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A February Of Family
March 6th, 2013

Wow! I feel the love! We got nearly 40 comments! And there were still some lurkers out there (you know who you are)! Thanks, ya'll! Now understand me, I'm not asking for your comment EVERY blog entry, but if there's something particular you like, please drop one, as it definitely keeps me motivated to keep the blog going. You guys are awesome. Or at least sorta awesome. You're ok, I guess.

Anyway, had a delightful February, as far as February's go (definitely the worst month of the year). How was yours? Don't have a ton of pics here, but hopefully enough to whet your Niedblogger appetite (assuming you have one). So ... thanks for stopping by!

And here we go ..

Blog Videos - February, 2013


All right, here we are at Branson Landing about to partake of some Mexican gourmet at Cantina Laredos! I took Melissa to Branson for the weekend for her 27th birthday.

Long hair is a woman's glory, and one day Marian shall share as much glory as her dear mother. For now, she must share the glory of a cue ball.

We hicks sure do enjoy the city life.

Don't you just love that feeling of multiple plates on your table at a restaurant? I actually asked the waiter for more plates just so I could spread them around and get more of that good feeling.

I'm so predictable. I get fajitas like every time. Seriously. Like every time. "Hey, where's Marian?" you ask. She's under the table, supposed to be sleeping. Instead, she wasn't too happy that evening, but boy are we glad for loud restaurants! Couldn't hear a thing!

They have those cool shooting fountains at night. Umm ... that's the second time Melissa's done that awkward lift-the-shoe pose.

That's me in the dark next to the light. I had a zit and didn't want it on the blog.

Babies love hotel beds! Seriously, there must be some kind of catnip or babynip in the mattresses.

The lobby outside our room at the Chateau on the Lake. That huge tree is actually fake, and they had lovely waterfalls and rivers going around.

Ok, I've been in a lot of hotels, and I've NEVER seen this.

Yeah, there's a speaker inside the bathroom, and here you can adjust the volume. I mean, heaven forbid that I should ever need to pause the movie to use the bathroom! So in the event that I really gotta go, I'll still be able to hear the movie while in (or on) the comfort of well ... you know.

It's the next morning and time to depart. FREEZING outside.

We're now back home and opening a few birthday presents for Melissa. Thank you mom for these cute white dishes. They're great for eating two to three sunflower seeds at a time.

And thank you Jer and Danni for this sweet toaster oven! We feel like we just won "The Price Is Right"!

And thank you, husband Jordan, for whatever awesome thing is inside this huge box.

Take note, husbands. That there is a fake fireplace that gives off heat and shows flames like a real fireplace! We've got it hanging up on our wall in our bedroom. Instant wife-pleaser.

Ok, for those of you who missed Marian's complete photo shoot on Facebook, here's a couple pictures to go "Awww" at. That feather thing is just too much. It's seriously too much.

Just too much.

Here's our record amount of snow for the year. Yeah, like a quarter of an inch. I tried to make a snow-angel with William but ended up splitting my pants.

Still, quite pretty, you must admit. Can't wait to turn on the creek again come spring!

And one more look of Locksley Manor.

The next day was gorgeous, with all the trees shining like diamonds with frozen ice on their limbs.

Willy and Philly just wanted to show you their new slippers. My wife found them in the burn barrel and I told her I had no idea how they got there.

I came over to the office one morning to find my mom and dad standing in front of the fireplace looking like angels (or ghosts).

Hey! It's Uncle Marscel, and he brought me some new toy guns!

Brain Typing is so useful. We only allow our Feeling children to kill people.

The two lovely Grandmothers. Ma, Melanie, and Marscel stopped by for just a couple days on their way home from St. Louis.

Us boys go at it on Nintendo 64. Thankfully Philip didn't notice his controller was a plastic truck.

Had Micah and Natalie Bechard over for a great afternoon and evening together!

We talk like adults as the kids reek havoc.

Got them to sit still enough for a semi-unblurry picture. So great having you all!

That's it! Thanks so much for stopping by, commentors and lurkers!