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Autumnal October Events
November 1, 2013

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another blog entry! Glad to have you back. Oh, and you there, glad to have you back too. Yeah I'm talking about you.

Well, for those of you who always think our lives are peachy keen and we have no problems, I'd appreciate prayer for a recent malady I came down with this month. It's a hernia, an inguinal hernia to be specific. They're typically caused by lifting heavy objects, but often times it's a weakness in the abdominal wall that's already there from birth, and as you get older it finally gives way (or tears). I don't really have any pain, thankfully, and can walk around just fine. In fact, I didn't know I had it until I saw a small lump near the bottom of my abdomen. So, there really is only one solution, and that's surgery, though I'm trying a few natural remedies in the meantime. My grandfather had one, my dad had two of them, and now I'm the lucky third generation heir to pass on the tradition. If any of you have any knowledge or suggestions, feel free to pass them on!

Anyway, enough about me! Let's get on with the pictures. A mildly entertaining month, so hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - October, 2013


All right! Another dining room picture! This time we had the pleasure of having my old friend (and I mean old!) Marcus Schrader and his family over for some grub (and the weekend at Jer's). We've known Marcus since like 1993, so we go way back.

Kayaking (or canoeing)! We actually haven't done this for a couple years. One of Marky's kids was sick, so Jen stayed home with her, and mom took the helm of the canoe. Fun time!

Wish I had hair like that.

Trying to look epic and looking like a goober.

That's better. Just need to remember to peer off into the middle distance.

Jer's got guts to do that considering he's Left brain dominant

Time for munchies. Grief, kids everywhere! It's like a plague!

Still treats me like the little punk I used to be (guess I still am).

Ouch. Marcus proves his manliness.

It's rare to have people you're still good friends with after 20 years, you know? Praise God.

All right, we jump ahead to a baby shower we threw for Justin and Yuko Boyle! Here mom chats with Cybelle.

Yuko and Cameron Knox Taiki.

Justin's got one of the best smiles. :-)

Lots of people. It was cold and rainy so everyone stayed inside!

Utter chaos. I think I see a little bit of floor space there.

Ryan Sundlie. So awesome seeing dad's holding their babies.

As always, my wife does an incredible decorating job (check out the car table cloth).

Apparently Emerson's got something tasty on his hand.

"Eat the food, not the hand."

Wish I had learned my letters this way.

Opening gifts!

Beautiful Boyle family. So great having you all!

An hour or so after everyone left. Yes, hon, you deserve a great big yawn.

A lovely photo from church of the latest babies born and their respective mothers (unless they traded off for the picture for some reason).

A few days later we had my Uncle David and Aunt Judy and family over for a lovely meal outside. They live in Indiana and came through on their way home from Colorado. This is one of those awkward bad lighting shots (William looks great). The dog wasn't supposed to be in there either.

Slightly cute.

My Uncle David and Aunt Judy. He can talk like Donald Duck and the kids love it. I actually like it too.

Jeremy and I don't have a lot of pictures together, so ... well, there you go.

I just wanted to show off my pond again. Took me forever to make that so gotta advertise.

Just a fun one of the kids running around the house. Cousins sure are cool!

The pink and yellow ... and red thing.

Saying our goodbyes. Did I mention Melanie was with us again for a little while? Did I already mention installing a revolving door?

Melanie Joy Thomas would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday season. Ok she didn't say that but the picture sure does.

Speaking of Christmas, it's time for some family picture taking! Yay! Here are a few we won't be using.

Has potential, but I just don't like being half the size of my wife.

Very cute. Look at the camera Philip!!!

lol, Marian literally looks like a doll in this picture.

Oh man. I'm gonna cry!

I just wish Philip would smile bigger.

Marian tips her hat to you.

One more. It's so easy to just get ONE child looking and smiling right!

We are walking! We are smiling! We are not stressed!

Love you, my little woman.

If I could just combine half of Philip's smile and half of William's they'd be perfect.

Mi Mademoiselle.

So I come out of our bedroom in the morning and William yells, "Daddy! Look! There are deer outside playing volleyball!" He wasn't kidding.

"Volley for serve."

Kalea celebrates her 9th birthday. Happy Birthday!

This was Grandma Connie's outfit. Vintage 70s.

Meet Jadrian Quinn Niednagel. He hardly ever makes it on the blog, so he would just like to say hi to everyone.

The annual Church Reformation Dance! Hi Heather Tull!

Rebekah and Marian.

Daniel's always a help with the boys. Gotta love Philip's smile.

This was the first time William actually participated. He had some moves!

Justin photo-bombs another picture.

Fun time!

It's hunting season, and these two bucks are seeking refuge on our property. For now, they're safe. For now.

A lovely evening walk with the family. These are the events I enjoy most.

Designed and purchased this sign online. Very cool.

The colors aren't as vibrant as last year, but still we had some amazing beauty.

And that's it! Don't leave without saying hello below (thanks for all the great comments last month)! Lord bless you all, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!