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A Freezing February With Friends
March 5, 2014

What a freezing month! What is with all this crazy winter? Needless to say we are SOOO ready for spring, as I'm sure you all are too. We got a few days in the 50s, but all in all it was quite nippy with more snow, ice, sleet, you name it. Yeah, so that's why I chose "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen for the music this month. I know it's being way overplayed everywhere but so what! The Piano Guys' version is pretty cool.

Anyway, Melissa celebrated her 28th birthday this month! In celebration, Jordanyo came out of retirement with a brand new album! Incredible! It was really fun doing this again, especially with William. Enjoy. :-)



Time is of the essence, so I'll let the pictures do the talking! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Video Blog - February, 2014


And here we go ...

Looks pretty Christmasy! Nope, it's February! Happy Ground Hog Day! Anyway, we are very blessed to have such a beautiful view outside our window. Our door into Narnia.

Mama Monica is driving through! Let the chaos begin!

Ma never complained of a bad back before grandchildren.

Melissa Bonita enjoying her birthday lemon pie. Not my favorite, so all the more for her. Can't wait till I get to down my own chocolate pie all by myself on the bed on my birthday! (March 8th)

Birthday celebrations at Jer and Danni's. So quaint. So peaceful and mature. We really need some Thomases here.

I just like this picture. One to look back on with a smile in years to come.

Once again I outdo everyone with my awesomely-wrapped birthday present! Take careful notice of all the models showcased on the packaging.

I know what you're thinking ... "How did such a beautiful woman marry such a goober?" I really don't know!

Sir Philip Huntington, defender of righteousness, and self-appointed guardian of the family cookie jar.

This kid is growing up too quickly. With your first child everything seems to move along slowly. I guess it's because you see their "first this," and "first that." By the second and third child I guess you're like, "Yeah, uhuh, seen that." How sad! :-)

The cousins are over to make some Valentine's Day cards! I've been working really hard with William on giving good eye contact and genuine smiles for the camera.

Birthday date! There's a place we really like called Gastro Pub which used to be downtown, but they moved to a more convenient spot. Yay! Here we are enjoying some fish and chips. That's cute, hon.

A brisk night with my love after dinner and before going to see a movie. There's nothing I personally enjoy more in this life.

Striking a random pose. Thankful my jeans didn't rip.

Another completely random pose before show time. Getting pretty good at this.

The boys are down from St. Louis! So awesome. I took home an old chest from Toody's house after she passed away (the boys actually brought it back for me), but the chest was locked and it didn't have a key! So Matthew looked at the "key code" and had a locksmith (or whatever you call them) fashion me a new key! Sooo ... we opened it up and found all these vintage 1920-1950s uniforms! Check it out! From all accounts that outfit Micaiah's wearing is a vintage World War I uniform. My outfit I think is more from the 1940s, and I'll be wearing it to Melissa's ball this month (regency themed)!

Sink me! I haven't done my patented "snob smile" for quite some time!

The pants are a little tight, but all in all it fits pretty well. I really don't know what ancestor of mine wore this. Might have been one of Toody's brothers, but the World War I outfit had to have come from her father or one of his brothers.

You don't have to gloat just because you look twice as good as me.

Together, world domination! Wait! I'm already being double-crossed!

A little Indian workout the next morning! It's unfair how good these siblings are at dancing together.

Enjoying an amazing breakfast over good conversation.

Trying on some thrift-store finds.

Dude, we've had such a cold winter that we've been seeing armadillos out in the middle of the day foraging for food (they naturally live in Texas and shouldn't even be here). So, here we have my good friend Micaiah Thomas doing a little firearm cleanup on the Locksley estate. Actually, he ended up leaving quite a mess, but thanks anyway!

Dinner at Jer and Danni's that evening. It was really special having just the boys for once (though we still love all you Thomases!).

A campfire afterwards! Fun time!

Relatively healthy smores! Organic chocolate and crackers, and the marshmallows are made from real gelatin. Not that you care! Just sayin'!

Matthew's eyebrows burn off as he desperately tries to cook his meal.

It's Sunday afternoon after church and the boys (with Melissa) are sewing some pajamas! Yeah, talk about random. I guess they want some cool, Indian-style pajamas. I mean, why not.

Just before leaving. So great having you guys. Come again! Bring more food!

It's a few days later and Melissa is ready to go out to a girls tea, wearing a thrift-store find from the boys! Awesome job, guys! Anyway, I watched all three kids for the day for the first time (since Marian's still nursing). Went just fine. By the time Melissa got home they were all still alive.

A picture from the tea. Yes, that's Jamesy Daher from California!

And here we are at Jer and Danni's again (is this getting old?) with Nate and Jamesy! As you know, Nathan comes about twice a year, and we specifically had him come out at this time so he could attend Melissa's ball in Springfield (on the 7th of March). Can't wait! (actually I can.)

Some dessert!

A bachelor night out with my bros a few days later. We're enjoying some Hu-Hot before going to see a movie.

Now those are some good smiles! What a bunch of handsome dudes for sure!

And that's it! Thanks so much for stopping by, and leave a note saying hello! Lord bless you!