Good To Be Alive
Jason Gray


A Generally Mundane June
July 5th, 2012

Well, this month has certainly been one of the busiest months of our entire lives. Hence, there is very little to show for it! You know, cause when you're busy, you don't have time for picture. It's only when life's a breeze that you have time to grab a camera. What have we been doing, you ask? Well, here's one hint ...

Finally got it done! Well, for the most part. It's at the printer as we speak and we hope to pick up the cookbooks and DVDs on our way to Texas this next week for the Health Conference in San Antonio, Texas, held by Vision Forum! Should be a blast. Well, at least, should be invigorating. Anyway, click the link to the visit the web site ... and of course place your order for like 100 copies of each! Operators are standing by! Yeah! You know you want to!

And then, after the conference, my dear Meliss and I will go on a special 9-day trip for our 4th anniversary (which was on the 4th of July), leaving our sweet little boys with the Thomases to look after them. Where are we going? Well, we've saved our sky miles for two free tickets to Hawaii!!! We are so excited to put it lightly, especially after this draining month. We were originally going in November, but then Melissa became pregnant, and plans had to change! Praise God, we were able to cancel our condo reservations, and even are rental car reservations for no cost (which is unheard of), and change them to July. This time we will be heading to Maui rather than Kauai, which is a bit more built up and is the island most people like to go to other than Oahu (like various celebrities, although I'm a celebrity so I'll fit right in). Anyway, so the next blog entry will be a great one indeed!

Meanwhile, this entry isn't so great, but sit back and grab a kombucha and enjoy the pictures we can provide this month. Yeah!

So thanks for stopping by, and here we go ...

Philly with his momma. He's starting to look more and more like I did when I was a little goober. We're at the Dodson's home for a little evening cookout.

"I tamed this wild stallion for you." Man, I hadn't been on a horse since I was 10 years old! I love it! All I did was slowly walk him (or her, I'm not sure) around the paddock (a slight gallop too), but it was so fun. I felt like such a man ... such a hero.

Peggy Hiett takes our little man for a stroll on the pony.

The next morning Clay showed me his sweet grapevine setup. The way he explained it made it sound so easy ... until I saw it, and realized I was in the presence of a sheer genius.

You can see it in their faces ... William and Philip were star-struck to find Michael Jackson amongst the blueberry bushes ... till I had to break it to them that it was just their Uncle Marscel. Anyway, it's a week or so later and Melissa has caught up with the Thomases and Zeses in Springfield for a new place to blueberry pick! There weren't that many, and were kinda small, but man were they good! Serious they were the best ones I had ever personally tasted. I'm serious.

My kids are so cute. So much cuter than your kids.

Hannah is such a picture of consistent grace, even when she's simply picking blueberries on a warm
mid-summer's day.

So is Pa, in just a more systematic, less graceful way.

Blueberry buddies. I know that's cheesy but I couldn't think of anything else.

Thanks, Pa.

Rebekah challenges Hannah and Marscel to a no-holds-barred blueberry fight.

So sweet. I mean just look at Hannah. The leg raised, arm-placed on hip, over the shoulder smile.

I like this pic.

They gather the spoils. Don't you dare mix your bags with mine.

Just a cute random picture.

At Jer's for another luau ... only this time it's indoors, and not everyone's dressed up. Kinda weird. Anyway, playin a fun game here.

I got second place and won a chocolate bar! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we now jump ahead again to find ourselves at our annual church conference in Springfield. Really enjoyed it this year. The seats kinda stunk, but after an hour or so your rear eventually molds into a comfortable shape.

Hi Josh! You made it onto my blog because I didn't have anything more interesting to show!

Thanks for keeping Willy from breaking his neck, Rebekah and Josh!

This June was really dry, with only an inch of rain the entire month. I just couldn't spare any water for William's kitty pool.

Hey Kalea. Thought this froggy picture was cute.

Poor kid! He got really sick for like 3 or 4 days, throwing-up absolutely everything he tried to eat.

This is some produce from our awesome, luscious garden. Probably beats your garden any day (man I'm being mean today, aren't I?).

This has been a LONG, HOT, summer.

Ok, here's one picture showing what I've been doing ALL month. Oh my goodness, my eyes felt like they literally were gonna fall out by the time I was done. Again, remember to order your copy of A Fresh Start!, or I'll majorly kick your hind end!

Guys, just look. Your wives could be making these delicious, mouth-watering meals, rather than the normal mac-and-cheese slop you get every night.

How bout some Hawaiian wasabi and ginger fish wraps? You haven't lived until you've tried one of these. You haven't even been born.

RAIN!!! We had been praying for rain for a week straight, when finally a small cloud literally just covered our house and dumped rain for about 20 minutes. My dad's house only a few hundred yards away got less than we did. We were eating dinner, and just stayed outside while it drenched us. lol, we were laughing so hard at Philly. He loved it.

Thank you, Lord.

Check out the earrings. After about a half hour he started getting a little chilly.

Yep boys, this is the life. Let's say we get wild and crank on the hose and take a dive into the kitty pool.

What the ... what the ... yes, friends, that is not Brad Pitt you are looking at. That's me! In preparation for our Hawaii trip, Meliss and I thought I should blonde streak my hair! Oh my goodness ... it's not exactly what I had in mind, but who cares! It's a one-time thing that I'll remember for the rest of my life! Actually, I used to be totally blonde, so there. It's like going back to my roots ... literally.

And that's it! Wish there was more, but rest assured the NEXT entry will have plenty from the Sandwich Islands! Until then, Lord bless you all!