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A Marvelous Maui Vacation
August 3rd, 2012

Aloha! Mahalo! Kalea! Keoni! (I think that's all the Hawaiian words I know.) Welcome back to "The Blog." I promised to make up for last month's mundane and utterly drab blog, and I hope to not disappoint! Our vacation to Maui was so wonderful. I think it was my favorite time spent there, and Melissa and I were just so blessed to get some much-needed relaxation. Weather was perfect, food was great, and the company could not have been better (i.e. Melissa).

Anyway, I'll cut the blab and get on to the fab!

So grab a fruity drink, turn up the Hawaiian music we've provided, and join us in paradise for our lovely rendezvous to "The Valley Island." Thanks for stopping by!

Blog Videos - July, 2012


And, well, this is a little video I made for the wifey. :-)

What Makes You Beautiful


We've arrived! After 8 hours of flying we were pretty exhausted, but one fresh breath of Hawaiian air makes it all worth while! Well I suppose if we literally took one breath and got back on the plane that would be really stupid and totally not worth it, but you get my gist.

We reach our condo area, or village, complete with grassy lawns that connect to each other. We had no idea what the area would look like (just saw a few pictures), and were so enraptured!

Down at the pool right next to the beach, where we would end up spending most of our time that week.

When I look at you, darling, it's like watching an epic James Cameron film (ok don't leave, I promise to cut the slop).

Speaking of epic, whenever there's an epic picture, I'm adding cinematic black bars. Just sayin' (don't you HATE IT when people say that on Facebook? "Just sayin." Drives me NUTS!).

Our living and kitchen area. Condo was delightful.

Giving you a tour. You know you want one.

Check out how many "me's" there are in the mirror. I think I counted seven.

Looking out our backyard.

Having one of several lovely meals on our patio.

Horking local produce.

Down to the beach again we go!


We ain't in Missouri no more, Toto!

Hon, your unsurpassed beauty is like the sand on the ... oh wait, I promised to cut the slop.

Her outfit nearly matches the ocean colors behind her.

Our condo was on the left.

Dinner by the seaside.

My IZ impersonation.

For those with no clue who IZ is.

Thought this was a good picture until I noticed my white underarms.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else ..."

A little shuffleboard. Meliss had never played before, so I was totally kicking her can at the beginning of our stay. By the end ... seriously, even when it comes to my beautiful bride, let's just say I hate to lose.

"She's like a flower I picked from my garden." Jordanyo

This is what you call a ruffage salad.

lol, I totally captured this by accident. I was testing my camera to shoot a video for Nathan. Doesn't it look like some magical land from some pixar film?

Dear Nathan ...


That's pretty cute. Just sayin'. (hah! don't you want to slap me?)

"Can you take our picture? Thanks." You know, I've come to realize that 9 out of 10 people don't know the first thing about taking good pictures. "For this portrait, I think I'll leave about 5 feet of head-space."

My bride and I dine at Mulligan's.

The lovely outdoor atmosphere.

Pretty killer fish and chips. The newspaper touch is just so classy I can hardly stand it.

"The Shops at Wailea." Prices were pretty stinking high. I like to call it, "The Loitering at Wailea."

Baby bump!

I thought the blue fountain really complimented my eyes.

Just something so ethereal about Hawaii at night ... especially in ritzy areas.

How bout some ice-cream!

It's the next day, and yes, we're going down to the beach again. We pretty much started every day like this (well what would you do in a situation like that!?).

Talk about a gorgeous creation of God. It's like somebody got some neon paint and splattered him with it.

Just a pretty picture of the pool area.

Eating parfaits by the beach. You can actually watch me partake of one in real life by watching the video I made for Nathan. Actually.

I looked up "cute" in the dictionary and found this picture.

She faithfully wrote in her journal almost everyday. I wish I had that kind of patience. I mean just look at my blog comments.

Ok, now we're at Ioa Valley on the north side of the island. Dude, this place was amazing. It's the second wettest place on earth, averaging about 7 inches A WEEK, or some 300 inches A YEAR!!! On the south side of the island, where our condo was, it averaged 10 inches a year. Quite the contrast. Anyway, I had actually been here before with my family when I was about 5 years old, and the good memories really came back.

A fierce battle was fought here. Read the sign. I SAID READ IT!!!

A look from the other direction.

Melissa by the river. If you read the sign, you'll know that back around 1780 the battle between Hawaiians was so fierce that their bodies actually stopped this river. Difficult to imagine such horror amidst such beauty. And we like to imagine them as peaceful, harmonious human beings before the evil white man came.

Big tree!

Awww ....

One more view. I guess the natives used these tall peaks as a lookout. Guess they didn't need to see more than 5 feet ahead of them with all those clouds.

Another magnanimous tree.

Ok, so I was walking at The Shops when a guy stopped me and asked that I model some of their new clothing. Even said I could come up with my own mottos. So I did.

Sales dropped 60% that week. Apparently nobody wanted to look like me.

Another delicious restaurant with an incredibly original name.

Melissa thought her burger was bland, but I liked mine.

I like to think of myself as a grateful individual (I'm kidding, hon). :-)

My wife does some more shopping. I think I need a vacation.

All right! Don't leave just yet! There's plenty more! Take a bathroom break, grab another fruity drink and continue the adventure with us by clicking below ...

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