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A Christmas Conclusion
January 7, 2013

Yes, friends, the long held tradition returns to you yet again, with that sweet and sentimental digital falling snow lightly descending from your screen (if you're using I.E.), that nostalgic, heart-warming Christmas tree to the right there, twinkling with such holiday spirit, and me up there standing next to that snowman back in the days when I was just a punk immature bachelor.

Sorry, this blog entry came late, so you've already gone through your lineup of favorite Christmas movies to watch, but it's never to late to catch "A BST Christmas"! Enjoy! Over the years this has become a true classic. I'm so glad you agree.

And with that, let's get on with it. As always, the video blog will be posted in a couple days. Thanks so much for stopping by!

And here we go ...

Blog Videos - December, 2012


In case you missed it, here is the Christmas picture we sent out to everyone this year. We've gotten more positive response from this photo than any one prior! Man, how are we gonna ever top this next year?

This is one of a few that we almost used. So glad we didn't. I love anything out of the norm (I'm sure you've noticed).

And the entire Niednagel family Christmas picture. Don't we just all look so dapper.

An easy way to distinguish a Feeler from a Thinker ... one genuine smile, and one painfully forced.

That is quite adorable (if you don't mind spit).

They love their Mama Monica.

No, that's not a picture. That's a mirror we're holding, and that's the boys' reflection inside. Let's just say this was not as easy as it looks.

The Jeremy Niednagel family.

The grams and gramps with the grands.

A little too much head space, Jer, but a good picture.

Jadrian is definitely no longer an infant!

If I had seen this picture 10 years ago I would have passed out.

The ladies. What's so special about this picture is that we just had to assume the baby inside Melissa was a girl. And so, yes, this picture can now officially be titled, "The Ladies."

Leaf fight!!!

He never saw it coming. Philip gets broadsided.

Grandpa says no throwing leaves in the gutter. The day is ruined.

With our beautiful mother.

In the air there's a feeling of Christmas.

I just so love making our home magical.

A merry maid with her Maid Marian.

Some of her faces are so funny. In case you missed her birth, click on Marian Katharina Niednagel.

Her first granddaughter!

The Anderslands stop by for a visit.

As do the Longs.

Morgan and Mahryn. So good seeing you!

lol, there are so many pictures of her that make me laugh.

Slightly cute on the cute meter.

Mom showed as much or more joy than anyone when she found out we had a girl.

Looking at Facebook comments together. Having a baby in the 21st century sure is exciting!

I don't even remember this picture being taken. I'm totally saving it for my next music album.

A little time with the niece.

Melanie apparently gets so focused on dressing up and smiling for the picture that she forgets she's still holding a baby.

Out to see "The Hobbit" 3D with friends. Good times!

Min's reaction when I tried to reach for the popcorn.

Wrapping a present with the boys that William did some chores to purchase. For Christmas each year I really want to emphasize the aspect of GIVING, for "God loves a cheerful giver," and "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

Guess which are the two ENFPs.

Danielle worked with the kiddos on a Christmas play. lol, I laughed throughout the whole thing. They did a great job. I don't think that green balloon was part of the original script, though.

Opening gifts from Dahers! This is our favorite Christmas eve tradition. :-)

It's Christmas day! We were blessed to have Lori and Jared Voeller to join us in the festivities.

I read some good reminders about Christmas from George Whitfield and Charles Spurgeon.

Earrings, I think. Small and shiny.

Granola. If people only knew the things that go on ...

That looks quite feminine and girly.

William's joy reminds me of my younger self on Christmas day.

Well, I may not have given my wife the best Christmas present this year, but I sure as heck did give her the biggest (and no, it's not a spaceship)!

It's the next day and the boys are here from St. Louis!

They meet the Maid, decked out with some feather hat thing my wife saw on Pinterest. Gotta be kidding me.

We also had Kathy Snyder from Massachusetts stay with us for several days. Yes, that's Micaiah doing her nails.

So blessed to have a big table!

Fun with cousins! Now that Michael and Rebekah live in St. Louis, Willly and Philly will be seeing much more of Jack and Henry in the days to come.

I've never really liked kids in cheesy pajamas. I still don't.

Watching something funny on You Tube.

Kathy Snyder is Master, or Masteress, of all things jewelry. Here we have the ladies beading necklaces.

An aireal view in case one picture wasn't enough for you.

The boys participate.

Out for a lovely (and freezing) walk.

Playing Hearts. I actually just posted this cause of Pa's face.

Many wonderful meals together. I think you should use this as your FB pic, Melanie.

Michael horks my camera for some beauty shots.

Ok, that's cute. It's time for some Thomas family pictures!

Let's just say we literally have over 70 unusable photos and about 5 usable ones.

Everyone looks pretty good except Matthew and Michael. Thanks, Mike!!!

Everyone looks pretty good except that one lady in the middle!!

Let's get serious.

Ok, most everyone looks good, but I'll need to do some heavy photoshopping for the final product (especially with the kids).

Out in the field for a fun family pic! Now this is more like it. With some more brightening of the faces I think I can get this to work.

Whoa, 3D!!!

My gorgeous girl.

So thankful for you. So in love with you.

The Sensational Six.

Good to have you with us to complete the Thomas clan, Michael!

There we go. Normal smiles.

I pray my kids will also one day be such good friends with each other.

High School Musical!

Nobody broke an ankle, thankfully.

And thanks for stopping by! Hope your Christmas was very merry, and your New Year a most blessed one! Happy 2013!