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There and Back Again
June 29, 2011

Hi again! Glad to have you back! This month was indeed a full one, seeing us driving over 1,500 miles on two road trips that were both completely unplanned. So thankful for the Lord's protection on the roads. You can NEVER take that for granted, despite the fact that I'm an incredibly awesome driver (I credit it to all the video games I played back as a youngster ... told you, mom!).

Anyway, I'll get on with the pictures here. Thanks for stopping by, and that includes all you lurkers who I can see by looking at my web site stats. :-) I ... see ... you ...

Oh, but first, William would like to welcome you to

We actually got a new camera! The D3100, and it does video (and high quality)! So, like in the old days of my blog when I had my little CyberShot, you'll see videos on here from time to time.

And here we go ...

Our poor Willy came down with a quick 104.9 degree fever. It was rather unbelievable. We were able to do an enima among some other things, where after his temp started finally dropping dramatically. Thank you, Lord!

And just in time to surprise our new Oklahoma City hick neighbors with an unannounced visit for Melanie's birthday! I don't think I had ever done this to anyone before (I had a boring pre-married life). We stayed for the weekend and had a most joyous time together. It's about a 5 /12 hour drive, as opposed to 23 hours when they lived in New England. Gotta love Melanie's face here.

"What the...?" says my mafia gangsta bro-in-law.

Swingin' with his Auntie.

The all-American boy.

Pa and Ma hadn't seen Philip since his birth. The little booger has sure changed.

Yeah, sure, that's cute.

Out on the town for some shopping and site-seeing! The camera lens got some moisture inside, which actually made for a kinda cool artistic effect.

What a ham (talking about Melanie, obviously).

"So you see, Melanie, if I were to use a towel to represent your brain, and water represented your brain cells, no matter how hard I were to wring it, nothing would come out."

Window shopping ... literally.

Getting that bumper sticker for our car.

She's got the look.

"Gee golly, Fred, that would be swell!"

96 degrees ... salty chips ... I'm going to kill myself.

Now this is more like it! Right down the road from the Thomases is this swank organic frozen yogurt joint! Isn't that awesome? It's healthy cause it's organic! You can eat all the chocolate you want and it's still good for you cause it's organic!!!!! RIGHT!!!????

If nothing else, sister-in-laws are good for holding your babies.

So the next day after church we went to this beautiful building and gardens owned by the Masonic Lodge. After all, when you possess unlimited finances and own the entire world, why not?

The neato Niednagels.

The best parents-in-law a man could ever ask for!

And the best soul-mate a man could EVER ask for.

Walking along ... enjoying the grounds ... sweating our rears off.

My cinematically epic Ma!

Cute, girls.

Love the hand action.

Pa just looks so right at home in Oklahoma.

Kinda creepy.

Talk about some gorgeous grounds. You know, sometimes I just can't believe my elegant wife came from that dear woman.

lol, Philip looks like a plastic doll.

Just me and my boy.

Tired of us yet? I didn't think so!!!

My sister, my bride.

"C'mon, Jordan! Cut the sap!"

Whoa! You again!

For Melanie's birthday we took her out for some Chinese! Don't you just love the flattering off-yellow lighting that you can only get at a Chinese buffet? I mean just look at Marscel. Could use it as his graduation picture.

Pa's landscape's got nothing on his manscape.

Pilipo and Pa.

Happy birthday! The Thomases carry on the cake eating tradition.

The next morning, as we were just leaving to head home, we received the news. Monday morning, May 30th, Memorial day, saw the passing of my dear grandmother of 97 years, Phyllis Ruth Mason Niednagel. The Godly heritage she left will, I believe, live long on this earth through her children and grandchildren. One day we will see you again, dear grandmother. Thank you for your enduring love and faithfulness.

In Indiana, escorting her casket to the hearse. That is my Aunt Lynn on the left, my Uncle David to the right, my Uncle Paul to the right of him, and my cousin Steven behind me.

Back at her home, we divide her possessions amongst family. She truly was an amazing woman who, though never rich, purchased and took great care of many fine things that will be greatly cherished and used by her children and grandchildren.

Toody willed to me her 1899 Steinway baby grand piano (I am one of two grandchildren who played the piano at length). What a priceless treasure, and still in excellent playing condition (she still taught piano lessons up until a year ago).

Outside chatting with my cousin Daniel and his wife and Aunt Lynn.

William and Keoni playing in her yard. Her yard is SOO beautiful, and was featured in a local magazine in Evansville. A gardener, pianist, Bible study teacher, among many other things, I am so blessed to have had such an amazing woman for a grandmother.

Back home, watching Peter Pan with Philip (my other alter ego besides Robin Hood). It was so hilarious! He was nursing, but see how his head is turned and he's watching the movie? He was like that for 10 minutes!

Just a random picture of our fashionable Willy Locks. Would have made a very pretty girl.

Yes, boys and girls, it's that very special time again! That time you anxiously all look forward to EVERY year at! Blueberry picking! I think I've been faithfully chronicling this for like 5 years now. Doesn't get old, does it? I said does it?

Great smile, William.

Hi mom!

Philly in the crib.

"Wha???" At home on the bed.

Took this picture right before church. I love summer. I wish I could have a nice tan all year long.

As we continue to landscape the Niednagel estate, I decide that this tree needs to go.

That's what I'm talking about! Who's the man!?

Philly tries out the walker for the first time! Did a great job despite his underdeveloped wobbly head.

The smile of success. Behold, viewers, the fly swatter.

After a church conference on Saturday we headed over to the Cooks for a big picnic. Ah, summer!

It was hot! So, having no bathing suit, I jumped in with clothes and all. Felt good for awhile ... you know ... until your undergarments catch up with you.

Oh how lovely! I'm sure Bruno here was having a great time in the water with all the children!

Water was freezing. I don't blame the kid.

And that's it! Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by