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Christmas and New Years Celebrations
January 4, 2012

Hello, everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Our Christmas and New Years celebrations were just so wonderful and relaxing, and here I am again to share it all with you via blog picture format. One cool announcement! You'll notice at the bottom of the page where you usually leave a comment that there is now a Facebook comment box! Yep, for those of you who are too lazy to comment the regular way, now you can drop a note via Facebook without batting an eye! is up with the times!

It is late, so I will let the photos do the talking. May the Lord richly bless you all in 2012! Thanks for stopping by! And here we go ...

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My Christmas joy just cannot be contained. Here I am, in festive garb, having just brought in a freshly cut cedar from outside to act as our Christmas tree this year. Yes, it may look like just a piece of green junk, but it sure beats spending 40 bucks.

It's snowing! We only got a frosting, but it was enough to make the world a beautiful white.

There's just something ethereal with statues covered by snow.

William Locksley Niednagel ... intrepid explorer, famed the world-over for his tight striped underpants. The frigid elements are no match for William's courage, nor for his hidden insulated diaper.

Fashion collides with weather ingenuity.

"Nothing can stop me. Show me a bear. I'll kill it right now."

It's so cool how the snow only melts on the gravel paths.

Willy helps me hang some cheesy decorations from Dollar General. As you're now beginning to tell, I make our Christmas very cost-effective.

Ok, so Melissa comes down with this mysterious inflammation that we initially thought had something to do with her eczema she's been fighting on her hand for some time now. Turns out, we were wrong.

Really wrong. Her symptoms only grew worse, with her right ear beginning to resemble an overly cooked slab of bacon.

Wow, by this time we were beginning to really worry. I threw out our cedar tree in fear that she was having an allergic reaction. A few days later, praise God, the cause finally hit us ... poison ivy. Some people had earlier mentioned this, but for reasons too many to mention we thought it couldn't be the cause. Two weeks before this I had been burning some underbrush, and yes, poison ivy was in it. Amazing how people can get it without even touching the plant! Anyway, although we had to cancel an upcoming Christmas party, we were ever so thankful that it wasn't something worse.

Yes, it truly is a wonderful life when you have the right perspective. Thanks, George Baily!

This is Pillipa Joy Niednagel, our adorable daughter.

I figured my mom did this with me, so why not spread the torture.

Three days before Christmas I stopped by Lowe's and replaced our cedar tree with a $5.00 fir tree! Now that is what I call a steal! All the people in Lowe's stared at me like I was some kinda of grinch father. I just smiled and skipped and kept asking them, "Isn't this such a great deal!?"

We now find ourselves at Grandma's house on Christmas eve.

Yes, at the dinner table again. For years you've seen us here, and for many years to come you will continue to see us here. Get used to it.

Keoni 15 years from now: "Mom, why did Uncle Jordan and Aunt Melissa dress William in a stylish brown zip-down sweater while you and dad dressed me like a Swedish orphan runaway refugee?"

Dad gets some good health loot.

For those of you who didn't receive our Christmas card in the mail ...

It's amazing how quickly Melissa returned to her beautiful self after we figured out the cause.

Aren't they just so adorable!!! Now we're at Jer and Danni's on Christmas day.

The NF grandmother with her NF grandson.

Look at his left arm. He does this almost every time he sees someone for the first time.

Tiny Tim.

Keoni Macaroni.

Our house is so cozy and warm in the evenings.

Christmas evening at our house. Melissa took a cedar board, wrapped it in green cloth, and placed it on our dining room table with all these candles in a line. This is what you call a serious fire hazard.

Belongs in a catalogue.

William asked for just two things this Christmas ... red shades with the sticker still left on them, and one mid-sized rubber velociraptor. Let's just say today would be his lucky day.

My wife's beautiful gift. Hon, you are amazing. Your Robin loves you now more than ever.

Opening gifts and enjoying sweet fellowship. It really was one of the most relaxed, stressless Christmases we can remember.

We now jump ahead a few days and find ourselves together again with the terrifying Thomases! And yes, we are out again on another walk! Not sure who that mop-head punk is pushing our stroller.

Don't worry, Marscel is getting a haircut very soon.

Just enjoying being together again.

"What up, Grams!?"

A delicious dinner together. The Thomases brought Kathy Snyder along with them from Massachusetts. So great to see you again, Kathy!

Playing a little Mario Kart! I'm ashamed at how violently competitive I still am at this game.

The girls did this like almost their entire stay. Beading necklaces and bracelets. Hey, whatever makes you feel good about yourselves.

Hangin' with my bros, watching a few of my videos online.

Now THIS was SLIGHTLY incredible! Healthy, homemade Chinese food! It was like a party in my mouth and everyone was invited. I love that line.

Wrapping a few thousand wontons while I do the dishes. Yes, I'm every house-wife's dream.

Oh ho ho! We now find ourselves at the Z's in St. Louis to celebrate New Years! As always, they had incredible food waiting for us. Hannah, you look just so cute with that flower thingamajig in your hair.

So tell me, how many parties have you been to where they serve Chevre with garlic herbs? Fine. How many parties have you been to where the Chevre with garlic herbs is labeled "Chevre with garlic herbs"?

They had all these different goober party hats awaiting us. I think they do this just to torture me.

The two elegant BT twins. Gorgeous, darlings.

Enjoying some stimulating conversation as we continue to wear our stupid hats.

Now that's quite the stupid hat.

Yours is crooked, Melanie.

Where are we, anyway? At the bowling alley! This would turn out to be a blast of a time!

We ready ourselves for battle.

I perform a little Michael Jackson to get the ball to veer left.

The lights go off! Good form, Sarah.

Mr. Z shows us how it's done.

We combine bowling shoe powers.

A most grand time! Who cares if we all look like dufus heads!

It's 11:59 in New York, and the ball's about to drop. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Micaiah looks a little creepy.

"May old acquaintance be forgot" ... Hey, what the nhoj? Why would anyone want to forget old acquaintances? What a dumb song.

Happy New Year, Ma and Pa.

That is no thimble.

Happy New Years!!! For reals this time!!! We went out on the front porch to ring in the new year with all the St. Louis neighbors.

Matthew blasted his bagpipes. So cool.

Happy 2012, everyone! Complete with our rinky plastic cups, we would like to wish you all a most blessed new year!

Needless to say, the following morning we were all quite exhausted. So, that afternoon I spent my time reading about all the things I did wrong during my courtship.

And that's it! Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to at least leave a Facebook message you lazy goobers!