ's words ... "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

Melissa's labor was the easiest yet, lasting for about 6 hours (praise God!). William was 18 hours, and Philip 12 hours, so it seems like we're deducting 6 hours from each labor (meaning next time he or she will just pop out instantly!). Our midwife arrived just 20 minutes before Marian was born! We were very thankful, as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.

Much more to write about, but I want to get these pictures up. Again, thank you all SO MUCH for your thoughts and prayers! So unbelievably amazing to have such wonderful friends as prayer warriors. Lord bless you all!

My wife and I shortly before Marian's entrance into the world. Melissa's a true warrior. I love you so much.

Ello, Marian! I am Robin, your father!

Aunt Melanie meets her very first niece. She and Marian share some similarities, including being rather chubby at birth and having the umbilical cord tied around their necks. What a thing to have in common! :-)

Looking gorgeous less than an hour after the birth.

Mary does Marian's measurements. That's a good tongue-twister.

Thank you, Mary, for your wonderful service to us!

Marian's faces are just so funny. She truly is a little she-elf.

Brother Philip meets her for the first time. He and William shall long be her protectors (and grill the guy who wants to marry her)!

William makes contact.

The beautiful grandparents.

Introducing the Niednagel family of 5!

FINALLY, Kalea has some female friendship on the property!

Facebooking the world with the news!

An evening filled with family.

Pa was able to come for the night to meet his granddaughter.

The proud granddaddy's.

Fuzzy bliss.

"Then our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants, and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace." Psalm 144:12

Thank you so much for stopping by as we continue on this amazing journey called life. Lord bless you!