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A Jolly January
February 1, 2012

Hello and welcome back to another exciting episode of the Niednagel blog! I have to be honest with you ... this blog entry is pretty boring. There actually were a few other more exciting things we did, but I neglected to bring the camera. All to say, it still beats a sharp stick in the eye! Just be thankful this blog is still going! Most last for, what, a year or two? Or the person gets married and, whammy, their blog is history! I mean, what sane person would have the time to keep a blog going with dirty diapers and screaming kids and constant house repairs and continual chaos nonstop!

Anyway, we are doing well, and we hope and pray you all are too. This winter hasn't been a true winter, has it? On the day I write this it's 62 degrees. Loving it!

All right, well as always I'll shut my trap and get on with the pictures. Glad to see people making use of the new fancy Facebook comment thread on the bottom of the page. You're all not as lazy as I thought after all. Oh, and as I do every new year, I changed our family picture there on the right! Cool beans!

My wife also posted a new blog entry last week for those who missed it ...

And some good news ...

My trailer, "Go To San Antonyo" was accepted at the 2012 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival! It's just a short 60 second clip, and I'd love to post it, but I'll wait till next month after it's shown. Anyway, so we'll be heading down to Texas with the Thomases and Mairas and others in late February. Fun times! (you can click the image to be taken to their site)

And here we go ...

January, 2012 Video Blog


This is the thank you picture we sent grandma Connie for the castle she so kindly bought the boys. In the letter we wrote, "Dear Grams, thanks for the castle, though we really wish you had bought one for each of us."

They absolutely love it. Philip started crying for some reason and William joined in simply because his little brother was crying. You can see it on the video blog. Quite hilarious.

Hey, Uncle Nathan! Nate flew out for a week from San Diego, his shortest trip ever I think. Philip was actually smiling in all the other pics but this is the only one that came out clear. Nate, you look like you're 12 years old there. That's a compliment.

We were laughing at William pretty hard as he drank his soda out of this wine glass while wearing his sharp black turtleneck. Jason Bourne.

One of many get-togethers at our place.

OH MY WORD. Meliss made all the ingredients for a complete healthy Sundae (minus the cherry or banana or potato or whatever it is you normally put on top). Seriously one of the best desserts I've ever had. Seriously. I'm serious.

You know you want some.

Jer and Danni over again (notice different clothes) for Danni's 43rd birthday!

Somebody's expecting pretty soon! Somewhere around March 23rd, I think. Philip was born March 20th, so chances are it'll be somewhere close. And that "43rd" comment was a joke. :-D

Man I just ... I can't ... I can't even begin to describe how good this chocolate mint burrito enchilada thing was. I don't even know the name it was so good.

One of my notorious "put-your-face-on-someone-famous's face" birthday cards. This is from "Foyle's War," an awesome English detective drama.

Yeah, I'm trying to be funny. Laugh.

Nathan joins in. I don't think dad was offended.

Nathan and I out hunting armadillos. Check this out.

Ok, a prize goes to whomever can figure out how we did this.

No, we didn't use Photoshop. This is just a regular picture.

Keep guessing.

lol, we had Jon Courville and Luke Bechard over for the evening (along with Nate), and spent a good half hour doing this.

Now this is getting cool.

Let me know your guesses!

So cute .. until one of them wants out and they realize they're stuck and all heck breaks loose.

Welcome to "Landscaping With Jordan Niednagel." Jordan's latest project is a descending stream, complete with two waterfalls and a small pond at the bottom. Step 1: Dig your stream. Depending on the rocks you encounter, this may take 1-2 hours or 1-2 days. In Jordan's case, it took 3 days.

Step 2: Lay down fine gravel. Fine gravel or sand can be purchased at your local lawn and garden store. In Jordan's case, he spent 2 days hauling gravel in small buckets from a creek bed over a half mile away.

Step 3: Lay down your stream lining. Plastic lining for your stream can be purchased at your local Lowe's or Home Depot for approximately $50-$80. In Jordan's case, he bought it off E-bay from Lu Jang Hang living in Hong Kong for only $29.99 with free shipping.

Step 4: Lay down your smooth stream rocks. Again, normally these can be purchased from your local home and garden store, but in Jordan's case, he spent another 3-4 days hauling the rocks up in buckets from a creek bed over a half-mile away. Stay tuned next month when Jordan shows you how to dig your pond, install your water pump, and please your wife all in a simple 2 month's work. Thank you for joining us.

Happy birthday, padre! My old man turned 64 years old on January 24th.

Another one of my infamous birthday cards.

We now find ourselves at the Mitchell's home for dinner in the evening! This is the outside of their new home. I posted a few pictures of it about a year ago, and it's just months away from being complete.

The happy people stop to smile before entering.

The main living/kitchen area. It is SOO spacious and awesome.

Noel's mural ceiling in his bedroom. I think he's also going to install a gigantic lazy susan under his bed so he can spin himself to sleep every night.

"If only my playhouse could contain all this sophisticated machinery."

Wonderful dinner. Thank you all so much for having us!

And that's it! Thanks for stopping by! Next month's blog should be quite exciting as it will be featuring pics and video from the film festival in San Antonio! Stay tuned!