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Major March Madness
April 3, 2014

Welcome back! There are a plethora of pictures for this month, so I won't do much talking! From a fabulous ball to having Nathan Daher out to visiting the Welk Resort in Branson, it was a very full month and we're thankful for the great memories made.

All right, as always, thanks for stopping by, be sure to comment, and we'll see you on the other side!

Video Blog - March, 2014


And here we go ...

Aww ... the two lone daughters on our property. How we adore their feminine charm.

Dinner with the Dahers! (I look so cool)

Table shot! You know you wanted it!

They all use the same hair dye.

Brother and sister. Nathan's t-shirt is so uncool that it's so cool.

The host and hostess. We're so cool that we're still totally so cool.

Ahhh!!! More snow! Keoni came over to build a snowman (and the song "Do you want to build a snowman?" starts playing).

The three stooges.

"We're best friends! We have to be! Who else is there!?"

Lady Marian is so excited about the ball she won't be attending!

In contrast, they say nervous excitement leads some adults to resort to childlike behavior.

Mr. Thornton prepares for his big Springfield debut.

Brad Steele calls security to remove the obnoxious cameraman.

Said obnoxious cameraman snaps a mirror selfie.

The woman of the hour, who has made all this possible! You shine like the sun, my darling!

"Am I mad, or desperately in love? Tis all the same."

"My lady, forget every man you've ever known. That is ... except me.." - Scarlet Pimpernel

Pa and Micaiah prepare to greet the oncoming throngs. I keep a lookout to know when I should run.

Your tailors haven't betrayed you one bit, my good man!

Nor have yours!

Seriously Nate, that is such a film-perfect look. As they say, you ... "Nailed it!"

The lovely trio. Melanie sewed all those outfits. Amazing.

By all accounts, that is my great grandfather's West Point uniform I'm wearing, so it's genuinely turn-of-the-century clothing. Wow!

My wife asked me to make this. So I did. :-)

The Duke and Duchess of Guthry.

I say, let's greet our paying guests!

"Hello! Welcome! Glad you could make it! Move along now!"


Niedbloggers ... save this picture to your hard drive. I promise you that you'll never see a picture of Jeremy dressed up like this ever again. Forever.

So many ladies! We need more men! Actually, it turned out to be MUCH MORE evenly matched than we anticipated.

Still greeting. Move along.

"There will be no break dancing or any attempts at disco, please."

We hand out song sheets. The singing was BEAUTIFUL. Be sure to watch the video at the top to hear everyone.

Heavenly voices.

A shot from outside. I guess people up and down the streets were talking about us. It's not too often there's a 19th century ball being held in downtown Springfield!

Feminine mingling.

Look how my partner and I are a blur and everyone else is clear. I dance with a vengeance.

Lining up and learning the steps from Melanie (who did the calling for the night ... thank you!).

Grub time! Only one cracker per person!

Mr. Hansen and Mr. Cook looking totally vintage.

My wife just looks so beautiful as she thoughtfully ponders what to eat. So stinking cute.

The Riggenbauchs! (did I spell that right?)

Anna Christensen and Mrs. Cook.

We definitely filled the room! If any more had arrived we would have been forced to use the bathrooms!

More random photography so people can say, "Look, I made it on Jordan's blog!"

Us manly fellows.

Slightly cute.

Amber and Mr. Tull. You both look fantastic!

Kristian tries to put on a Feeler smile.

Meanwhile, the entire night I tried to snap a photo when Ma wasn't smiling. I failed.

More happy people! Oh the gaiety!

Melanie and Ashley Jones. You both look like fairy godmothers.

"Hands off, thou knave, this is a most conservative ball! Oh, you're her brother. Apologies."

A pirate showed up. Due to the lack of men, we let him in.

Heidi and Kaylea.

This it to show your mom, Nykole! Proof you were at the ball! lol, sorry, best picture I could find.

The Thomas children. That is one presentable party of Portuguese!

Mr. Nathan Thornton did most splendidly that evening.

Without question, the second best picture taken at the ball. Thank you, Dischers!

And the first best picture. :-)

Beautiful ball buddies, Heidi and Melissa (ok I'll stop with the same-letter phrases).

Photo bomb. I hate photo bombs.

Let's stand in the street and pose!

"So did you like the ball? Yeah I liked the ball. It was a good ball. Did you like the ball? Yeah I liked the ball."

All right! Let's now jump ahead about 100 years to the 1990s and see how fashion has progressed!

Ma, I'm digging the denim! Marian, you're chilling with the cheetah! Mom, you're looking pretty normal!

Matthew just stepped off the set of "Friends," Melanie just finished her homework and needs to trim her bangs, and Micaiah just came out of rehab.

Ok, you're probably wondering what the nhoj is going on. As a surprise for Nathan, I put together a 90s dual-birthday party for us both! I told everyone about a week beforehand to dress up! Check it out! There's Macaulay Culkin with his 'TalkBoy' and Vanilla ice on our pantry door!

Yeah, dude! How time flies!

lol, Marscel, that look is so vintage. We're all so awesome.

Lindsay Gallegos (formerly Voeller) joins in on the madness!

A late birthday present from Jeremy to Melissa. Check that out! A candle holder made from a tree branch. Looks so perfect on our dining room table.

And the boys brought P.F. Changs from St. Louis! Now this is a rad party! (lol, I love Micaiah's face here)

"So like, what were the 90s, dad?" The kids will understand someday when they host their own 00s retro party.

A present from Jeremy. This one goes to 11.

A golf flag pin! For those who don't know, I have a golf hole out in our field. Thanks, Jer!!!

One final picture together. Micaiah's pose says it all. Not sure what it says but it definitely says it all.

We jump ahead a few days now and find ourselves at the Welk Resort in Branson! One final trip together before Nathan and Lindsay head home.

The indoor pool facility. That water slide was awesome! Man I love that chlorine smell!

Enjoying the fountain water-path with the kiddos.

Seriously, nothing makes me feel more like a kid than when I'm at a pool.

Back in our condo now and the kids are enjoying the enormous shower. There's another shower head to the left of the one you see, and then another one on the ceiling. I never rent out a place that has anything less than three shower heads.

Our bedroom, complete with its own gas fireplace.

The kitchen and living area.

Enjoying dinner together at Jer and Danni's condo. Nathan looks like he wants to sell you something.

It's now the next morning and Melissa Lee is preparing breakfast!

Turkey sausage! Beautiful morning and we're all eating outside together.

We failed with the boys, so we started etiquette lessons early with Marian.

I like this picture.

One for the memory book.

Time to go home! Now that my hernia is healed the wife really has me slaving.

lol, no, this is not a joke. This is literally how we took Nathan to the airport. No matter what, I want to keep our Ford Explorer till our 4th child!!!

More snow! Who cares! On with more pictures!

Hey, birthday boy! Philip turned 3 on March 20th and we got him this sweet Lightning McQueen balloon! We sure are good parents!

I just wish he would smile bigger.

My Uncle Paul and Aunt Lynn from California came to visit us all for the first time! So great seeing you again! Also attending our little party was Mr. Schrader. Wonderful time together.

Cool glowing ball. Made in China.

The adults were sitting around having boring adult conversation, so I put on Robin Hood for the kids. Yeah, I include myself in the word "kids".

They all grew up together. Well of course my dad and Uncle Paul did (far left), since they're brothers. Steve Schrader lived up the street from them in Evansville, Indiana.

Whew! That was a lot of pictures! Thanks for spending an hour with us going through all of them! Lord bless your month! Leave a comment or pay the consequences! Bye for now!