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Yet Another New Year Begins
February 5th, 2013

Hello, Niedbloggers! Well, can't say this month was terribly exciting, but we do have a pic or two to show! Marian and the boys are well and we have much to be thankful for. It's a new year and we're excited to see what the Lord has in store. Amazing how fast life goes, isn't it? Who knows what a day may bring. Let us use this short life for His glory, and enjoy Him forever in the next.

As always, thanks for stopping by! And if you do stop by, don't forget to leave a comment at the bottom, if nothing else than to say, "Jordan, you look fat." My statistics allow me to see all you many visitors stopping by, and the comment to visit ratio is waaay too drastic. I see you. I know where you live.

Oh, and since this is a new year, has a new improvement (besides the new picture of me and Meliss on the right there)! You'll now notice that all pictures are 25% larger, enhancing your viewing experience (especially the pictures of me). And guess what? No charge! Yep, still remains cost-free to visit! What a deal! Try not to get too excited!

Ok, I better get going here.

Blog Videos - January, 2013



All right, what better way to start a blog than with a smiling, handsome Marscel? Doesn't this look like a still from a TV commercial? "Hi, I'm Marscel Thomas, and you don't know what you've been missing here at the Marscel Madness Arcade and Spa."

We're actually at the movie theater waiting to see Les Miserables. Hi Matthew.

Uncle Micaiah holds her highness. She did so well the entire movie. lol, that's quite a face.

Discussing the movie afterwards. So many good principles learned from it, with many life lessons. Still, not a movie I could personally recommend to people due to a few racy parts. See the version of Les Miserables starring Liam Neeson that came out about a decade ago. I really like that one.

The family is gathered together again at Locksley Manor for Danielle's 23rd birthday! Yeah!

At least she looks 23. Happy Birthday, Danni!

Par for the course, my wife made an incredible Greek meal. You know you want some.

Hi Marian! Our little girl is growing so fast. She's already been asked by 11 guys to court.

And now we're at Jer and Danni's manor for dad's 33rd birthday!

At least he ... sorta ... looks 33. Happy birthday, pops!

I continue to make the best birthday cards ever.

This, my friends, has been the most pathetic winter ever. It's been cold, but we've had no measurable snow. We've had snow south of us in Arkansas, north of us in Springfield, but none here. We got this light dusting the other day, and I thought I would share a pathetic picture. May need a magnifying glass to see it.

All right we jump ahead to what's been called around here as the Wedding of the Century! Mary Ueland, our midwife, got hitched to Ben Walsh last week! It was quite the wedding, with something like 600-800 people. Here he waits nervously, yet still poised and braven.

The bridesmaids await the bride.

In come the flower girls. I've never seen so many flower girls before. There were like nine of them or something.

Ok, I snapped this picture right as Mary came in. "Why didn't you get a picture of the bride?" I don't know, I just always like looking at the groom's face at that precise moment.

They stand together, not hearing a word the minister is saying (believe me, I remember).

Definitely prepared for marriage, as Ben comes prepared with his hanky.

For like 10 minutes straight he didn't take his eyes off of her. I would have easily done that with Meliss had I the guts to actually do it.

Anyesa Foflygen and another gal sing a very beautiful song.

The men sang beautifully as well. Can I use "beautifully" for men? Handsomely?

They exchange rings.

And they're gone! What, you wanted a picture of the kiss? Watch the video above to see it. I couldn't take a picture and record video at the same time! Kissing in live action, baby!

Ok, there's a kiss for you as they entered the reception hall.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Walsh!

Up on stage about to cut the cake.

And ... they cut the cake. Glad I could be here to provide you detailed commentary.

And they feed each other. I think this has got to be one of the weirdest wedding traditions in the book. I think it just provides another chance for couples to stare at each others' lips.

Hello, Morgan Long! Thank you so much for holding Maid Marian.

And they exit the building! There's my beautiful wife with the best seat in the house (or outside the house).

They get in the truck, and kiss again. They did a lot of kissing.

And everyone smiles and sighs and all that mushy stuff.

Mom and Meliss and Mr. Phillips holding William looking on.

And I stare at my own beautiful bride holding our baby girl. Yes, for Ben and Mary, the best is yet to come.

Goodbye! lol, in case you can't read it, the back says, "Go forth and multiply."

And we chat some more afterwards. Hello, Heidi Hansen!

Our little Philly with not a bit of sleep the entire day. He did great. I turned his hat backwards so he looked like an artist. After all, ENFPs can be the best of them.

And one more shot of Melissa with the baby girl.

That's it! Thanks so much for stopping by! Don't be a lurker and not comment! I know where you live! Lord bless you all!