These basic BIblical studies aren't necessarily intended for educating those who visit my site. Rather, this is just a place for me to archive various studies, simple or more indepth, that I've put together over the years. If someone, like you, happens to read something and learns a thing or two, or is encouraged in some way, praise God. Or, if you think something I've written here is absolutely rediculous and dowright heretical, forgive me, for you're probably right. :-)

It's interesting to note that many notable Christians throughout the ages have changed their views on doctrinal matters over the course of their lives. What they wrote or claimed to believe in their youth sometimes changed just a little or a lot in their later years. I know, or am rather sure, that such will be the case for me. I must confess something about myself ... I am very persuadable. I find myself agreeing with the last person who spoke. This can, at times, be a good thing, but also a very bad thing. While someone should always be open-minded, they must be firmly resolved. My purpose for writing these studies was to reassure myself of my own beliefs, as it were, and that by reading them in the future I will again be reassured of those beliefs, or see where I once was in error.

Remember, these are basic. Sometimes, however, simplicity can get a message across far more effectively then complexity. Whatever the case, may they bless you.

The Deity of Christ
Verses and personal thoughts regarding Christ's identity as God come in the flesh.
Verses and personal thoughts regarding God's complete sovereignty and man's total depravity.

Eternal Security
Verses and personal thoughts regarding God's seal on believers and their newness in Him.