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August Among Us
September 5, 2014

Do you like weddings? Yeah? No? Well have we got a treat for you! This month actually was pretty low-key, the kind I like, but we did happen to attend a couple weddings that were most lovely and romantic and all that gooey stuff. So, sit back, relax, and join us for some time of celebration as we watch two couples get hitched, as well as a few other random pictures from the month. This latest song playing by Alexander Rybak is so perfect for a wedding!

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Video Blog - August, 2014


And here we go ...

A wedding shower! Or bridal shower! Whatever! Miss Marian was happy to attend and plans on attending an estimated 15,700 wedding showers by her 90th birthday.

Megan and Emily Andersland with Kitty Discher (middle), the bride to be.

A friend of ours had their 40th wedding anniversary and we took this family pic to celebrate! Congratulations!

The ladies had a nice brunch with the Long gals in Springfield. This is a really bad picture. I'm assuming the waitress at the restaurant took it. "I think I'll zoom in and partially cut off their bodies."

Oh my goodness ... this doesn't even look like her. Love it.

For those out of the know, ENFPs can be your top gymnasts, acrobats, etc. Marian is an ENFP. Enough said.

Our harvest. Wish those were lemons and strawberries instead.

Pretty cool! We're in St. Louis now enjoying dinner at a lovely park with this awesome fountain. Those silhouettes belong to Melanie, Philip, William, and Marscel.

And behind us. Beautiful pavilion where a wedding was being held.

Aww ... they're all dressed up and looking so proper. I love how clean clothes are at the beginning of the day. By the end of the day you're lucky to even find them.

lol, I really don't know what to say about this one. Someone help me with a caption.

The Niednagel Family. A bunch of imperfect sinners who continue life's big and exciting journey by His all-sustaining grace.

"You may kiss the royal hand."

Man, Melanie. You're almost as tall as 6'2" Pa with your high heels on.

The groom, Cody Winton, with his groomsmen. I think they're trying to look cool or something.

That's what you call looking cool without trying to look cool (ok maybe Matthew is hamming it up a bit).

The wedding is officially in session and here come some cute flower girls. They actually spread the pedals pretty well. Usually you see a couple pedals here and there with a huge pile at the end.

Sarah Serven and her father.

R.C. Sproul Jr. officiated.

Sorry, missed the kiss! We now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Cody Winton!

Wish I could do that.

Hey! It's our adorable friend Hannah! Hello, Hannah! Who are you taking pictures of, Hannah?

Oh! Hannah is taking pictures of Papa Z with the Thomas men!

I'm seeing some Portuguese resemblance.

I'm seeing some German resemblance.

Good to be together again, no matter how weird they are.

We're now at the reception. Boy, lots of people and lots of food.

I didn't know two Left brainers could take such an exciting selfie.

Thank you, girls, for all your service! I kept saying to Meliss, "I can't believe how much food there is." No matter how much cheese I ate it kept on just appearing again.

"Yes, you can mingle about, but just make sure to meet us at the dinner table by 6:30."

I'm getting flashbacks of Jordan Rivera.

Hi again, Hannah! Yes, we sent off the bride and groom with these cool sparklers (kinda dangerous, but oh well!).

And off they go! So glad to see that their marriage motto will always be "safety first".

Ben and Micaiah, two of the coolest people on earth.

Marian just wanted to happily show you her new outfit.

Now it's time for a good ol' country wedding! Hello again, Longs!

Every time my wife sees this picture of Philip she laughs. Serious, like every time. Their two faces epitomize each other's exact outlooks on life.

Mrs. Discher with her sister. Can you tell?

Mr. Frodge, one of the kindest and most grandfatherly men you will ever meet.

"Yeah, I can do this. Don't slow me down, ladies."

Mr. Discher and his princess bride.

The bridesmaids.

The crowd. It rained most of the day and let up just an hour or two before the wedding. Beautiful evening.

Man, that is a big wedding party! Apparently they didn't want any of their friends feeling left out.

The handsome couple. A joyous and blessed life to you two!

My wife shot this artistic pic.

How come the best pictures are the ones where you're not smiling?

Gorgeous sunset. Going on six years of bliss with my Meliss.

Night falls. The evening becomes magical.

Speaking of magical, let's let off some floatable lanterns! Or whatever they're called! Those things from the movie, Tangled. This was so cool!

Let it go! Let it go!

You can see them in the far distance. I guess they just end up landing in other people's yards. Kinda funny when you stop to think about it. Farmer wakes up to find his cattle with bags on their heads.

A long day comes to an end.

This picture was taken the next day after church. This scene, in fact, is a scene you will see every Sunday afternoon after we leave Mama Jeans health food store. Spoiled little brats.

Marian wants to thank you for stopping by for another blog entry. She hopes she was cute enough for you, and she plans on being even cuter next month, depending on the growth rate of her hair.

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