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Springtime Fun
April 22, 2011

Hello everyone! Happy Spring! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in South Missouri, and the world is a brilliant green from all the rain. Philip is doing wonderful, and we're so thankful for another healthy boy. Life continues on at a hectic pace, but the Lord's grace is more than sufficient for every day!

As usual, time is of the essence, so on with the pictures! Kick up a chair, put up your legs, and journey into the nifty and sometimes nauseating life of the Niednagels!

And here we go ...

In preperation for the Thomases coming, in order to lessen the sheer shock value of their arrival, we decided to place William in the most chaotic environment imaginable. In the end, it still wasn't enough.

A little introversion time with Grandpa Pa. This isn't so bad.

And a little extraverted time with ... OH NO!!! My crazy ESFP grandmother!!! Somebody help!!!

Pure torture but I can't stop smiling and laughing!!!

That's so sweet. If I didn't know better I'd say you two never had an argument.

Out for a walk on a gorgeously sunny day. Looks like I just said something witty and delightful.

Tell me Marscel doesn't resemble Shia Labeouf.

Just tell me.

This is Roseman. We used to call him Rose, until we realized ... you know.

Our band keeps changing ... and getting younger.

"In other words, if I were to measure my IQ in terms of height ..."

You may recall Herman from a few months ago. This is Micaiah's impersonation.

Out planting grapes and other delightful munchies! My rock garden has turned out to be quite the 8th wonder of the world. By the way, to date I still have yet to receive any donations for the stone wall. Blessings on you all.

Uncle Micaiah isn't looking so freaky today. Quite celebrity, actually.

Oh man, Ma made these delectable pies for my birthday! Yep, my birthday. In March I turned the big 2-9. One last year before the retirement home.

A little birthday bash put on for myself. The neighbors were kind enough to join us.

Good food, games, and cordial conversation.

Opening presents. What could this be, my dear?

Shorts! But not just any shorts, and not just shorts by themselves. Continue on to find out.

This was like the best birthday present ever. A photo book of our honeymoon in Hawaii! The pictures are just so clear and amazing. Thank you, my love! What unforgettable memories.

A look back.

Cutest girl ever.

A husbandly hug.

I told you! The shorts were just one part of an elaborate and overly cool b-ball outfit! They even give me a higher vertical! Oh yeah!

'Nuff said.

The tradition continues ... the first bite into the birthday pie.

A young, Hebrew slave under the harsh oppression of the Egyptian empire.

The Egyptian task-master commands him thus.

All right ... now Philip has been born in our blog timeline. Here he is lying on the kitchen table.

Rachel Cleseck stops by for a visit.

Dr. W. Locksley M.D. Ph.D.

The Brain Doctor gives his assessment. Yes, a definite B-A-B-Y.

Making sure William gets enough attention after his celebrity baby brother's arrival.

Got this sweet outdoor patio table at Khols. While the ladies watched "Little Women" inside, I was out being the "Big Man" outside. (that was pretty clever, huh?)

Mother and baby bliss.

Almost looks like a china doll.

The neighbors stop over for another showing.

"A little to the right, grams." William gets an essential oil massage.

He looks like your typical rich snob at some swank resort.

The neighbors over again for a game of Banana Grams. I thought the camera was someplace else.

My wife made these Robin Hood signs all over the house for my b-day.

Philip's very first car ride, and all the way up to St. Louis for his circumcision. Yes, some people might be embarrassed or not want to mention controversial subjects like this, but such is what you come to expect when visiting! Everything's out on the table whether you like it or not!

The Z family were again more than kind to allow us to stay overnight. Didn't take many pictures, but here's one just for Hannah, as both her and Philly are looking pretty adorable.

The long ride home. Almost there. My wife gives the best brain massages.

Whoa! Michael and Bekah from New England! Yep, the dynamic duo (or trio now) ventured out to Missouri for about 4 days to visit everyone.

I guess Philly found Uncle Mike pretty boring.

A little rug surfing. You can't imagine the things the Thomases do while I'm at work.

William is such a little reader. This is not posed.

And the kids just stare.

Ok, so maybe I messed up William's hair just a tad when I tried cutting it recently. Thankfully Ma was able to make it less noticeable. Poor kid had to wear that dog cone of shame.

Michael Thomas. Doesn't this picture seriously make him look like Albert Einstein?

Out for a walk. Willy's wearing daddy's fashionable purple hat you may recall from a few months back.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't all that great during their stay, but the warmth in our hearts overcame the coolness ... of the weather ... and ... we were all ... warm ... from our love ... for each other ... or something sappy like that.

You know you're from New England when your face resembles your bed sheet.

AHAHHAHAH!!!! Remember that mole Micaiah and I prepared to destroy a few months back with Mole Max and chewing gum!? Well, the little stinker is dead!!! AHAHHAHA!!! Actually, we really don't know if our efforts are what actually killed the mole. In fact, it had a chunk out of its back, the evidence pointing to death by a feline of some sort. Still, we're taking credit.

Uncle and nephew.

Pilipo? What's going on? Yes, it's time for another luau at Jer and Danni's. I think this is like probably the 20th luau I've recorded since this blog began.

Spared no expense.

Aloha from Nottinghill!

Jeremy comes up with the best games.


Having a little chat with Micaiah in Spanish upstairs. Our communication was pretty limited.

Jack's sacked. Time to go home.

The guys.

Again I say something witty and delightful.

With our ladies.

I think Marscel wins for most accurate.

Pretty cute cousins. :-)

Can't come to MO without a few four-wheeler rides. I can only wonder what people think of Micaiah as they drive by.

I'm not sure, but I think Matthew's trying to look cool here.

One last family portrait before Michael's and Bekah's departure. So great having you all!

lol, this dog had me laughing pretty hard.

At a playground in Springfield after church. See that dot? There's a small dot there in the middle of the picture. Yeah, that's William. He's apparently not too attached to his parents.

He absolutely LOVED the slides. Such a gift from God to relive your own childhood through your child.

We're all having a good time!

Matthew's looking pretty fashionable.

Micaiah's looking pretty... like Micaiah.

Pure joy.

This slide was pretty tall! William didn't even think twice about it. Definite right-brainer.

Yeah boy!

We now jump ahead to Joshua Alger's graduation the following week. It was medievally themed, as you can see. Congratulations, Josh!

"Are you a real knight superhero guy?" - "Yes, son. Yes I am."

lol, I just love Willy's brown peasant outfit.

Mr. Alger reflects on the past and the future.

A little dancing and eating and fun conversation.

Hananiah and Jordanyo. I don't think I've worn my full outfit since my wedding. Thankful it still fits.

And that's all! Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad it was worth it!