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Fun At The Fair & Friends
September 25, 2018

Went to a fair, had some friends, and threw some seriious water balloons. It was a good month. :-) Hope ya'll are doing well out there! Fall is in the air! I SOOO am not looking forward to winter, but what can you do? Yeah I know, move to Florida or something.

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Video Blog - July, 2018

And here we go ...

Goobers on a bus! We're at the Ozark County Fair and ready to have a boot spittin' good ol' time! Whatever the heck that means!

Philip and Marian make good book-ends.

When our families are together we need an ambulance siren to help clear the streets.

The Isaac Kenneth Band!

Isaac is extremely gifted, to put it mildly. He has a soothing voice that reminds me of Don Williams.

And there's Pa! Sorry to capture you at such a serious moment. We know you're usually the life of the party!

Jeremy and Mr. Branigar. Rock on!!!

Some celebrities in the crowd (although I hear Jordan's career is on the ropes).

"Dude, we got this. High five."

He's not an "elf on the shelf", but an "elf on the shoulders."

Roman gives this pull-up bar a go. You just had to hang on it for 1:30 for $100. Thing is, it was a loose bar, so it could turn. I tried it and thought I was fine until after 30 seconds the bar started to turn, and I went down. Darn it! Same thing happened to Roman. Good try, bro!

It's a few days later and the kids are at the park with church friends. What a beautiful day!

Fun with friends.

Just a random picture of grandma swimming with the kids and two creepy gigantic chickens.

We've got the Royer families for dinner! Time for some chaos!

I have to admit, not too many people really make me laugh, but when these guys get together it's very hilarious.

Dinner outside at Locksley Manor. We spare no expense.

Yes, that's me humbly serving as everyone stuffs their faces. Actually I was just getting up to go to the bathroom.

Our little introvert Jonas is known for his sideways glance. We're not sure who he got it from.

Aww ... so cute!!!

It's our pastor's 40th birthday! Time to celebrate!

So blessed to have Jeremy Sexton. Very much appreciate his preaching, but even more, his down-to-earth character and love for people. He can also play some serious ball.

At church with my mini-me again.

Time for a church water balloon fight! There's nothing like being pelted by fellow believers!

"Forget running around! Let's just pull them out and smack each other!"

More mayhem.

We start launching them over the fence at Mr. Hutchison in the parking lot. This is war!!!

We have the neighbors over for some dinner on the porch. Marian is all about peace.

"Oh you're little ... child ... is so cute!" People often mistake his gender.

Niednagel bros. Careful. We'll Brain Type you from a mile away.

My two favorite women in the world. God is so good.

And the three lone Niednagel girls! They try their best to tame our rowdy boys with their feminine charms (yeah, good luck!).

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