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Crazy, Hazy July
August 4, 2014

Wow, now July was a FULL month indeed. Various celebrations and vacations and this and that and the other. As time is limited I will just get on with it! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Video Blog - July, 2014


And here we go ...

I often randomly dress in my colonial outfit and practice my smolder in the bathroom. Don't tell anyone.

Actually, no, we're in St. Louis for a 4th of July celebration! There's Hannah! Hi, Hannah! You both look so darling!

Hello, Riggenbachs!

"What the heck is he doing? Why is he even here? I know I didn't invite him."

"I promise you if he breaks that I'm gonna ..."

People tell me she's my daughter but I still don't believe it.

I think we would have done well for ourselves back then. Well dressed. Popular. Children handy with the muskets.

People tell me these are my boys but I still don't believe it.

I think the cuteness meter just broke.

Hark, my daughter, a redcoat!

Everyone gathers to eat and enjoy some speakers.

Old glory is raised.

Indeed, liberty was popularized and proclaimed long before the Revolution.

The fifes are ... fifed.

"Those are extraordinary spectacles. Does Franklin know they're missing yet?"

Mr. Ford gave a riveting speech on the justification for the war. He has in his possession so many vintage "relics" from the time period.

Michael, like every year, reads the declaration. I think it's my turn next time.

A warning to all our female viewers ... you're about to get a major dose of debonair, dashing, and downright debilitating charm.

I may be the shortest, but with my sweet tailcoat, you know I look the coolest.

Remember these aweseome shots from 2009 in Virginia?

Not nearly as epic, but beats a sharp stick in the eye.

Careful now. No need to injure the awesome threads.

"Hey boys, what quacks, has webbed feet, and betrays his country? Beneduck Arnold!"


Our most intimidating glares. I'm sorry, Mr. Z, but that's just ... not intimidating.

Prizes are handed out for the best-made pies. "Wonderful, darling."

It's the next day and we're enjoying some downtime at the park with the Tulls and Riggenbauchs.

"What's that? No, I'm sorry, Brad Pitt is my second cousin."

I let this homeless man lay next to Marian. Oh I'm sorry, that's Micaiah.

A bicycle built for two! lol, I love Pa's face in this picture.

Oh c'mon, hon! Let's partake of this Right brain activity! It'll be good for ya!

This was fun. Much easier after a few minutes of practice.

And we all have a wonderful meal together afterwards.

All right, we're back home a few days later with Nathan Daher and family along with Uncle David and Aunt Judy! That's one crowded table! Raw elbows by the end of the meal!

They were enthralled with the sound effects on his phone.

Newly born Julian asked me to update his face. I said "You mean your Facebook?" He said, "No. Just my face."

All right, it's the following week and Melissa and the kids and several families from church are at the zoo! Yeah, Springfield has a zoo! And yeah, they have actual animals inside!

William strategically contemplates their next move as the distracted minions look on.

Hi, Mom! Looking peachy today!

No claws. No fangs. Just one big proboscis and a necktie on his rear.

Awww ... they're sitting on a miniature giraffe statue.

Beauty can be found hidden in the bush.

As can another beauty. William actually took this. Not bad, son! Time to quit my day job!

Now that's gorgeous.

The following weekend we took Nathan to Branson like we often do before he leaves. Time for mini-golf!

I just love chemically-dyed blue water. Brings out the child within me.

I like how politely Melissa smiles as she golfs.

Marian apparantly was horrified by my back-swing.

Cheesy dinosaur fun with the family! Doesn't get any better than this!

The volcano that erupted every ten minutes really turned Nate on. Either that or the velociraptor with its head about to fall off.

Enjoying some dinner at Cantina Laredos here. Thanks for using your points for the hotel, Nate!

Nathan and I both tried out, but Simon Cowell said we were "terrible," "appalling," and reminded him of "the sound my corvette makes when it's out of alignment." Sounds like there's still hope!

The view from our room.

Evening falls.

My wife makes funny faces. I'm more gifted at that.

Hi, Johanna! Danielle's sister visited for a few days and kindly led the children in an art project.

Man, William looks too grown up here. Time, please stand still for just a few moments.

Those are actually pretty cool. Good job, goobers.

All right, our final trip for the month! Melissa and I NEVER get to celebrate our anniversary on the actual day, being the 4th of July, so at the end of July we took an overnight getaway to Branson. Oh how I love these times when Cleopatra and I are able to spend some one-on-one time together. Thank you, Mom, for watching the kids!

She's on the phone! How cute!

One more by the fountain.

I know this is why you came to see the blog.

Oh look, there's me as we wait for our dinner. That's a slightly genuine smile.

"Listen lady, you gonna order somethin' or what!?"

Delicious meal at "Something Steak House." Can't remember the name.

Back at our condo. They had some very lovely walking grounds.

The pool wasn't anything to write home about, but I wrote home about it anyway.

Brad Steel says, "Make it a hot summer, but not too hot, cause you might get a sunburn, and that can lead to skin cancer, and that would be bad."

All right, that's it! Thanks for joining us for the entire blog post! Which picture was your favorite? Which picture was your least favorite? Be nice! Lord bless you all!