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Marian Katharina
December 7th, 2012

It's a girl!!! Click the image below to be taken to Marian's blog post.


A November To Remember
December 6th, 2012

Hello and welcome back! As of the moment I'm writing this there is no baby yet, but maybe that will change by the end of this post! Melissa has had contractions here and there, but nothing overly serious as of yet. We are praising God for His perfect timing and enjoying the rest and peace He has granted us over these last couple weeks.

Anyway, time is short, especially now, so I'll get on with November's events! Had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving with the Thomases and Zeses, as you'll see below. Thanks for stopping by! As always the video blog will be posted sometime next week.

And here we go.

Video Blog - November, 2012


I don't know who took this picture, or exactly what these two rascals are doing. Truly, foolishness is bound in the heart of every child.

Melissa had Morgan Long and her mother over for Morgan's birthday. A very happy birthday!

We now jump ahead to Heidi Hansen's Fall Party (and she also had a birthday ... Happy Birthday!). Beautiful weather and great fun meeting new people.

What a doll.

Heidi Hansen and Katie Bechard. Thanks for letting Willy and Philly run haphazardly through your home!

A game of "Take 2," or also similar to "Banana Grams." Had some really good laughs over absolutely absurd words people were coming up with.

It's Thanksgiving day, and William and Philip are just so stinking cute.

William looks like he's 45 years old and overweight.

Our growing family.

There, now everyone's smiling.

One of those loving hugs a parent has to carefully monitor lest it turn into a choke-hold.

Oh man! Grub extravaganza!

Melissa Stewart is at it again. I made that wooden crate thing in the middle. I'm thankful this picture doesn't show much detail.

My main man Matthew and I are ready to eat.

The patriarchs and matriarchs!

The ... talkative twins!

The one day when gluttony is acceptable.

Have I told you I love kids in bow-ties?

Pa reads to us of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving.

Melanie raises an empty glass.

An original copy of Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull's Thanksgiving proclamation (1769).

Let the games begin!

"So the object of the game is to shoot the target. Yes, a question in the back."

We're all just so happy and cute!

Pa and Mr. Zes ready their bows. "No, Mr. Zes, please don't shoot the dog."

Mrs. Zes had consistent form.

Ma had inconsistent form.

I think my favorite thing to do was just sit back and watch people make these distorted faces.

Yeah, they're beautiful. They're handsome. Let's not keep shooting a dead horse.

A pregnant Maid Marian is not to be trifled with.

I've never seen someone shoot an arrow while politely smiling like they're introducing themselves.

Hannah really had the best form. Must be those SF motor skills. ;)

Three generations.

And we must ask ourselves ... does Matthew know his picture is being taken?

Robin and Will Scarlet draw their bows.

An alternative to plastic surgery Michael Jackson never thought of.

So cool.

My mother was her usual lovely (and sometimes competitive) self.

That sweater is the black version of my white sweater shown last month. So orientally chic.

No holds barred. Pa shows no mercy.

William: "I like Hannah." Me: "Cha, who doesn't like Hannah!?"

And now the beanbag competition! Dad lets fly.

Rebekah lets fly.

Mrs. Zes lets fly.

William tries to let fly. Good job, little man!

And finally, the Masters Championship! I bought a golf flag on Ebay and mowed a circle in the middle of the field. Not easily playable, but beats a sharp tee in the eye.

Marscel pretends he knows what he's doing.

Just you try swinging with a basketball tied to your belly!

Good times! And congratulations, Hannah!

The winners receive their prizes.

We laugh and talk about Brain Types.

It's the next day and my wife and I are loving each other.

That evening Mr. Zes got down with the boys. No, I mean, musically, he got down with the boys.

Everyone got down. I'm thankful the upstairs didn't cave in.

It's the next day and we're out enjoying ourselves again! Told you Hannah had the best form.

Matthew's looking pretty classic.

I grew up on a private golf course in ritzy Orange County California. Still, I like this better!

A little volleyball!

I just posted this picture cause I look young and athletic and this is my blog and I can do whatever I want.

If nothing else the girls were the best dressed.

Mr. Zes takes a fall! You da man!

The boys can't come over without playing at least a few games of Mario Kart.

Mother and Micaiah.

"Higher, daddy, higher!"

"Ok that's too high."

Merry Christmas, my son William. One day you'll be able to decorate a tree as awesome as your father.

Any day now! Thank you for your continued prayers!

Thanks for stopping by!