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June Without Gloom
July 8, 2014

I know! This blog is totally late! Whenever there's a major holiday at the beginning of a new month, "The Blog" is usually late. But hey! Look at you! You're here, and not looking half bad! Seriously!

Anyway, it was a good month with the usual ups and downs that life brings. And guess what? A new life emerged in the Niednagel household with the birth of Julian Kai Niednagel! No, I didn't sneeze! That's Jeremy and Danielle's newborn son's name! He's a definite cutie (picture below)!

All right, I'll get on with it. Have fun!

Video Blog - June, 2014


And here we go ...

In most pictures of William and Philip together Philip is looking at William to see what kind of face he's making. He doesn't grasp the concept that if you turn your head while your picture is being taken your head will also be turned in the actual picture.

A little friend landed on William while he was doing his school work.

"It's a big world out there, but I'll take care of you, Sis."

Yay! It's the Michael Thomas family! They all came down from St. Louis for the weekend and we had a short but great time together. That hillbilly sitting next to me is Michael, by the way.

I always appreciate Jack's fashion sense.

They were a little hesitant after I told them to watch out for sharks.

So cute. Marian looks pretty cute, too.

I just want everyone to notice Michael. This is what he did the entire time. I think his left pinky toe might have grazed the water a few times.

Yay for summer!!!

After Melissa took a picture of me jumping into the water Michael was like, "I want a picture too!" So, here we are pretending like we've been swimming together all day.

I strike the Superman pose while Michael strikes the ... emaciated apothecary pose.

"Mike Mike is my best friend forever!"

lol, this doesn't even need a caption to be funny.

Discovering the world together.

It's June, and you know what that means! Here we are picking blueberries again and Kalea is having an excellent time! Oh wait. This is an old pic from 2008! Hah! My bad!

All right, here's Meliss enjoying ... oh wait. This is an old blueberry picture from 2009! Hah! My bad again!

Ok, here I am striking a manly pose as I ... oh wait. This is a blueberry picture from 2010! Hah! My bad again!

Here we have Melissa and William picking ... oh wait! This ia blueberry picture from 2011! Sorry! My bad!

And here we have the Thomases and Z girls out picking ... oh wait! Hah! This is a blueberry picture from 2012! So sorry about that!

Here we go! Brad Steele in 2014 inviting you all to come pick blueberries with us again for like the 7th straight year! (yeah I know I missed 2013 but we were in New England.)

Jeremy's got his patented 'bucket belt' and is ready to roll! You are just so cool, Jeremy!

Hello, darling. Keep picking while I take pictures.

Whoa! Look at all those kids! And that one on the right doesn't look too happy!

Danielle and her Mama. So good seeing you again, Lori!

Back at home enjoying a wonderful dinner together. This pic could go in a magazine.

I see some resemblance. Sure hope she takes on after her mother! :-)

My favorite introverted pastime ... sitting, relaxing ... reflecting on life.

Uh oh. It's those two goobers again.

And there's Philip looking at William again.

We're in Springfield at our church's annual ball and the mothers are enjoying some peace and quite out on the playground (relative quiet).

We always get a Daniel picture at the ball!

Life's difficulties are never so difficult with an angel by your side.

Ok boys, let's try to look distinguished and mature.

Not bad.

Meanwhile, inside, the young engage in their youthful frivolities.

There's a picture of you, Emily. You're welcome.

Heidi and Sam! And I fail miserably at my Superman pose.

Nothing cuter than a mother/son dance.

And there's the newest Niednagel! Welcome to the world, Julian Kai! His face is the one on the bottom.

The 7 nutty Niednagel grand kids. C'mon, Julian, be an Introvert! :-D

And here we are with the Plath family from Georgia! Barry and I took care of all the kids for the evening while the wives attended an essential oil party. We survived, thanks in large part to UNO!

Can't have friends visit without taking them down to the creek. Fun times!

And down comes the rain! Thankfully we got enough swimming in before it came.

That's it! Thanks again for stopping by, and be sure to say hello below! Have a wonderful month of July!