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Summer Sizzling
September 2, 2011

Hello, all! Boy, I gotta be quick. The Thomases are coming tomorrow, and then I have to drive up to Springfield to get my rental car to leave the next day after a wedding. Yep, another zany trip with the Thomases! Going to the natural arches in Utah for some hiking, swimming, and whatevering! As always, should be a blast.

As I announced last week, was hacked into, and I had to delete the whole thing in order to rid myself of the viruses. Thankfully, I had about 95% of the web site backed up, so was able to restore most of it. Still, if any of you are bored, would you mind going through the archives and seeing if any pictures or pages don't show up? That would help me a lot! Just email me or leave a comment if you find something.

The song playing, by the way, is Courageous, by Casting Crowns, for the upcoming movie "Courageous" (great words). Opens September 30th, from the makers of "Fireproof." Go see it!

Oh, and guess what? This month is's 6th anniversary! I made my very first post back in September of 2005 (see below/right "Cape San Blas"). Wow, the Lord has done marvellous things since that day. So thankful I've been able to chronicle these years of tears and triumph.

Anyway, don't forget that Melissa is posting a 4-part series on her blog!

August, 2011 Video Blog

So with that, on with the pictures from this month. Thanks for stopping by! Cha!


Just thought this picture made William look pretty grown up. Can almost see his teenager face.

Remember this? William and I in July of 2009.

Philip and I in August of 2011!

Just a random picture of our garden. It's neat and tidy and we've been getting a BOAT LOAD of kale out of it, which actually is really good in a vareity of meals. Seriously.

Check it out. We're pretty sure Meliss was bit by a brown recluse. Thankfully, after a couple weeks of using oils, it began to shrink and disappear.

Just another random pic of William in his big boy pants. He's pretty much potty trained while he's awake. Yeah, so in the mornings when I go in to say goodbye before work ... let's just say I keep it brief.

That ... is ... a big stick. This thing was bigger than my hand. Cooked it up and served it to company without telling them.

Had Uncle David and Aunt Judy stop by on their way to Colorado. Yep, and there's Nathan Daher, out for his annual trip to the Ozarks! Fun time!

William and Kalea hanging out together that night. This looks like something from an artsy magazine.

Showing the grounds of Locksley Manor. "You did this with a tractor, right?" asks Uncle David. "Umm ... no ... a pickaxe." I'm a glutton for punishment.

Great to see you again, Uncle David.

Enjoying some conversation that evening.

YESSS!!!! SWEET!!!!! I've got Nathan ... AKA the stereo/audio master supreme genius, hooking up speakers for the house! When we built it years ago we put audio cables running behind all the walls in hopes of one day doing this, and that day has come! Sounds so sweet having music coming from all around you. Thanks, Nate!

At Jeremy's house. Little Philly fell asleep on Uncle Nate. Good thing he was wearing deodorant.

Ok, so we had like the hottest, driest July ever. So that night (early August), as we sat out on Jeremy's porch, it began to sprinkle ... and then pour. I ran out in the rain and said I would NOT come in until the rain stopped. So like I stayed out there in the pouring rain and lightning for like 10 minutes until I couldn't take it anymore! Thank you, Lord! August turned out to be one of the wettest I can remember, with more than 7 inches or so.

Marian braves the storm to give Robin a kiss. That, my friends, is true love.

William's first trip to the bowling alley. Attention Deficit Disorder Central.

He dropped the ball after this picture. That was the end of that.

Jon Corville joins us!

Forgot to put the bumpers up for Nathan.

So afterwards, at the suggestion of a friend, we tried out this new restaurant called "The Gastro Pub." I know, what kind of disgusting name is that? Anyway, it was themed like an English pub and was really good with live music and everything (not sure what "everything" is).

Jon's stocks take a plunge.

Live music from the hippies.

Outside, while waiting for our meal. Philip is so fun-loving and care-free. Definite right brain dominant.

The three left-brainers and poor Keoni.

Every once in awhile you get a picture where you all look like goobers.

I don't think I've ever fallen asleep sucking the side of my pacifier like that.

My wife gets up and starts dancing with William and Kalea. I was so embarrassed. "Hon! There are people watching!"

The Thomsens from Massachusetts stop by for the night! They visited the Thomases in OK and of course couldn't go through without seeing us too.

Smiling, looking happy, for dinner.

Seth's birthday! I don't like it when kids get that "I'm gonna eat the whole thing" look.

Stephen kindly reads to the youngsters.

Playing chess. The Axbergs made this as a wedding present! Robin Hood and his band vs. the sheriff and his scalawags. So cool.

A closer look.

The next morning for breakfast we put on these dumb party hats. Anyway, it was so great seeing you all again, Thomsens! :-)

Here we are, on a beautiful evening, out on the pontoon again. It's been over a year since our last outing. So beautiful. Anyway, not sure what Nate is doing here. Must be some type of Masonic sign.

And then there's Melissa Lee Beautifully.

And Keoni Macaroni.

And Barbara ... Barbarian, with little Locksley.

Kalea, visualizing herself with Leonardo DiCaprio on the bow of the Titanic.

Jamesy and Danielle. It probably wouldn't be proper to give them a silly rhyming name, so I won't.

Nate takes flight!

It's just crazy. There was NO ONE out there. We had an entire lake that stretches for miles all to ourselves. Only in Missouri.

Nate captures a low shot of us.

Poor William in his straight jacket could hardly move.

Can't get enough of this little butter ball.

You're just so squishy!

All of a sudden, mirth turns to mahem. Nathan was somehow able to snatch this quick photo of a large creature in the lake! Now we know why no one was there! NEVER going again!

Whether forced or genuine, it's still cute.

This didn't turn out too well, but at least we got them in the same frame.

Jeremy, our trusty bearded seaman.

The Steeles allow a few photos for the paparazzi.

This was so fun! You can't really tell, but we're actually going pretty fast, dangling our feet into the water as we drove. It was one of those "remember this" moments, where you mentally take a picture because it's just so beautiful and relaxing, and you're with the love of your life.

Couldn't pass this photo up.

We go from the lake to the pond!

Remember this? William and I in July of 2009.

And now, Philip and I in August of 2011! So thankful for that Friendly Family Filter!

And what's this? Wouldn't you like to know! Yep, Nate and I did another funny short for the fans! This one is not for the Festival, as we didn't want to be tied down. He says he should have it edited and completed by mid-September or so. Stay tuned!

And that's the end! Thanks for stopping by! Remember to look through the archives if you get a chance! Show your appreciation by being apart of your community! Or whatever! Blog community! Cheers!