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Autumn In The Ozarks
October 31, 2011

Welcome back, blog viewers and lurkers! Wow, what a gorgeous October this has been. For some strange reason we have had more color this year than any previous year I can remember. The weather has consistently been in the 60s and 70s, and looks to remain that way for at least another week. If you ever come visit us, plan your trip for mid October!

In other news, Nathan and I recently released another short! We haven't done a full comedic "short" in some three years, so filming this was a blast from the past. Hope you enjoy it! (you better)

And lastly, Melissa finished her last butterfly party post.

With that, I'll shut my trap and get on with the post. Sorry, this one isn't nearly as exciting as the Great Utah Adventure Extravaganza Rendezvous, but it beats a sharp stick in the eye.

And here we go ...

October, 2011 Video Blog


Out on a children-free dinner date with my princess (thank you, Grandma!). Springfield doesn't sport too many nice restaurants, but we do like this place called Houlihans (it's a chain), which is something like a wanna-be Cheesecake Factory. They had live music and heat lamps and, of course, this gigantic fountain (background), which all made for a most romantic evening.

What to order? My dear wife does enjoy taking her time, and I so enjoy staring at her face while she does.

Just had to throw this picture in of our morning glories. Mid-October and still beautiful!

This was a real treat. For the first time in 10 years, my mom's sister, Beth, and Uncle Bob (doesn't everybody have an Uncle Bob?) made it out to Missouri for a brief visit (along with some family friends). So enjoyed seeing you again!

It was a week before my mother's birthday, so we made her an early cake (happy 90th, mom!).

We jump ahead to our church's annual fall Barn Dance party. We shoot guns and fireworks and all that cool country manly stuff, and then we finally cater to the ladies in the evening with a dance.

Emily holds our little Philly.

It was like 4th of July in the middle of October! It actually rained on the 4th, so the Cooks kept all their fireworks and shot them off that night instead. Can't believe how many they had! Awesome job, guys!

Come, let us frolic.

Dancing ghosts.

We jump ahead again to find William Locksley at Silver Dollar City! Hello, William! Look at you sitting so nicely with your hands folded and all. I am sure this absolutely had nothing to do with your father's coercion.

They decorate everything so autumnally beautiful every year.

Check out what that guy carved out of a pumpkin. Must have had a lonley childhood.

Now that .... is a sand castle (or sand lodge).

Theme parks always have these aqua fountain spinning ball things.

Just kinda stood there ... mesmerized.

The most smiley baby ever.

"Uh oh ... I just tooted."

All right! A mock-Dumbo ride! Let's hit this sweet thang, William!

I'm surprised Disney hasn't sued them yet. What's so great about Silver Dollar City is that it has many of the same kiddie rides without the 3-hour lines!

The ferris wheel.

For those who can't tell, this is William's "thrilled beyond comprehension" look.

That's us ... in the uh ... racoon house.

Just love the Ozark landscaped beauty. Those log homes are at least 150 years old.

William had a BLAST feeding Sergio and Stephan (I don't know their real names).

We are so adorable

Now that's adorable.

Happy birthday, Grandma (we took her to SDC for the occasion)!

Check that out. I first thought this beauty was a copperhead (poisonous), until it fanned out like that. This is a hog nose snake, notorious for looking dangerous but being total pansies. First they fan out, and if that doesn't work, they turn over and play dead. If that doesn't work ... let's just say you become, in Spanish, "El Banyo."

Hello, Justin and Yuko Boyle! We had the Boyle family from church over for the night, along with their two little ladies, Ammi and Maya. So great having you!

Yo. Sup.

A little family dinner camp out at Jer's place to continue mom's celebratory birthday week (we make it a big deal out here ... I mean what else is there to do?).

HB, mom.

Melissa had a tea party for the Hansens. We're so thankful for our huge dining room table!

The look of peace ... and the look of sheer terror.

Those little brats ... blessings ... found my wig collection! Hadn't seen Austin Crowe for awhile.

Talk about our little Calvin and Hobbes! William loves his tiger. The kid even looks like Calvin.

Enjoying a beautiful day with my Philly.

You know, it seems like it takes forever for your first child to grow, and then your second is 7 months before you know it. Is it just me or is that a common feeling?

Our nestled Ozark home. For some reason the colors were just absolutely gorgeous this year.

Another view.

Our driveway.

If you've been following the blog for awhile, you know that Kalea's birthday (25th) is only 10 days away from my mom's. So ... we dressed up and had a party for her. I'll tell you what ... these are some kick-rear parties!

I told you this blog was pretty boring.

That's pretty cute.

The two INFPs.

That, my friends, is a feeler holding another feeler with a thinker on his lap.

Umm ... another picture.

The little ones are starting to outnumber us.

She gets so excited over her gifts. Pretty cute.

And one final festive snapshot of mother and child.

That's it! Thanks for stopping by! Ya'll come back, viewers and lurkers!