Marian At The Waterfall


~ Marian, from Maid to Married ~

October 26, 2009

My friend Amanda's hosting another on-line event over at her fashion blog...this time it's all about Maid Marian. My desired entry plans were too big and didn't line up with our schedule. We just got back from a trip ;-(, yet I couldn't let this opportunity slip by without posting something small, as Maid Marian has become a more personal icon for me having married Robin...I mean, Jordan of Locksley.

Those who know us know that I married a man who has loved the stories of Robin Hood much of his life. In his early teen aged years he had a weekly email newsletter for his friends, his merry men. They memorized scripture and had names like, Will Scarlet, Alan A Dale, etc. Of course, he was Robin Hood. He entered an allegorical movie into the San Antonio Christian Film Festival called "The Book Of Being" that had a "Robin Hood" feel to it using costumes, swords, and bow & arrows. Sorry ladies, there's no Maid Marian role in it, as he didn't quite know me yet ;-).

This brings me to the point of why I wanted to take the time and write something to you all. I know many girls are still waiting for their Robin, wondering if he'll ever come back from fighting his holy wars and find them. Is he still worth waiting for? It is to you I wanted to write, sharing little bits of "Locksley-isms" from our life to cast a bit of hope on your honorable fortitude (a character Maid Marian herself possessed!) and will to keep waiting. Waiting for my Robin was worth every moment. I just wanted to show you what Robin and Marian could look like if she lived today.

~ What her engagement would have been like ~

Here is a little film clip of Jordan's proposal to me. This is where Robin and Marian officially started.

~ What she might have worn today - Marian fashion ~

As this entry is for a fashion blog, I have included a few pictures of "Marian by the waterfall". Here is a taste of my Marian inspired fashion for today. These pictures were taken when Jordan and I were courting in 2007. My dress is made by April Cornell. The sleeves make it feel so Marian"ish. I love to wear it every fall. Makes me feel the part and smile when my husband comes home, recognizing the dress and saying "You're wearing the Marian dress".

~ What her wedding might have been like ~

I love history. My family loves history, and like many of you, we love to dress up to role play history. Oh, was I glad when Jordan liked history too, especially Medieval history and was willing and eager to dress up for a Sherwood Forest Wedding! Amanda was a lovely bridesmaid, and with her help, and my sister (and a host of friends) we designed and sewed my wedding dress, the flower girls dresses, the mens outfits, and the bridesmaids dresses. It turned out better than I expected and cost WAY less than weddings are apt to cost.

~ If she had a baby, what he might have worn today - Locksley fashion ~

The night is getting late, and I don't want to bore you, but I had to throw this picture in. When Robin and Marian get married, the influence spills out on many aspects of their family. In this case it settled on our son. Keeping to the theme, we named him William Locksley. He seems to be living up to the name quite nicely. He loves walks through the forest, swimming under the blue sky, and he's even shown a propensity to archery. He shares a tip..."To make sure you've got a good sturdy arrow, be sure to taste it first. Make sure you bite down and gnaw a bit on it. This will insure success". He is shown in an adorable onesie given by dear friends, that says "Robin Hood -Wanted dead or alive". It was hard to get a good picture of it because he was wiggly, ready for bed, and wanted to keep chewing on his toe, but here it is nontheless.

In conclusion, I wanted to share a poem Jordan wrote for me when we were engaged. We lived in different states before we were married, writing tons of emails back and forth, signing out as Robin and Marian. I came home one day to read these sweet word he "penned". It had a Marian feeling to it.

Still, the snow sleepeth, undisturbed, a pearly, tender hue
Air holds her bitter breath, sky her reticent wind of wintry gust
Lo, I hear a sound. Can you hear it? It does cometh us t’ward

A flock of birds? A swarm of bees? A violent, angry horde?

Nay. A lady rides, a maiden journeys, in speeds beyond compare

With graceful form, with able poise, her dark and raven hair
Doth shatter winter’s whiteness, a most vivid, heavenly sight
And strength does fill my being, wholly, when I imagine her in such light

For friend, I needs now tell you, of what I speak I do not truly see
This woman of grace, of beauty, she is gone, she is so far away from me
Yet hope still lives beneath the snow where seeds of Spring do lie
Quiet now, let them sleep, let them rest, we must grant them days and time

For when you behold them blooming, their leaves so rich and green
Alone I won’t be standing, no, rather, beside me you again shall see
That graceful form, that able poise, that dark and raven hair
This lady I speak of, yes, together, hand in hand, we shall be standing there

So let these seeds remain, for now, in winter’s gentle care
I miss you, lady, I love you, maiden, and may your day have been wonderfully fair

Till next time then. Just remember the Lord has your Robin picked our for you. Wait for him. I wouldn't be Marian without Robin. I am so blessed to be his, and fight his great battles by his side! For King and His Kingdom!


Melissa's Corner
June 28, 2009

First Lady Fashion - Day 7

- Blouse: Thrift Store $4 CATO
- Skirt: Had in closet forever Impressions/Millennium Edition
- Jewelry: Earrings - Gift from Aunt Rita from Kohls
- Shoes: Thrift Store $4
- Hair ribbon: I believe it was some sort of belt from Kohls on Clearance for $2

It has been a fun week taking pictures and pulling together outfits for this event! I am thankful for all the hard work Amanda has done to put this on. It has been inspiring to see everyone else's creativity out there! I am impressed.

I end my week with this outfit that was another classic thrift store find. Sometimes it will take something small, like the sparkly black ribbon belt I used as a head band to add that special finishing touch to a more common outfit. Making something more ordinary, classy. I love to be the "First Lady" in my home, and dress beautifully for my husband. I can't wait to have a little girl to dress up some day. Until then, I am so loving dressing up my little son. He is a doll! I included a shot of us together. Maybe he'll design some unique line of clothes and be famous some day. If he does, we'll know why...he started his career so young participating in fashion week :-). Now he is crying and in need of Mamma's attention. I bid everyone farewell and thank you for letting me share! Remember to check out Amanda's blog (and remember to vote!) and dress beautifully for the right end!


Melissa's Corner
June 28, 2009

Lady of the Water- Day 6

- Modest Fashion for wet adventures
- Top: Ohana Swim wear $42
- Shorts: Ohana Swim wear $36
- Wrap: Came in a bag
- Jewelry: Gift from Jordan on Hawaii Honeymoon $10 For Both

Finding modest and fashionable swim wear has always been a challenge. When we were going on our Honeymoon to Hawaii, I figured I better find something as we were going to be spending a good amount of time in the water. I found the Ohana Swim wear company to be a good solution to my problem, and even
though they are somewhat expensive, it was an investment for future times of water fun. I do wish the shorts were longer, and would recommend anyone considering this style to buy the top from this company and look at a cheaper place like Walmart for shorts with swim-like material. I know a few friends
who had success with this. Obviously, modesty is subjective and though we don't have exact rules stated for us in the Bible, there are principles we can go by, and this will show itself in varied forms from family to family. So, enjoy the summer fun and remember to be modest as you bring fashion to the waterways!


Melissa's Corner
June 28, 2009

Flowers of the Field - Day 5

- Blouse: Thrift Store: $4.50 Ann Taylor Loft
- Skirt: TJ Maxx $20
- Shoes: Walmart Approx. $12
- Jewelry: Purchased from missionaries in Thailand

Why are we drawn to colors in our clothes? Sometimes I think as I look around at all the flower varieties out there, that we can't help being like them. I love flowers and now being in a new home, I am paying closer attention to the different kinds, as I may want to plant them someday. The vibrancy in some of them is just breathtaking. I feel so peaceful when I look at flowers and think that it is no small wander that in a perfect world, man lived in a garden. I feel as though we are like flowers many times. As varied as the beauty in flowers, so varied is the beauty God has given to man. Sometimes, I believe we fall into the rut of wanting to look exactly like everyone else. We need to be careful to measure our standards by God's Word, and remember that He has made the flowers of the field vibrant and beautiful. Remember that next time you dress. As the beauty of flowers adorn Creation, bearing testimony to the Creator, so may we bear witness to the Creator as we adorn ourselves with the beautiful colors He has created.


Melissa's Corner
June 28, 2009

Practical and Pretty - Day 4

- Blouse: Soft Surroundings - Gift from Jordan
- Skirt: Soft Surroundings - Gift from a friend
- Jewelry: Earrings and Necklace - Gift from parents - Purchased at a gift shop around the Grand Canyon
- Ring - Gift from a friend who happened to have the exact stone in the ring that matched my other pieces
- Sandals - DSW clearance $12 - That has been one of those great finds!

Here are a few more pieces from Soft Surroundings...also gifts. Not many husbands can buy clothes for their wives that they like, so when Jordan bought this blouse for me, he accomplished something great! It is so comfortable and practical. Dresses became styles of the past when I had a baby. In order to nurse, blouses were in order. So, this pretty top serves a practical purpose as well. I love being practical and pretty at the same time. If I can accomplish that, I accomplish something great as well!


Melissa's Corner
June 28, 2009

My Time, My Place, My Self - Day 3

- Blouse: Came in a bag
- Skirt: Soft Surroundings - Gift from Mom and Jordan
- Sandals: Kohls $9
- Nail Polish: $3 HoneyBee Gardens - Natural Kind

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors to wear. When my family saw this skirt they said "It's Melissa!". I wished it was, but wasn't quite sure how this piece from Soft Surroundings would become "Melissa's".
Soft Surroundings...I remember back when I first heard about that company. I stumbled across it online. I was surprised I had never seen this magazine before filled with such feminine, flowy, and unique clothing. Maybe the price tag had something to do with it. Many quality pieces, but many "quality"
price tags. Not quite thrift store prices, but for honoring special occasions they are special commemorations. My Mamma did that for me with this skirt. Having had a new baby 6 weeks ago, she gave me a gift card for Soft Surroundings. Coupled with a birthday certificate from my dear husband, I was able to buy this unique piece. It not only makes me feel so cool, summery, and feminine, but it reminds me of the love from my dear family.

I love the company, but am not fond of their slogan "My time, my place, my self". It is rooted in some of the "Me-ology" theology so prevalent today. Yes, we can look pretty and take time to look put together, but we need to remember our object for this. In the world the end is self. You see this everywhere. For a Christian, our end is Christ. We need to remember that as we dress. We should be representing Someone, and that someone should not be self. I always have to remind myself when I am dressing to point to the right end. I want the fragrance given from the clothes I wear be something others sense and may be pointed to that which goes beyond the outer shell, but is rooted in something greater...our Creator. May we build God's kingdom even through the clothes we wear! That is exciting!


Melissa's Corner
June 28, 2009

Thrifty Beauty - Day 2

- Blouse and Skirt: Savers 50% off sale - Not more than $10 for both
- Skirt: Overdrive Junior Blouse: xcit u.s.a.
- Jewelry: Anklet - Homemade, Earrings -Gift from wonderful younger brother Marscel (Amethyst, my birthstone) - Necklace - Gift from Kathy - my dear jewelry maker friend and teacher
- Hair Dagger: Gift from Kathy, Found at a bead show

Today, I was packing up for our 2 day trip to Saint Louis. It was soooo hot out, about 100 degrees. For most of the day I was just packing and surviving from the heat (Thrifty side kicked in here too. We have air conditioning, but were holding off as long as we could to save some pennies ;-). Needless to say, most of the day my "fashionable attire" was not blog worthy. Yet, as it cooled off, I was able to put on one of my favorite standby outfits and enjoyed an evening of feeling beautiful before heading off to bed.

The Outfit

You don't always find something worth buying at a thrift store. Oftentimes, you know exactly why it is there, other times, you find a rare jewel and wonder how someone could have parted with it. These rare jewels make the treasure hunt fun, and worth going back to time and time again.

Sometimes I find a top or a bottom and it sits in my closet waiting to find its perfect match...waiting patiently for "Prince Charming" to come sweep it off its hanger. Because this sometimes takes a long time, I was delighted the day I found a matching outfit at our local thrift store's 50% sale. I loved the outfit and best of all...loved the price! Using our resources wisely is always a challenge, especially when it comes to something so fun to spend money on as clothes. I know I always have to be careful. I'm always thankful for these providential little finds that come when trying to stay on track, while living up to the challenge of being wise, being beautiful, and being thrifty. Do you enjoy that challenge as much as me?


Melissa's Corner
June 22, 2009

Summer is here, and to kick it off, my friend Amanda is doing a fashion week for her fashion blog! "This blog was created to share a love of classic, elegant fashion and style, as well as to encourage modesty and natural beauty..." Miss Flynn states. So, to highlight modesty and fashion from every day and inspire wardrobes everywhere, she is encouraging bloggers to post an outfit worn each day of this week. So, here is my first day!

About the outfit:

- Blouse: Max Studio - Origin unknown, has been in closet for years
- Skirt: Carole Little - TJmaxx $20
- Shoes: Payless - Lasted for years $No clue
- Accessories: Earrings: Pearls from Hawaii $5, Bracelet of Swarovski crystals - handmade, Toe ring - Gift from my Mom

Black and White

Why is black and white so classic? Why does it never go out of style? Why is it that every year it seems to make it on the fashion trend list? One article stated, "Black and white are polar opposites on the color scale, which combined help create a soothing balance. These colors exude class and sophistication, go well with everything and allow you to mix and match with bright accessories." I love white and have been trying to find a skirt in that color for a reasonable price. $20 was a splurge for me, but I figured it would become a staple, so it was worth it. For me I like my clothing to not only be pretty, but breathable. A rare day will find polyester in my closet. When I took the skirt home, I wasn't pleased with the sewn in
lining...polyester, cling to your legs, non breathable...polyester. So, I simply took my scissors to it. Now, I can use my own cotton petticoat, making a modest, cool, and fashionable summer statement. So, why the endurance of black and white? Besides the few mentioned, we may find a root more complex than the weave of the fabric we wear.

But let your “Yes” be “Yes,” and your “No,” “No,” James 5:12

That's black and white. We live in a world that does not know black and white. Our absolutes are turning into a gospel of easy believism. "Whatever is right for you" seems to be the standard. We know that can't be true, because we have the standard. God's word. When we want to know black and white, that is where we can turn. So, next time you put on that classic ensemble, you might want to stop and ponder how great our Creator is and how great his standards are. Standards that are black and white. Standards that never go out of style. May we put just as much and more energy into them, as we put into the clothes we wear.

As we are leaving to St. Louis tomorrow, we will be back with a couple more days when we return...see you then!