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Frenzied Florida Fun
May 7, 2015

Welcome back, Niedbloggers! Sorry I'm late with the post! Hope you all had a fantastic April as Spring is here and we're loving it! I'll get on with the blog now, and be sure to leave a like above or a funny comment below that's not too deragatory of yours truly!

Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - April, 2015


And here we go ...

I usually don't allow these two goobers to walk on "Jordan's Creek," but today would be a rare exception.

Planting flowers for the wife. When you imagine yourself digging your own grave it kinda turns the monotony into something morbidly fascinating.

Tonight, when you go to bed, remember this image.

My wife and kids have now begun their trip to Florida and the first stop is St. Louis. Hi, Emily!


Group shot. Digging the hand on the hip pose, Micaiah.

Here are the crazy cousins. We need to add some more girls!

Out at night enjoying "The Fountain" restaurant together.

lol, Marscel, you look like an overworked, underpaid UPS man.

It's early the next morning and the gang is heading to Georgia! (I would fly out later)

Evening falls. Long day of driving.

Visiting family friends! "C'mon! Get this piece of scrap metal moving!"

Out for a walk, or something. Might be tick hunting.

Marian peers down into the green, eerie water.

A final group photo together. Thanks so much for the warm hospitality!

Here we are together now in Florida! I flew down, the boys and Pa flew down, and now we're ready for some fun in the sun!

Hi, Ma and Pa! Those are some really awkward poses!

More peoples. Hi Rebekah and Sarah!

El Cinco Blanco cut two band members and are now known as, "El Tres Blanco." Kinda sounds stupid.

Fish and chips on the beach! "Hey, did anyone else find a hook in their fish?"

Having a daughter is so different. I'm constantly like, "Where did this little wind-up toy come from?

Chilling with Micaiah by the seaside. So glad I don't have to wear water-wings like Philip and look like a goober.

Gotta stay upright! Gotta enjoy our root beers in class!

Fortunately the gulf waters are like the Dead Sea, where floating is pretty easy. I think my body fat ratio helped me out a little more than Micaiah's.


That's my wife and my daughter. Yes, that's something I never would have dreamt of ever saying 10 years ago.

Philly and Uncle Micaiah, as the sun sets.

Too cute not to show a close up.

An evening stroll.

The ENTJ politician looks up before realizing he's on camera.

Cast your vote this November!

This is just a cool picture. Captures the essence of Florida.

Philly enjoys time with his Auntie Bek.

Marian's first day at the beach. Time for sleepies.

Pool time! Tell Daddy if you have to go potty!

Anoles! I used to have tons of these in tanks as a kid.

Marian breaks out her "sworn in for the Presidency" dance.

Here it comes!

The main reason for going to Florida was to attend the "Coming Home" conference put on by the Gospel Coalition. Had a bunch of great speakers, including John Piper, Randy Alcorn, Tim Keller, and others. As you can see, we're excited about heaven!

Like six thousand people attended. This was the biggest conference room I had EVER seen.

Kids are just so cute next to pillars.

We asked these two studly Christians with their studly handbags to join us for some studly lunch. They obliged, studily.

Someone stole my son and replaced him with this man.

"I wonder if the dirt will be more comfortable on the new earth."

Just too many good pics of Philip with Uncle Micaiah.

Warning: Lovey dovey pictures coming up.

Aww! She's looking at me as I smile at the camera! Just look at that!

Getting pretty mushy!

All right, last one. I love you, my dear.

We're the Niednagels, and we don't stop for anybody ... although Marian might.

A little bean bag tossing. Matthew's not so bad for a Left-brainer.

Meeting some new friends, Casey and Chesney!

Back out our condo now, and we have Pa taking the boys out on a paddle boat in alligator-infested waters! Watch your toes, boys!

Downtown Disney! I had never been here before.

From right to left ... Snow White, Cinderella, Tigger, Drizella, and Sleepy. Oh wait, that wasn't kind of me! Sorry Melanie, you can be ... Pocahontas! Cause the black hair and all! Yeah!

The official LEGO store! Time for some serious loitering!

"Tell you what, if you forgo college, I'll buy this for you."

William wasn't too keen on this idea. I made him keen.

"I pwomise to be gewd fo da west of my wife!"

Very appropriate.

Hi, Uncle Ron! Everyone else flew home while Pa, Ma, Melanie and Melissa (and the kids) hung out for a few more days.

Hi, I'm Uncle Ron, and I enjoy standing in front of cellos.

Thanks for smiling nicely for the picture, William.


Brothers! Some striking resemblance, for sure (Uncle Kevin).

Time for the chaotic ride home. Need some tie-down straps for the children.

But first, we gotta stop by Auntie Rita's house in South Carolina!

Cousin David. Thanks for hanging out with our kids!

Lauren dances with Happy (her dwarf name changes, depending on her mood).


This is just a cute picture I couldn't pass up.

Almost home! Daddy can't wait to see you guys!

And that's it! Thanks for joining us on our Florida frenzy! What was your favorite picture? What was your least favorite picture? Lord bless you all!