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A Memorable March
April 1, 2013

Welcome, friends and enemies! March was indeed a full month for the Niednagel household, and I think we got most of the interesting stuff in photo format for your viewing enjoyment. How was your month? Spring is here and we are SOOO excited. It's actually been a late Spring, as we got like 7 inches of snow on the 21st, but the grass is greening, the birds are singing, and the taxes are taxing (I'm almost done I think). I also turned 31 on the 8th of March. Man, talk about a random, neither here nor their number. Praise God for granting me so many wonderful years of life.

So with that, I'll get on with the pictures and thank you all again for stopping by! I've set up the blog so that if someone visits and doesn't comment it automatically downloads a virus onto their computer.

April Fools!

Or is it?

And here we go ...

Blog Videos - March, 2013


We've arrived in St. Louis for what should be a fun-filled family/friend weekend together for my birthday! Our first stop is the boys' apartments.

El Cinco Blanco dropped two of their band members due to poor record sales.

Purchase your copy today.

Afterwards Matthew and Micaiah took me to the slopes! Yep, St. Louis has ONE ski resort! They make their own snow at night and it's actually really decent! Actually!

I hadn't skied in about 15 years! Also had forgotten how much these boots kill your feet.

Behold! There were like 7 good runs and we stayed till it was dark. Much better than I imagined it would be.

A speeding dot is seen in the distance. But this is no ordinary dot.

This is Micaiah Thomas, ski angel extraordinare (was gonna put ski demon but that sounded too evil).

Another dot, descending like a fly hitting a window, is also seen.

This is Hans Gutenschlieber, and you better get out of his way.

Hans like fake snow! Ok USA!

And we run into the Serven ladies during our jollyment.

That's me on a ski lift. Actually makes a great desktop wallpaper.

Micaiah laughs in the face of gravity.

This would probably make a better desktop wallpaper.

Yeah, that's me on the right. If you zoom in about 170% you can see I got a half inch of air.

Matthew, thinking himself to be Babe Ruth, points to the sky.

A definite home run.

Micaiah is just one of those guys you look over at and say to the person standing next to you, "That guy is so stinking cool."

I mean who snowboards in a suit jacket? Who would even think of that?

What a grand day. Thanks again, my brozers!

Afterwards it was a get-together for some Chinese food! Micaiah and I look pretty wasted.

William gladly accepts some of the Matthew's weekly salary to throw into the fountain.

It's March 8th, my birthday! What better way to spend it than with Michael Thomas on the construction site! Yeah!

We got along for the most part.

Wow, that's one nice looking table! I wonder what special person this could be for!

And there's Rebekah out in the freezing cold cooking up some steaks! She must really love and admire the special person she's doing that for!

Hey! Welcome to my birthday party! We're at the Zeses and we got the kiddos and it's looking to be a kickin' time! That's Henry, Michael's youngest. He could definitely pass for Micaiah's, though.

This kitchen is always so filled with laughter and love.

Though overexposed and blurry, I sure do love this photo of my love and I.

One satisfied birthday boy.

I don't have a comment for this picture. Feel free to give me ideas.

I always have to include one sweet picture of Hannah when we visit the Zeses. Here is that one sweet picture.

All right, it's the next day and we're at the butterfly palace!

Makes you kinda hungry, doesn't it.

Now this is what we came for. How utterly and intricately beautiful.

I like the angle of this picture with the boys and butterfly. Philip is such a little imp.

Dressed alike.

Rebekah is always our faithful baby holder.

It was really gorgeous inside the atrium. Really, really hot, too.

Check that out. All the other photographs we took of butterflies "in-flight" came out blurry, except this one. Perfectly situated above William's head with its wings downward, as though bestowing a blessing.

Me and my boys. It's too true. They grow up so fast.

All right, it's about a week later and I filmed the Discher family again for the Silver Dollar City contest. They were accepted! Congratulations, you guys!

Spring ... is on its way.

The boys enjoying the spring day.

My lady love.

My last remaining blonde streak delicately connects to the yellow of the daffodil (you don't looked impressed).

I know some people visit this blog just for my fashion sense so I thought I'd include another picture.

Now at Jer's to celebrate my 31st. You'll recall we celebrate for days. Weeks even.

Niednagel parties are a little more ... shall we say ... subtle.

I haven't changed since I was 6. I still love chocolate cake (used to have those yellow bunnies on em).

Hey, Uncle Marscel is back. lol, look at William and Philip. "Won't this guy ever leave?"

Oh ho ho! Presents, albeit toy lawn mowers! For the rest of the evening Philip was a blur.

As was Uncle Marscel.

The Thomases were headed up to St. Louis again and stopped by for the evening ... again.

That's pretty cute. :-)

Auntie Melanie gives Philly a tour of the higher half of the house.

Oh my dear Marian, how tenderly you suck daddy's elbow. lol, she is such a doll.

What!? Snow??? Isn't this what we've been asking for all year? Yep, on the 21st of March we got about 8 inches of snow! It was about 7 o'clock in the evening and I took the boys out for a run around

Utter boyhood bliss.

Next day. Our property really looks like Narnia after a good snow.

Like frosting on a cake.

It's now a few days later and we're at Tasia for some dinner with the Schraders and McClures (where Brad Pitt goes when he's in town)! Hadn't seen them in years. Marcus used to live in Springfield but now resides in Indiana, while the McClures have been missionaries to Brazil for a few years now.

Happy birthday, Dr. Schrader (left). Marcus and Jeremy and I go way back to when I was about 11 years old. It was largely his influence that helped my mom and dad decide to home school me back in California . Love you guys!

Oh my goodness. So Marcus used to work for a rather wealthy family when he lived in Springfield years back. Well, during their visit they stayed with this family again for the week in their new house. The place was HUGE. How big? 17,000 square feet. No, I didn't accidentally put in an extra zero. 17,000 SQUARE FEET! So we stopped by to say hello to them (we knew them back then too), and Melissa snapped this blurry shot on our way out. I didn't know pads like this even existed in po-dunk Springfield.

Good morning, sunshine! This is how Marian wakes up EVERY day. Think we got another little ENFP on our hands.

And the Thomases stop by one more time on their way back from Springfield (along with Pa this time). We had everyone over for Philip and Jadrian's birthday (Philip's is on the 20th and Jadrian's the 25th). Get used to it, Niedbloggers. The more kids we have the more birthday parties you're going to see.

We put them both at the head of the table.

And a group table shot together. I really don't care if you're sick of seeing these.

My wife pulls out this healthy pie dessert. Marscel and I weren't too sure about it.

Control the mayhem, I say! Opening gifts for the little tikes.

Pa hadn't seen Marian since she was born. So special.

Thank you, Aunt Rita! Just wanted to showcase how thrilled William was to get this way cool lego set.

And ... I'm not sure what this is. Baby clothes of some sort. Doesn't matter. The wife is happy.

And herein ends another blog entry! Thanks again for stopping by and beware the non-comment virus! Happy April to you all! :-)