The moment I first laid eyes on a website, I was fascinated. To me it was like making a movie, where one could control what the audience saw and relay any information one wanted them to know. I thought it was, however, an impossibility, as I would have to learn HTML in order to create one. Course, little did I realize at the time that software programs existed where one could bypass all that complicated coding, so once I discovered that, I went at it like a banshee.

My first site was a pathetic cryptozoology website called "Jordan & Jonathan's Ultimate Cryptozoology Website." I recently was flabbergasted to discover that still have part of the site on my computer, so for those wanting to see it, click here. Talk about embarrassing. In any case, believe it or not, the aforementioned site has today evolved into, a science website run primarily by me with the contributions of a few other people. It generates a considerable amount of traffic.

Now, I build affordable web sites for people as a side job. If you're interested in having one designed for you or your business, just click the link below and I'll get you started.

Me in 2004, having spent way too much time without food and water designing a website.