This is just a small, random collection of my favorite pictures of, well, mostly myself. Pictures of fun times and good memories throughout the course of my life, as well as some other rather strange ones. Didn't really have the patience to go through all my old picture albums and scan every single one that I like, but this will suffice for now. Happy viewing.

A definite favorite. I was about six or seven, and I remember just thinking really deeply at the time.

Preschool picture. Got to sit on top of an actual pony.

Again in preschool. I remember having a lot of fun here.

First time ever in a tux. I was my cousin's ring-bearer.

Don't ask me why, but my mom had me model for a kids' fashion show in Dana Point. Very weird experience.

After school on Wednesdays we had a "CCD" class at our house taught by my mom. From top left ... Scott Jones (INTP), John Kishumizu (ENFP), Adam Williams (ENFP), Mark Torullo (ESTJ), and me (INFP). What's with my face?

5th grade school picture, under funny circumstances. To my right was my 'girlfriend.' All she talked about was clothes and fashion, so I was getting pretty sick of her, and kindly 'dumped' her a few days later. Here you can see me leaning forward cause I really didn't want to sit next to her.

Micah Wakefield and I on 'Viper' at Magic Mountain ... front row, at night. First time I had ever been there, and boy did I have a blast. I look like such a goober, but give me a break. I was like 14, amidst the infamous transitional stage.

When I hosted my old "Jordan Niednagel Live!" show I used to enjoy putting together celebrity type images of myself. I'm sure you're all familiar with the "Got Milk?" ads.

The early years of my composing. Actually burned my first CD, "I Will Play For Him," using this keyboard.

Jeremy and I in Florida while he was still a bachelor. Ahh ... the days when you didn't have a care in the world. :-)

I put this lovely montage together a few years ago of my best poses. I'm saving it to charm my future fiance someday.

Wait a minute ... whose face is that?

My very first best-seller.

Very long story. Basically Nathan Daher jokingly accused me of something in a mock tabloid, so I, of course, had to defend myself using my own mock tabloid.

Wow, had you ever noticed that?

No one can ever accuse me of being brainless. My MRI proves otherwise.

Me on Lake Champlain in search of Champ. Only later would I realize how close I truly came.

Out in CA with some good old friends ... Jeremy Tiss and the Stevens brothers.

Love this picture. Some serious hang time.

Time for some animal pics. Here I hold a lovely garder snake.

And here I hold another garder snake.

Umm ... yeah, that would be another garder snake.

That would be a blue racer. Very fast, and very difficult to catch.

Big enough for you? A gorgeous black snake.

A brilliant hognose snake.

Day after I brought Duchess home after finding her half-starved along a nearby river. Sweetie pie.

Me and my special girl. I miss you.

We took a host of photos for my album. This one we felt was a little too over the top. :-)

Marcus Schrader and I dressed alike and just hanging out.

Drying dishes witha big smile. Now that's obedience.

Early spring with Jayme.

Spending time with Jane.

You must click this one. Danielle's face is priceless.

Love this one with Kalea. Blank stares.

Jeremy and Danielle's wedding in 2002.

I know this picture will bring tears to my eyes years from now.

Never will I forget my days as Moria.

I so absolutely love this picture. Kipu Falls, Kauai. Yes, my friend, combine a major thrill with paradise and you have the recipe for an unforgettable memory.

Imagine, if you can, someone designing multiple fan club t-shirts with your face on them (Mr. Flynn). Complete and utter shock. Here Matthew Thomas and I hold them out for the world to see.

Nathan, Jon and Jordan would like to encourage you to visit your local friendly Ford dealer today.

How's that for dedication? June, 2007, walking down the aisle at Jonathan Drake's wedding as a distinguished groomsman ... and I give the patented snob smile.

What a great memory.