When I was a kid, my dream was to become a film director. Not many people know this, but it's true. Growing up, my favorite thing in the world was to rollerblade over to my friend Adam's house and make movies with his home video camera. They were pathetic, but it was such fun, and we made our own versions of films like Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, and Spy-Tech: The Next Generation. In any case, it comes as no surprise then that I have come to enjoy making short films and commercials with my friend Nathan Daher (and some others) now that I'm older. As one who loves to create, I have found film to be the best avenue through which to express my imagination and fantasies.

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Below are a host of trailers and shorts and various comedic films I've created over the years, many with the help of Nathan Daher. Thanks to Vimeo, most of them are in high quality format for your viewing enjoyment. If you have hours to blow, watch all of them! Have fun!

The is Nathan and I's last production togetherr. We made it as a surprise for his fiance's bridal shower. It is a parody of "Agony" from the movie "Into The Woods". The years have been grand, my good friend! Happy new life to you and Hannah Fair!
This was a commercial I made for a friend's company called, "Strawberry Moon."
Jordanyo comes out of retirement in 2014 to wish his Melissa Bonita a happy birthday.

It is day 5 without his wife and family. Jordan wakes up quite miserables, until he remembers what his God has in store one day more.
The trailer I submitted to the 2012 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.
Three Amigos! Starring Jordan Niednagel, Matthew Thomas, and Micaiah Thomas. We quickly filmed this before heading home from our wonderful vacation in Moab, Utah.

This was our submission to the 2010 SAICFF trailer competition. Although we weren't accepted as a semifinalist, we enjoyed the experience and hope even more people will enjoy watching it online and spreading it around now.

A comedic short we put together for Matthew Thomas' 20th birthday. Sorry if it seems a bit esoteric, because..... well, it is. :-)

A spoof of the Sonseed hit, "Jesus is a Friend of Mine" (a very cheesy and theologically absurd song from the 80's), this is our video plea to have Micaiah Thomas add Nathan to his Facebook friends list.

A birthday short Melissa and I did for the birthday of our good friend Jeff Flynn.
This is a surprise short Melissa and I put together for the wedding shower of Michael and Rebekah Thomas back in 2009.

Jordanyo shares the inspiration behind his latest album. Nathan and I put this together to be played at Melissa's wedding shower back in 2008.

We expounded upon the Jordanyo video. This is a seemingly normal recording session and interview with up and coming world musical prodigies Jordanyo Niednegles and Nahan Daheed.

A short spoof remake of the song "What a Comforting Thing to Know" from the musical "The Slipper and the Rose".

Showing what it takes to get the right takes.

A little trailer I did with the Thomas' back in 2007. :-)

Fun with the Thomases while still a shy bachelor. :-)

A trailer I submitted to the 2007 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. One of four finalists.

This is the comedic trailer entry submitted by Locksley & Redjack Productions for the 2007 SAICFF (San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival). This is the edited version exactly a seen at the festival.

Trailer for "The Book of Being".

Michael Thomas and I perform our own version of Rodney Atkins' "Watching You".

A video I did after the Thomases left our house in 2006, BEFORE I was courting or engaged to Melissa. Yes, I had guts. :-)  

A spoof of Hollywood entertainment shows, and of popular host Pat O'Brien. In this episode, INH Tonight interviews Kyle Shields and Brad Steele, and flashes back to some of their awful film career decisions.

Experience the music....experience the magic...of Yablo, the world's premier New Age artist and his sultry sax.

A comedic soap opera spoof is interrupted by a breaking report from LBC (Liberal Broadcasting Corporation) News with Rather Bias and Jordan Rivera.

A 70's sitcom is interrupted by a spoof news segment from left-leaning LBC News with Rather Bias. News correspondant Jordan Rivera joins the broadcast while staging an exaggerated news report of the hurricanes in Florida.

This is a trailer we made back in 2005 for a non-existent fantasy epic. It was mainly just an excuse to record some spoof behind-the-scenes interviews of the cast and crew, which was really the main feature. The interviews are below.
Wanting to milk "The Fellowship" trailer to the very last drop, I took time afterwards to make this incredible music video. Just incredible.

This is L&R Productions' very first short and the introduction of the Brad Steele and Kyle Shields characters. It's a mock behind the scenes featurette for "The Fellowship" above.

And here are a few older classics. At the time I wasn't smart enough to save my films in high quality, but may they live in infamy!

Brad Steele gives a rare, exclusive interview to Diane Sawyer at ABC.

A true classic of epic proportions. Starring Brad Steele as the commander guy. Sean Spears as the soldier dude. Rated PG-13. Parental guidance suggested.

Brad Steele and Sean Spears are giving away a million bucks!

Don't steal trees, Steele trees.

Tracy Ventura says ... "If you don't like this film, so what?"

The VERY FIRST film I ever created. You can see the initial developments of what would later become Brad Steele. :-)