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June 1, 2011

Greetings once again from Niednageland! You're all probably furious with me for having to wait so long for this blog post, but frankly I don't care. After seeing pictures of my warm smile and affable countenance I know you won't be able to hold onto your bitterness for long. Or at least, after seeing pictures of my wife's smile and affable countenance.

Anyway, life continues on, and Phil and Bill are growing like weeds! Oh sick ... I can't believe I just said Phil and Bill. Seriously, if either of them ever grows up calling themselves that I will immediately disown them. I'm not dogging those out there who go by those names but ... well ... maybe I am. Your full names are so much more beautiful! What are you thinking!? Ok I better stop before I get more people furious with me.

Thanks again for stopping by! Remember that Niednageland is the happiest place on earth! Enjoy your stay in the magical kingdom!

And here we go ...

"I'm in a sailboat ... constructed of diapers ... floating upon seas of milk ..."

Willy and I catch a bit of The Masters Golf Tournament online. That kid's gonna be my retirement.

We took out all of the crying pictures to bring you this darling one.

"Sup, bro?"

I affectionately call this one ... "Before the Sneeze."

Changing so fast I can't keep up.

Locksley plugs the BST by helping Brad Steele plant a tree. (click here if for some unexplainable reason you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

So Meliss was telling me she saw a squirrel that was half gray and half red. I logically assured her that such was impossible. "That's like seeing Bigfoot," I told her. Then, she snapped a picture of Bigfoot.

We had some rain ... and some hail! Check that out! Have lived here 11 years and never have I seen golf ball-size here. Praise God it didn't do any serious damage.

I did not teach him to cross his legs like that. I promise.

Was on the roof fixing something and thought I'd snap a picture. I love spring!

Planted tulips in January and thought they wouldn't come up ... but they did! About a month late!

Before the rain ...

... after the rain. Unbelievable! We got about 15 inches in 3 days. So far this year it's rained some 30 inches, and we normally get about 40 inches annually. Thankfully the road help up for the most part, and we were able to get it repaired after the deluge.

My, aren't we looking dapper.

My, aren't we both looking dapper. (that outfit William is wearing used to be mine.)

Never dreamt I would have two sons. Thank you, Lord.

It just keeps getting cuter. :-)

Some pictures explaining very little are worth a thousand words.

At the neighbors for some lunch and fellowship. Looks like Keoni's been taking smiling lessons from Kalea.

I didn't want to do it. I really didn't. I love animals, but after days of that horrid, lingering smell that wouldn't go away, it was no longer Bambi time. Yes, it was time for Flower to meet her Maker.

Just a picture showing our delivery of David Austin Roses. My wife is in major love with his roses (originating from England), and we planted six of them around the yard.

Everyone loves a wedding! We were blessed to attend the uniting of Mason and Lorisha McElroy a few weeks ago. I learned later that photographs weren't allowed during the ceremony. My bad.

We await the bride and groom for that sacred tradition of throwing rice in their faces.

The Boyles and Foflygens. You guys are just so adorable!

That's Ben ... breaking sacred tradition and throwing rice at me.

And here they come!

"This is true love - you think this happens every day?" - Westley

The face of unhindered joy.

Man, Clayton, my pictures are getting pretty darn good. Let me know if you want me to sell you some.

That's Clayton, the official wedding photographer. I was just a poser.

As they prepare to depart, Clayton gazes cinematically into the middle distance.

One of those pictures you take and then later realize you were being looked at.

And they're off, again holding to that sacred tradition of tieing soda cans to the back of one's car.

And here we have another picture of Hananiah holding William. Think there have been a few of these over the years.

Mrs. Alger with Philip and my love.

Now we jump ahead just a few hours and find ourselves in downtown Springfield. For what? Oh, just for the most awesome concert in the whole world!!!

Celtic Woman! Not sure pictures were allowed here either, but who cares! We love you Chloe!!!

And a few days later we find ourselves at the annual Baker Creek Seed Festival! For those out of the know, this festival is held every year in nearby Mansfield and attracts thousands of visitors. It's so odd seeing so many people out in nowhere. Anyway, people are encouraged to dress up, as we did, even though it was rainy and freezing.

Remember last year when Melissa won the costume contest? We thought we'd try again. The winner is determined by the loudest cheers from the crowd.

Ok, so we didn't win, but next time we're bringing along twenty little 9 year-old girls to scream their heads off like the winners did.

Our daffodils! Remember a few months back when we planted them with the Thomases?

Peter and Naomi Anselmo join us for dinner! Thanks for making the long trek, you guys. Had a wonderful time getting to know you better (and learning of your wicked aim, Peter). Sorry for blocking your beautiful face, hon. :-)

So I had a few clogged sinks, and decided to call a plumber. Look who should show up, but Marscel Pierre Thomas!

And wanting a break from the kids, we called for a babysitter, and look who should show up, but Melanie Clarence Thomas! (I can't remember your middle name right now, so we'll just use that.)

Jordy with Philly. Melanie made these awesome tangerine icicle things that were SOOO good. BTW, Melanie and Marscel stayed with us for a week while Pa and Ma were in California. Fun times!

Bought one of those pathetic kiddy pools for Willy! Who thought cheap plastic could be so fun!

Auntie made her nephew smile quite a few times.

That, my friends, is the essence of Keoni. As I predicted soon after his birth, I think we have another Feeler on our hands, and likely an ENFP. So amazing seeing God's specific design instilled in each individual child.

Philip receives some awesome gifts from Nathan and the Dahers. Thank you SO much!

Marscel and the K-Man hanging out at Jer's for his birthday.

Happy birthday, Jer! Looking good for 45!

My card each year has a different theme. One year it was Napoleon Dynamite, last year it was Nacho Libre, and this year it was Strange Brew. If you haven't heard of it, good. :-)

What else could a 35-year old want then a kumquat tree? You're welcome!

Whoa, how is it that we find Matthew holding little Philly? To our delight the boys were able to make it down to our place from their work in St. Louis for the weekend. Oh yeah!

And Micaiah holds Willy.

The boys were also kind enough to stop by a fellow's house in St. Louis to pick up this playground we got off Craig's List! Always fun to just stand around and talk before actually getting to work.

That was easy! Now it's playtime, children!

Little Tikes really should use us in their advertising.

For their magazine cover.

Things get a little more manly.

William was enthralled. Only wish it were twice the size.

Hello there, pretty woman.

Our family is now complete! Little William will never ask for anything ever again for the rest of our lives!

Enjoying dinner together.

Good to see you guys again.

Melanie multi-tasks with Philip.

While Marscel multi-tasks with William.

While later I ... multi-task ... with Philip.

Just wanted to show how well our little man sleeps sometimes. That would seriously hurt.

And here we have Emily Fournier all the way from Massachusetts! The Fourniers stopped by for the night on their way to Oklahoma to see the Thomases.

So great having you all!

And we close with a picture of William Locksley. Our boy is fast becoming a man. These are days to indeed hold on to.

Thanks for stopping by! So long from Niednageland!