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Lake of the Ozarks
October 1, 2013

Well, when it rains it pours, you know? August was rather drab, and September was everything but! And so, I've done my best to cut down on the 2,000 or so pictures taken so you won't be incredibly bored out of your minds. My in-laws can be a little photo happy, if you know what I mean. "Oh look! A blade of grass! Take a picture!"

So here we go! Remember to follow the Jordan Rule. You read ... you comment! I know where you live.

Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - September, 2013


Wow! Talk about a swank place! The house really had it all. Tons of rooms, pool table, air hockey, multiple TVs, outdoor speaker system, etc. We arrived in the evening and it was just enchanting.

WATER!!! NOODLES!!! We wasted no time in discovering our inner child!

Water fight! Eat some H20, Melanie!!!

William was actually the most mature one that evening.

Dinner on the dock. The lights, the water, the food, the family ... well, the family part's a little weird, but all in all it was really nice.

Towards the lake.

Marscel and I take the boys out on their first kayak ride. Told William to watch out for sharks.

Very cool pic.

Forced smile.

Natural smile.

Many wonderful dinners together. Not sure what Micaiah is doing with that beast of a candlestick.

Speaking of candlesticks, let me introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Peacock.

And here we have Mr. and Mrs. White. Yes, anyone have a "clue" what we're talking about?

The secretive Ms. Scarlet.

Mr. Green. Somewhat of an eccentric fellow.

The astute Colonel Mustard.

Professor Plum. I really, really don't trust this guy.

Did I mention our family is weird? lol, I'll bet you've never played the game of "Clue" this way, have you? Why play it when you can live it?

The hunt is on for the killer.

The results. Can you guess from the picture who and with what weapon?

Yes, Ms. Scarlet killed Mr. Body in the Hall with the wrench. And yes, Professor Plum won the game. (Special thanks to Marscel for making a great Mr. Body for this picture!)

All right. It's the next day and we're off to visit some ruins. Ruins in Missouri, you ask? Yep. Just wait and we'll show ya.

Tip: Gazing off into the middle distance always makes for an epic picture.

Marian recently found her tongue.

Philip loves her Aunt "Nonie."

Jordy and Willy.

The ruins. Actually, it's a burned down castle that a fellow back in the 20s was building before he died. it was finished after his death but burned down a couple decades later.

Aw, man. Now what are we gonna do?

The essence of childhood.

Man, look at that. And I thought Locksley Manor was impressive.

You know when you're all having a great time on vacation ... and then a little kid hurts himself, and he cries for hours and it pretty much ruins the rest of everyone's day because he's so crabby? We don't allow that.

Kiss amidst the castle.

Brothers in arms.

Yeah, it's as far down as it looks. Actually, it's farther down than it looks.

I love you too!

Great picture, my brothers.

Marian swings with Ma.

Michael's here! He brought his family a few days later to join us. Anyway, here I am innocently holding onto the end of his kayak.

Whoops! My bad! Innocent mistake!

If you expand the picture you can see the jet of water heading right towards Pa.

Manly camaraderie!

Synchronized back flips!

Jack is ready to rumble.

Hi Rebekah and Henry!

Pa and Wills.

Melanie snapped this photo RIGHT after I opened a drink and it exploded everywhere. As you can see, raucous laughter insinuated.

Yes, son, life is easy ... when you're a baby.

Meliss and I go on a "stroll" in the evening. Just beautiful.

Yes, just beautiful.

Random picture ... but just one of those that captures a special something you want to remember.

Michael and I take the boys out. Don't you just love all these nearly identical kayak pictures?

Happy joy!

The next day we visited a nearby cave. Its name escapes my mind right now, but it was HUGE. Just kept going and going and going. For those out of the know, Missouri is known for its caves. I believe we have more than anywhere else in the country.

Whether you're above or below ground, God's amazing handiwork is everywhere.

After awhile you get that "I want to see the sun" feeling. Michael and Henry are clearly hobbits, not dwarves.

Another wonderful meal on the dock. The Lord blessed us with perfect weather the entire week.

Thanks for the army PJs, grams and gramps!

Cedric thought this picture made him look fat. I told him pictures always add 5-10 pounds.

Don't mess with our women. They come armed.

Family picture time!

Took a bunch on and off the dock. You'll eventually see what we end up using!

Nice looking couple.

What can you say about Micaiah? Just when you thought you'd seen it all.

I'm SICK of you ruining my pictures!!!

I keep them lean so they're easy to carry.

Fun with bubbles! Time to REALLY bring out your inner child! lol, I love Pa's face and my face.

Michael enters the bubble.

Swirling soap.

Thought you'd like to see another dinner picture.

Pa is the first to leave, so we send him off with a most grand farewell.



So thankful for my two girls!

She has Melissa's Portuguese facial features with my German hair and skin coloring.

Time to go home. Cramped. Very cramped. That was a looong ride.

Ok, just a few last pictures here. The day after we got back we had the the Plath family from Georgia stay at our home for a few days! So great having you!

A little swimming down by the river. What a great group of kids.

Grandma and Marian.

Melissa held a "Sewing for Africa" event at church to sew dresses for little girls in Sudan. Got them all done!

Had a lovely date with my wife at Cantina Laredo's a week later. Thanks for babysitting, Melanie!

And a final last picture of me and Philly enjoying one of our tiki torches at night.

And that's it! Remember the Jordan Rule! Thanks for stopping by and Lord willing we'll see you next month!