Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch


A 100th Anniversary April
May 2, 2012

Hello, everybody! So good to have you back! Whether you deliberately clicked a link to get here or accidentally clicked the wrong link, don't you dare hit that back button on your browser! No sir! You're in for a real treat of Titanic proportions, no pun intended! Ok pun intended, but I'll stop with the lame jokes. My bad. Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking, but this month we attended the 100th Anniversary Commemoration in Branson of the sinking of the Titanic, put on by Vision Forum. It was really special, and sobering, and exciting, and overall very fun.

In other news, for those who haven't yet heard, the Niednagel family will be becoming a family of 5 come November or December! Whoa!!! Time does fly! We are indeed praising God for His next little blessing, and praying for good health for both baby and mother. If it's a boy we'll be naming him Sheriff, middle name Nottingham, and if it's a girl she'll be Bowand, middle name Arrows. We can't wait!

That was a joke. The names, not the baby.

Anyway on with the pictures! Thanks again for stopping by! As always, I'll get the Video Blog up soon too. Oh, and please leave comments on the Facebook box at the bottom and not on Facebook itself, as then it will be saved on the blog for posterity.

And here we go ...


We were interviewed, and it ended up being used! Here speaks my eloquent wife.

And the video blog ...

April, 2012 Video Blog


And here we are on a lovely Sunday Spring afternoon enjoying my newly completed creek and pond. Our property value has increased at least at few hundred grand with this newest installation. I'm thinking of hosting a conference on home economics next year. Entry fee will be $499. Children under 6 months come free.

William had been excited for months to go swimming in it ... and then for some reason he wasn't so excited anymore.

The brother choke-hold.

Philip is loving this.

A beautiful luna moth that was outside our window one night. Supposedly these things are endangered.

And here we are in Branson, Missouri, with our two lovely ladies of white and two little sailors of blue! lol, look at Philip. He looked so stinking adorable in that outfit. He was wreaking adorable.

You'll notice this shot is the exact same as the last one only vertical.

Having an enjoyable conversation with Justice and Liberty Phillips. I think I just said something witty.

And talking to Isaac, Elizabeth, and Anna-Sophia Botkin.

The "Third Class Boys" rehearse.

That evening we were starving for some grub, so I took the ladies to the swankest restaurant in town.

Ahoy, Skipper!

Wait, that's the wrong woman.

There we go.

Doug and Belle Philips that evening.

All these youngsters put on a great Titanic play. Love the ones with facial hair.

We sure were zonked that evening. Unfortunately, I didn't book the most swank motel in town, but it could have been worse. I think it was named Bargain Beds or Econo Sleep or something.

It's the next morning and time for more mingling.

That afternoon we took the Renfro family and Daniel Craig to College of the Ozarks for lunch. This place is definitely our favorite. Daniel Craig is a gifted singer and performed a few times during the conference.

The ladies.

This fellow portrayed ... oh his name escapes my mind right now ... but he was one of the owners or something of the White Star Line who owned the Titanic, and he ended up surviving. A little suspicious if you ask me ... but I won't get into Titanic conspiracy theories right now. None whatsoever (the Free Masons did it).

I turn my gaze, and all of a sudden I am encapsulated by a ray of sheer, unbridled beauty. In an instant I was transported to the 1970s hit film, Somewhere In Time.

We didn't dress like this just so we could forget taking pictures. Warning: The following contains many beauty pictures of us. Parental guidance suggested.

Time to get serious.

Melanie with a photo of the woman she represents, Amy Zillah Elsie Stanley. I was about to say something brotherly and sarcastic but I'm working on being more mature these days.

William and Philip went as the two famed orphan boys, Michel and Edmond Navratil. Kids sure had a lot more hair back then.

I was Charles Easton, and my wife Miss Margaret Bechstein Hays.

"Sink me! No! Don't sink me! "

This picture will bring tears many years from now.

"What can I say? When you look this smashing the world is your oyster!"

"A quick nine, anyone?"

All to say, Melissa looked so vintage it was incredible.

One more shot.

The men ready the crew.

Thar she blows. This really was a beautiful boat. Obviously not as big, but when you walked up to the top and we were out on the water it definitely did give you a taste of what it would have felt like, especially when night fell.

Just thought I'd throw in another pic of Mel so she wouldn't feel left out.

Remembering those who came before.

Various people shots.

The Philips ladies are ready to board.

And then it happens. You get second thoughts.

Up on deck, Mr. Philips tries to gather everyone for a group picture.

One of those shots where you stick the camera up and blindly push the button.

Years from now this pic will make me cry too.

Inside the boat. It was just glorious.

The "San Antonio Darlings" perform for the audience, singing songs they actually sang on the Titanic.

The "Third Class Boys" were really first class.

Meliss and I take William out for a stroll. It was really surreal just thinking about how cold and dark it would have been and how so many men said goodbye to their wives and children that night.

"Dash it all! Where did everybody go?"

"Blast, I'm alone on this ... I'm alone ... I'm here, alone, on this fancy, luxurious liner."

The next morning after church we had lunch and talked with many familiar and new faces (can you talk to a face?). It was a wonderful time indeed.

And thank you, Melanie, for being Philip's nanny. Could not have done it without you. Really. Can't live with you, can't live without you.

At home, William watches videos from our trip.

Relaxing, enjoying another evening together. As much as I enjoy going away for awhile, there is truly no place like home ... especially for an INFP like myself.

I debate family economics with William.

And what's this? Melissa and I are making a healthy cooking DVD to sell at a health conference in July, which is why we had Melanie out to watch the boys (and go to the Titanic). So, we filmed just about EVERY DAY. Insane. All to say, now it's time for post-editing, and I pray I'll be able to get it done in time! Hopefully it will turn out decent.

Can't believe I hired this audio guy. He always arrived late wearing no shirt and ate most of the food.

That's it! Thanks again for stopping by! Remember, Facebookers, if you leave a comment please do so below and not on Facebook, as then it will be saved on the blog for posterity! Lord bless you all!