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A Most Amazing Autumn
November 6th, 2012

Hello, Niedbloggers! Thanks for stopping by again, and we hope this blog entry finds you well (or something like that). October was a beautiful month with as much or more color in the Ozarks than we've ever seen before, and it was nice to just be home for most of it to enjoy the Lord's marvelous creation.

Baby's due in a month! The 29th of November to be specific! Ahh!!! Get ready!!! My feeling is that it's a boy. I don't know why. I just can't picture a baby of ours with the face of a girl, I guess. We have our girl name picked out, but are still shuffling boy names. If you have any suggestion, feel free to drop them, though there's probably no chance we'll use it. Everyone knows I come up with the best names.

Well, not a lot of pictures here, but at least it gives you the flavor of our month! Anyway, our next blog entry may have Niednagel Number 3! Kinda neat to look back on William's and Philip's births on the blog. For William, click here. For Philip, click here. Thank you for your prayers for a safe delivery.

Video Blog - October, 2012


And here we go ...

My Aunt Beth came from California to spend a week with my mom, and they had just a great time together. There are three sisters in all. The week she came was gorgeous!

My mom's birthday! Happy 79th, mom!

My wife could out-bake your wife any time, any day (btw, I was kidding about mom turning 79).

Mom opens my card.

I make the best cards.

Just admit it. I do.

It was such a gorgeous evening I decided to take Locksley for a walk. "Hello, my name is William, and I'll be your tour-guide for today. My loaded gun is a simple safety precaution."

These are the times you don't forget.

Our little man is becoming a man.

We stop to chat with the two pink and yellow things.

More of God's beauty.

Roseman says hello (we used to call him "Rose" thinking he was a girl, until we realized there was more than meets the eye down south).

The setting sun set the trees on a brilliant, radiant fire! It was so amazing!

Having successfully fended off the bears, tigers, and tyrannosaurs, we arrive home safely.

One more look down our driveway.

The Fofs! We had Kevin and Anyessa down to spend the night, and had a wonderful evening together of food, fellowship, and chocolate brownies. Their last name is actually Foflygen. The only last name weirder than Niednagel.

My wife could out-bake your wife any time, any day.

All right, now it's time to dress up, rock on, and celebrate Kalea's 8th birthday (seriously, in a decade we're just gonna always have cake ready in the freezer and keep balloons up all year long).

Lovely settings.

I love kids in bow-ties.

I guess Keoni dressed up as some kind of Civil War Superman.

Kalea is so full of life, and always has a look of joy on her face.

Jadrian always has a look of psychotic on his face.

Melissa sewed a dress for Kalea and her doll. I'm guessing she likes it.

You're amazing, hon. :-)

The boys look on with unbridled jealousy at all her girly gifts.

So Jeremy pulls out his new strobe light and we dance to "The Bible Bop." Let's just say it's a good thing none of us were drinking.

All right! We jump ahead a week and find ourselves in Branson for one last trip together before the baby arrives! Mom watched the kids, allowing Meliss and I to spend a wonderful weekend together.

Dinner that night at a nice Italian restaurant.

Yeah, that's what you call an Alfredo Chicken Pizza. Delicious. (Hey Marscel, notice my new threads. I'm styling some serious Japanese modern design.)

How come she looks good in every picture?

How come I look good in every picture? (don't comment if you have nothing nice to say.)

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel in the morning. Grief their breakfasts are tasty!!!

We arrive back home, and back to reality. I'm thinking of getting Philip a full plastic body suit with just a hole for the mouth.

Table manners are a priority in the Niednagel household.

Philly's first haircut! Our kids have never been endowed with much hair as babies, but it sure has saved us a lot of time and money!

Our church has moved into our new building. Praise God! So nice having padded pews. Your kids can also get away with a ton more.

Chatting together outside.

And here's the nice gym where we will eat lunch, and maybe someday have a few good b-ball games.

Me and my bow-tie boys.

And that's it! Stay tuned, folks, for next month to possibly see the arrival of little Robin Hood or Marian Fitzwalter Niednagel! Lord bless you!