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May Merriment & Mayhem
May 5, 2014

Greetings once again from Niednageland and its inhabitants! The month of May lived up to its name and definitely was a very merry month of May. Gorgeous with lots of rain, rain, rain! In fact, a big storm is hitting us now. If the blog suddenly stops you'll know what happened (I know this isn't "Live" so that doesn't make any sense but who cares).

Anyway, as always, thanks for stopping by! I see a number of folks visited last month without leaving a comment ... I know where you live.

Video Blog - May, 2014


And here we go ...

So Jer got us a praying mantis egg sack that was supposed to hatch in like 3-4 weeks. So, I just kept it by the bed on the desk and was planning to put it outside soon ... when lo and behold, I walked by one day and baby mantis' were emerging everywhere! It was like from a horror film (the same thing ironically happened to me when I was 12 years old before I went to bed ... but was way worse!). So I grabbed the egg sack and ran for the door. Fortunately I got most of them outside. Had to corral about 30-40 of them from our bedroom. Anyway, snapped a photo afterwards for your viewing enjoyment!

The Lucas' are over for the day (and night). I specifically asked Tracy to wear that shirt since I start to panic every time I see him.

A lovely meal outside.

The obedient, quiet, respectful children.

The next day we rushed home from church to visit the Mitchells for dinner. They FINALLY finished their beautiful new home and we were delighted to partake of their food inside the aforementioned beautiful new home (yeah I may be weird but you're ugly).

Mom covers her mouth in disbelief.

Kittens! Let's see if this one can fly!

Noel and I having a very serious conversation about time travel.

More kittens! Kids love kittens! Marian even looks like one!


The Jordan Parenting Handbook: Confiscate anything living from your child when they get this look.

I call this ... "Attempted Suicide."

Vacation time! For Jer's birthday he treated us to a lovely weekend in Branson! Our cabins had this lovely lake and pool right outside the backdoor.


My goodness he looks like a little man here.

Snapped this shot of Jadrian and Kalea watching a movie. lol, Jadrian looks like a king (he wasn't feeling well).

Melissa made this incredible cookie dough cheesecake.

It's the next day and Marian's chillin' on her lamby!

I love pools. I wish I could live in one.

Meanwhile, Jer, Jeff, Daniel and I are out for our annual golf tournament to hack up the course!

Jeremy apparantly didn't get the memo.

Lovely scenery with waterfalls.

Philip is either really ignorant or really brave. I think we all know the answer.

Hi, Mom! So glad you could come with us!

Chasing creek critters.

Remember that vacation feeling as a kid? Everything is so free and fun. The tables and chairs and rooms seem so big and huge. Not a care in the world.

And then you grow up and everything is so confined and boring. The tables and chairs and rooms seem so small and tiny. You have every care in the world.

I took care of you when you were young, so remember to take care of me when I'm old. :-)

lol, this is priceless.

And here we are standing in the middle of the street ... wait a minute. That's not us. That's the Thomas family like 20 years ago. Man, I'm sure glad we don't look like them!!!

Melissa went up the day before Grace Discher's wedding to help out. Hello, Grace! Don't be nervous!

Looking nice!

Mr. Discher escorts his princess bride.

"Dearly beloved ..."

"You may kiss the bride." Sorry, I couldn't run up on stage and get it from the other angle.

Happy 5th birthday, William Locksley! Didn't you always want one of these as a kid? I always dreamt of having a Power Wheels when I was little, and I wasn't about to let my boy share the same cruel dreams!

Keoni takes the wheel.

Hark, I see yonder a flock of pretty ladies eating pastries.

Ahh ... it's Kathy Snider and the Z girls, come to join us for some beading and eating.

So peachy cute!!!

Night falls. Our solar white lights cast their magical glow.

Out for a cordial walk on Locksley Manor. I prefer those over hostile walks.

Yep, beading! That's what I said! You know, where you take stones and make necklaces and such.

That's Hannah. She's eating. Afterwards she'll be beading. Then she'll probably be eating again.

In order to take a brief picture together, the girls kindly stop their beading.

Now they're eating again. When they're done they'll continue beading.

"That anklet would look really good on Jordan!"

Beadfest 2014, for sure!!! C U next year, girls!!!

Some hugs before departure.

If this blog entry doesn't give you a warm feeling inside then nothing will.

Sarah hugs Melissa. Melissa hugs Sarah.

Just a cute random picture of the kids with this year's harvest of radishes.

It POURED on us while taking a walk. Fun times!

Melissa wants to showcase her David Austen roses. Quite beautiful!

All right! Thus ends another blog entry from Niednageland! Lord mightily bless you!