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A Simply Splendid September
October 5th, 2012

Wow, what a gorgeous month! Fall is definitely here early, just like spring and summer. What a strange year! Anyway, this entire month has seen lots of 70 degree weather, with the slow changing of leaves into beautiful reds and yellows and browns. Spent lots of time with a variety of friends and family, with life presenting its consistent array of ups and downs that has one praising and trusting the Lord for every moment.

Time is limited, as always! Hope and pray you all are doing well! Thanks again for stopping by! This post is mildly exciting, depending on your mood and overall level of jollyness. Is that a word? Or jollyful. Or full of jolly. What a weird word. Say jolly like 20 times over and over again. What a weird word.

Ok, better get going here ...

Video Blog - September, 2012

Conversation on a Coaster


And here we go ...

As usual, my Martha Stewart wife decorates our home with lovely fall foliage. We actually grew these pumpkins ourselves and have plenty more. Only $20 a piece. They're organic, so your children can carve them cancer-free!

And these are Melissa Stewart's lovely David Austin roses. They rebloom like four times a year.

William Locksley, suited in his new custom-fit life jacket, is out for one last dynamic boating adventure. The poor kid had been walking around the house with it on for weeks waiting to use it.

Jadrian is a Voeller through and through.

Philip is a ... little goober... through and through.

The water felt so nice. Yep, that's dad in the lake! Just as rare as a Loch Ness sighting!

"I'm telling you I could see him as clear as day."

My little men.

"COW BIGHT!" My dad used to do this to me ... grab the thighs and squeeze as hard as you can. I hated it.

I think we'll keep them.

It's an accomplishment to simply keep the boys' shorts on.

Baby #3, coming to a blog near you.

Meant for this picture to look epic, but it's kinda dumb with me holding a plastic airplane and igloo.

The deer come to refresh themselves.

Spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon at the Pearlstein home after church, filled with food, fellowship, and a little Brain Typing. Thanks so much, you guys!

The harvest from our garden, with William kindly obliging to model for us.

That girl can grow some serious grub.

Now there's a model.

It's groundhog day. After he makes his February 2nd spring prediction, I think it'll be time for for Punxsutawney Phil to meet his Maker.

Ever heard of Hootin' and Hollerin'? Didn't think so. It's an annual festival held in Gainesville every year. Here are the Discher's performing some of their great tunes. Sure beats the outhouse races.

Yep, there's Melanie! Her and Marscel stayed with us for like 3 months ... I'm sorry, I meant three weeks (I'm always forgetting to separate reality from what it feels like).

On the drive home.

This picture so vividly screams "Childhood."

Pretty cute there.

We're at the park in Springfield with the Hansen and Christiansen family. What a gorgeous day!

Big Philip leads Margaret as baby Philip leads Marscel.

This kid is getting long.

William hangs with the guys (cheesy caption I know, but clever you have to admit).

A final picture together before departure. So wonderful spending time with you all!

Now that looks tasty. Where we at?

Hey, it's Uncle Micaiah! Let's chase him round and round till we puke!

The Zeses! Could life possibly get any better!? Yes, we all chipped in and rented a lovely cabin in Branson next to Silver Dollar City, where we would be paying a visit for two days straight. What an awesome time!

The boys were getting over colds, so they sought relief with salt plunges. It was so fun! I can't ever remember having so much fun before! Wow!

And then we cleaned our ears with hydrogen peroxide! By this point I was literally on cloud 9!

All right, it's the next morning and we're on the tram to Silver Dollar City.

"Excuse me, sir, but do you happen to sell Prince Albert in a can?"

"You do!? Well you better get him out cause he can't breathe in there!" (I know that's the oldest joke in the book but we took the pictures and I had to post them so there.)

No one seems amused but me.

This guy was incredible. Building an entire house with just an axe.

Micaiah asked me to cut his feet out for this picture, and I said I would, but I just changed my mind.

The carousel!

Photographs don't really capture wetness. This was taken after The Lost River ride.

Oh ho ho! Now there's a drop. Who dare attempt the log ride of death?

We dare! Complete with a turquoise poncho!

If you wet your pants you really can't tell afterwards.

I've got the arms fully extended, Rebekah's got them up halfway, and Matthew and Melanie are just trying to stay inside the log.

Cold!!! lol, I love our faces.

Who's up for round two!?

Ever since grade school I've always felt left behind.

The guys go down in manly array.

The girls descend in radiant loveliness.

"Oh my word. We are just SO funny."

A wild west show. This was sorta funny.

"Ehhhh ..."

His pants are on fire. That's kinda funny.

I taught Philip this over-the-shoulder pose.

So much love in this picture. Just look at Rebekah from behind looking at them with so much love. I just love all you guys.

And then there's loving yourself.

"That guy with his pants on fire was total hilare!"

That's pretty nasty.

Love bug pictures! Turn away now if you can't handle the slop!

That's a big baby!

I did this so I could write a funny caption later, but now I'm drawing a total blank.

I try not to say anything as Rebekah incinerates the burgers.

Man, every meal back in the cabin at night was amazing. Thank you, girls, for all your hard work.

"Sup, grams?" William chats with Ma.

It's the next day and we're ready for some more hillbilly entertainment!

Innocent Philip with his guilty uncle.

The boys' arms have gone from toothpicks to tree trunks since working for Mr. Zes.

Oh man, this ride is just so retro 80s technology. Micaiah looks pretty enthused.

Shoot the manikins with your plastic guns that don't work!

The Lost River ride again. They all went on it like 5 times and were drenched.

What a great picture. :-)

So the Zeses told us we had to go watch "the old people dance," and that's what we did. Have to say, it was better than I expected.

Micaiah gets some dance move tips.

Ok, this was embarrassing. We all joined in for the chicken dance. Afterwards I officially turned in my man card.

Now this guy was GOOD. He was 80 years old, and swung Melanie around like no one's business.

"You'll get it, Micaiah. You just have to stop thinking Michael Jackson."

Behold! Wildfire! The boys had NEVER been on a roller coaster before. Never. So, what better way to start them off cold-turkey than with a 55-foot drop and 5 upside down loops?

Great picture, hon. You can see me in the back with my legs sticking out.

"Ha ha! That was fun! Ha ha! Boy ... I uh ... boy ... let's do that again. Ha ha ... heh."

Guess our third will have to go on top of her head.

And away we go again. Just suppress the gag reflex and you're fine.

William tries to catch his little squirrel friend.

"Yawn ... what a boring day."

"Well, what do we have here?"

"Closer ... just a little closer."

"Babe, if you were a Bible verse, I'd memorize you."

It's the end of the day and we're out for one last train ride!

Oh no. Someone help. Our train is being hijacked by two fruit cakes.

We leave them in the dust.

"I view my Beco Baby Carrier as an extension of myself, harmonizing everyday efficiency with outward beauty."

One last picture together. Good times.

That morning we all realized almost every one of us was wearing stripes. Kinda creepy.

Widdle angew.

Loves his Aunt Sarah.

Together again.

They both think each other's pretty cute.

It's the next morning and time for departure. What an unforgettable few days together. Thank you all so much again for a wonderful trip!

And thanks for stopping by! The Lord bless you all!