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~ Butterfly Party ~ Part 2

September 1, 2011



From the invitation:
“If you join me by incorporating butterflies somewhere in your outfit (in print of fabric, on hair accessory, etc *) or dressing in lavender according to the color scheme you will take home a prize!”

Lavender sachets

Part of the fun of the party was to see the creativity in dress that all the ladies came up with. There were butterflies everywhere, as prints on dresses, in the hair, on the jewelry! If you went to Joanns in July there might be a reason why the bolts of lavender fabric were gone, and there were no more butterflies in the jewelry making section :-)! These lavender sachets were the prizes I handed out if anyone dressed according to the theme:

I bought some bulk lavender from our co-op and stuffed some organza bags I found on Ebay for under $5 for 100 (just had to order early enough because they shipped from China). I think it cost me about .17 cents each. 1 pound of lavender made 100 perfectly!

This is the image I used to tie onto each sachet. In retrospect I would have used the same image as I bought for the necklaces to save money, but I wasn’t thinking ;).
$4.30 (click for link)

I never ended up using this image, but it was to pretty not to share:

(click for link)

Apron Prizes

I made 3 door prizes. One, for girls under 10yrs, one for girls over 10 years, and one for mothers. I decorated some plain canvas aprons from Hobby Lobby for the girls and a canvas bags for the mom’s prize.

I used the same image again from the invitation and printed it out on iron on transfer paper (Jordan helped my technical inadequacies in photoshop for sizing. Such a nice husband!)

I waited for a plain canvas sale at hobby lobby and got each item for $2.50 each. That beats making them!

Decorating them

Favors ~Scrabble tile necklaces ~

Sometimes projects come out exactly how you saw them in a tutorial, sometimes, they totally bomb. I’m glad this project came closer to the former then the latter :-). They were so fun to make, especially with the company of a good friend (thanks Tayla!).

Here is the tutorial I roughly followed:


Image: $2.50
(click for link)

Bails: $5-$8. These were harder to find. I did get them on Ebay, but I can’t find a link.

Necklaces: I found them on Ebay for about $13 for 100 (type in “100 mixed ribbon necklaces and view the different option. Most are from China so they take a little longer to come in).

Mod podge: No more then $4 with a coupon.

Scrabble tiles: These were donated by family members. You can buy 100 from Hasboro toys directly for about $6, or try and watch ebay.

Epoxy stickers: Instead of sealing it with some messy substance I was scared to use, I found the perfect solution with these 3D epoxy stickers from Ebay. All you do is stick them onto the image that was glued on to the scrabble tile and it seals it off! Super easy! (click for link)

These little babies go for $8 each on etsy (click for link). After considering about $25 for supplies to make 80 of them, I saved over $600 ;)!

Tayla w/ project




Making them


At party


“The Butterfly Game”

On the line up of activities was a game my brother in law created for the party. Talk about me being spoiled…even my brother in law was contributing…on his own accord too! He even had the game professionally printed and bought prizes of his own to bless the ladies with. I’m glad the Niednagel brothers are into nature!

You can read the questions and answers by clicking the appropriate link (it is free, but donations are welcome for the time put into it)

Butterfly Games

“Name how many flowers you can think of in 2 ½ min. Game”

Butterflies love flowers!

Most butterflies gather nectar from flowers. That is where this game idea came in. I passed out sheets that were blank with the above name on it and as the time ticked, ladies wrote as many flower varieties they could think of. I think the winner came up with 32?

Here is a link to my intro for the game: “Butterfly Flower Intro"

Coloring pages:

While the older girls played the games that required writing, the younger girls colored on butterfly coloring pages we printed out. Notice the real butterfly who paid a visit. :-)

Just type in “Butterfly Coloring Page” in google images and print till your hearts content.

“Flower Hunt”

The younger girls were ready to stretch their legs after all that sitting. So, they went on a little flower hunt, because yes, butterflies love flowers.

They had to go search for a flower that we hid in the front yard. When they found one, they had to bring it back to me. The flowers all had a number taped to it that corresponded with a numbered prize. If I had had more time to think about it, I would have thought of a way to make it longer because the little girls were off and back very quickly. It was fun non-the-less. What little girl doesn’t like getting a prize…like butterfly stickers, and scrapbook paper with butterflies on it for crafts, etc?

Tayla taping

Flowers w/ numbers

Number on prize

Mom and Melanie hiding flowers.

One of the little girls was awarded this prize...a little purple parasol. I saw quite a few little heads turning with desire. If your girl was one of them, you can go to Hobby Lobby and buy her one. Just a little tip. I printed out a 40% off coupon, so I think it ended up costing $3.60 in the end. It was in the summer section, so they might not have them any more, but in case they do, this was a cheap way to satisfy a little girls dream :)!

The events closed with the younger girls working on a craft. They really came out cute, even though I don’t have really good picture of them.

Basically you just glue some ribbons and a butterfly on top of a painted dowel. My dear sister in law Danielle took all my time consuming, not-so-fun projects like painting 30 dowels with a can of spray paint and returned them to me finished. She took a number of projects like this off my hands. What a sweet heart! Couldn’t have done it without her!

Butterfly from Michaels


Making them


I found this wonderful sight that showed the variety of colors found in about 20 different butterflies, all compiled in a color chart. The colors are just amazing. I mentioned that when you have trouble finding something to wear, you can look to the butterfly to figure out what colors go together, some had 6-8 colors that I never would have thought went together. There was a good lesson in this that we discussed, how God made the beauty in His creation to point back to Him, and that is what we as ladies want to do with our beauty. We don’t want to use the beauty God has given us to point to ourselves, but to Him, the Creator, whether it’s with our clothes or smile or spirits.

Looking at pictures I printed out.


We all were blessed by a devotional my dear Mother-in-love put together and shared with us. It was a highlight for sure. I’m glad she had it on the computer, so I could share it with you all!
“Butterfly Devotional”

Barbara talk


Be sure to check back for the final 2 parts of the Butterfly Party Post!