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April 'Appenings
May 5, 2014

Man, what a gorgeous month. Don't you wish it could be April and May year round? But then Christmas would be kinda lame, I guess. And trying to ski down a hill of grass would be pretty dumb, and throwing dirt balls instead of snow balls. lol, that reminds me of an article I wrote when I was 11 years old titled, "Snowballs in Southern California" (I used to write my own magazine). I basically encouraged kids to throw rocks instead. I don't think my friends' parents were too thrilled about it.

Anyway, sit back and relax and enjoy (you'll see why I chose the music that's playing)! Thanks for stopping by and don't be shy and say hi below! Yeah!

Video Blog - April, 2014


And here we go ...

Michael Voeller and his wife, Rachel, came by for a visit at the end of last month. So great seeing you again, Mike and meeting you Rachel!

Aww ... there's us again. I know you missed us.

Spring has sprung! We're so excited we wet our plants!

Particularly love the rock garden in early spring when everything's so clean and neat.

Remember years back when we planted daffodils with the Thomases in our forest? Course you do! At any rate, they were beautiful this year! Look like something from Alice In Wonderland.

This is such a good picture I took. Don't use it for anything without my permission. I will seriously sue your plants off (wait that joke didn't make any sense this time).

Even the smallest of God's creatures are strikingly beautiful .

Melissa works diligently in the distance while her lazy husband takes pictures.

A few pictures from Grace Discher's bridal shower. The big day's coming!

Giddy times! :-)

Back in the yard again and we have Philly missing the ball. He needs to lose the beer belly.

Marian tried to go punk and dye her hair red with strawberries. Not till she's sixteen.

Our two lamby addicts.

"Yo foo, can I crash dis pad?" Marian goes punk on us AGAIN.

She was being cute and she knew it.

If you're a faithful Niedblogger, you know we enjoy celebrating the Passover Seder every year. Not out of necessity, but out of remembrance of the coming Messiah and Christ's fulfillment of that personage. Thank you, Danielle, for doing this every year!

Little boys just look so good in white.

As do little she-elves.

Our church Resurrection Sunday celebration! Lots of food and drink and happy peoples!

Hello, Yuko!

Ladies first ...

The rest of the fam came to celebrate. Jeremy got elbowed in the eye during baksetball and hence wore the sunglasses to church (either that or he was trying to be cool).

The pink and yellow thing is really pink and yellow this morning.

Long day at the office.

All right, let's jump ahead to our surprise visit to St. Louis to celebrate Michael's 30th birthday! Course, Michael doesn't act surprised about anything, but he was at least mildly amused. ;-)

The thumb-sucker missed her auntie.

Don't judge.

I really don't know how to caption this photograph.

They're actually attractive when they smile.

Getting ready for another photo. Chaos. (look at my face)

I wear white so I can stand out.

Oops ... bad timing for the goober smile.

I don't know why God gave her to me, but He did.

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." Audrey Hepburn

That's cute. :-)

Tigger and Eor. lol, no, over the years Pa has become more like ... Rabbit? Piglet? Maybe Owl.

Jack's growing like a zi ... leaf.

"'Sup Cuz."

Cedric! What a big smile you have!

Playing on the playground late at night! Now this was fun!

I seriously hadn't been on a swing for like 15 years. Oh the memories! And during this short stint Melanie and I actually got along!

It's the next day and we're ready to attend the annual World War II reenactment festival thing (I don't know the official name).

This could be a movie poster.

The guys are lookin' pretty styling. Not sure where Matthew got that smooch.

I love William's forced smiles.

Cuteness alert! Marian looks like a little grown-up here. :-)

"So can I shoot Germans with this thing?"

"No, Philip. If that were the case you'd actually have to shoot yourself."

Victory rolls! By the end of the day they became defeated tuft rolls!

One for the ages.

Had they lived in the 1940s ...

You can never take Micaiah seriously.

Sorry for all these wife pictures! She just looks so adorable!!!

Like something from the cheesy 80s show, "Mash."

Have to admit, even Marscel looked awesome that day.

I try to teach Hannah the concept of a lens cap.

I won't be bending over much longer. In fact, they'll be.

I like this. :-)

Pretty cool grandparents.

Sunday morning and we're ready for church. The day was just too beautiful again not to snap a few more photos.

My goodness, talk about a magazine photo.

I hate to ruin it, but ... I like these people.

Fun times! Thanks for stopping by! Drop a note below! Have a happy May! Lord bless you all!