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An August I Like
September 2, 2013

You know, it may totally stink in terms of having an interesting, entertaining blog entry, but it's so awesome in terms of having a great month. Actually, ok, that's me speaking for myself. Don't quote my wife on that, or William, or Philip for that matter. I'm a homebody, and as such, when we don't go anywhere, or do anything all that exciting, I'm thrilled. I'm like my great grandfather, Herby, who had maps of the world all throughout his office but never actually went anywhere. lol, writing that just reminded me of a part from a childhood movie I used to watch all the time ... Muppets Take Manhattan. The "doesn't actually go anywhere" part. :-) I'll post it until the video blog is ready.

Anyway, so it's a short blog, but you find some enjoyment. Next month will be more exciting as we go on a family trip with the Thomases. Yes, you know how dull trips with them can be. :-)

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And here we go ..

What more exciting way to start a blog entry than with another porch picture! Can't get enough of these! Told Marian to turn around but she replied that her neck muscles aren't properly developed yet.

Yes, my friends, the first and only apple we have ever successfully grown on our property! lol, one of our trees literally gave us this one beautiful, gorgeous apple, whereafter we all evenly divided it amongst ourselves and partook with joy and thanksgiving. Next year we'll be going for double the harvest ... TWO apples!!!

Here's our family pet, Betty the black widow spider. Actually, I found it on the front porch, half alive and half dead. Think it came out of one of our boxes from co-op. Put it in a jar in our bedroom but it was gone the next morning. I'm kidding. That was written just to briefly scare my wife.

I love 21st century living! Just give a kid a tablet and diaper changing becomes a total breeze.

No, it's not the middle of May. It's the middle of July, and the world is a brilliant green. It literally rained (I use that word a lot ... literally ... don't I?) for 10 days straight (meaning every day, not non-stop), something totallly unprecedented for the Ozarks this time of year. Like merry ol' England.

Oh, look what I found in William's rice.

I call this one, "Elvis meets snake."

And what blog entry would be complete without another table picture! This time we had the Spillman family over from church. Had some great laughs and good conversation. So great having you all!

Oh, and another picture from the Tasia restaurant. Marcus and his family were down in Springfield for a bit, so we came up to have dinner with them. See that corner in the back? That's where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ate with their family. This picture is copyright and if I find any of you reposting it then you're dead meat. How's that for a threatening run-on sentence?

Time to go down to the crik! The Trammels from northern Missouri came down for a couple days and we enjoyed some time together by the river.

Philly and grandma. See that Puddle Jumper he's wearing? I'm telling you, parents, those things are incredible (much better than water wings). Your kid can swim easily without going under water or even tilting backwards or forwards, as it's perfectly weighted. Here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/Stearns-Puddle-Jumper-Deluxe-Jacket/dp/B005FL9TOM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377958386&sr=8-1&keywords=puddle+jumper. Be sure to tell them you saw it on "The Blog" and Amazon won't give you any kind of discount.

Marian, with utter cuteness, watches patiently from the sidelines.

You always see people in Japan or Korea or Taiwan doing this in like EVERY picture. Kinda fun I guess.

Gotta teach him to swim soon.

I like this photo. Just one of those surreal, reflective ones that makes you want to write a memoire.

All the gang.

Melissa and Vanessa enjoy some conversation.

John Mark. He and Jer and I used to play a lot of basketball together years ago. Great seeing you again!

Hey, it ain't Hawaii, but we'll take it.

Philip still has such a little boy face that we have a hard time figuring out what he's going to look like when he's older (with William we could almost see it from birth). This photo sorta gives a better glimpse.

Meanwhile, we still have no idea what she's going to look like! All our kids are blondies but will undoubtedly be dark-haired when they're grown. Oh well.

Hi Emily and Mrs. Ford and Morgan and Gracie! Melissa had a "sewing for Sudan" say where ladies from our area came and sewed dresses for little African girls. We have a missionary friend going back there in a month and good clothes are a definite need they have.

The pink and yellow thing still has blonde hair. I'd hate to have to change her name to the pink and brown thing.

Katelyn and Morgan.

The mature ESTJ finds the childish INFP's humor ammusing. Meanwhile the amiable ENFJ stays picture-perfect.

And one final group shot. I was just out of the picture on the right. Finished like 12 dresses all by myself.

They fit! As Marian's not big enough yet, the job of modelling fell upon the boys. Guess which one really enjoyed it and which one really didn't?

lol, William's emotions ran from totally sad to totally laughing. He couldn't help himself.

And one final picture of us visiting our neighbor Betty (no relation to the spider). Yes, simple, every day life with no time constraints or deadlines. This is the kinda month I sure enjoy!

As for you, the Niedblogger, sorry it wasn't more entertaining! Leave an entertaining comment or something to spice things up! Thanks for stopping by!