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Big Cedar September
October 3, 2014

How was your September? What gorgeous weather we had in Missouri, and thankfully we were outside quite a bit to be able to enjoy it. We very much enjoyed our annual Thomas trip, which makes up for the bulk of this post. Time is short, so off we go.

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Video Blog - September, 2014


And here we go ...

We'll start this blog with these two little cute munchkins. This is to garner's female viewership.

Another table shot! This time with the Dodson family! Loved having you guys! "Would you like you and your family featured on a Table Shot? Call now for reservations! Operators are standing by!"

There's a spiritual life lesson here of some sort, but I'm just peeved that I had to cut my volleyball net to get this dufus out. Aren't crows supposed to be like one of the smartest animals on the planet? This guy missed the memo.

The kids now get together every other week for an art project. Good job, goobers!

Get their autographs now. The name Niednagel will soon be synonymous with Rembrandt.

Beautiful sky on one particular evening. I call it a buttermilk sky. I have no idea why. Looks nothing like buttermilk. What a dumb name.

Justin Voeller is off working hard at the Coast Guard, so we took this picture and sent it to him for encouragement. "You can hardly read it." Be quiet.

My wife is proud of her lemon grass. I'm proud of my wife who grew the lemon grass.

Hello, Thomases! Yes, it's time for our annual September Thomas trip together! You'll recall last year we went to Lake of the Ozarks, while the year before we went ... umm .. we missed one year, and then the year before that went to Moab, Utah. Anyway, this time we're at Big Cedar in Branson. Beautiful grounds.

The boys are just older and taller and buffer but still act and do the same things.

This is where Marscel is getting married. He told me so.

If you look closely you can see Micaiah taking a picture of the water. Pretty exciting.

Like, probably the most gorgeous view ever for a jacuzzi! This was so cool.

So I get out of the jacuzzi and step on a bee (or some flying creature with a stinger). My foot would actually swell over the next 24 hours, something that's never happened before in my life. Aren't I lucky to have a mother-in-law who shows such concern?

I guess Marian reminds some of the Thomases of Melanie when she was little. No, I'm not overly panicking just yet.

Time for miniature golf! Yeah!

Everyone patiently waits while my wife takes 3 swings to make this 3-foot putt.

Hole in one! Check out Pa's vertical! I'm getting visions of a white Lebron James!

We leave the score-keeping to the two Thinking Left brainers.

Love this picture.

Awww ... doesn't this blog just keep getting cuter and cuter the more children we have? In ten years it'll be so cute your mouth will be sore after all the "Awwing" you do.

What comment should I write? Check out that pool! Check out that view! It's an infinity pool, where the water goes off the edge in a waterfall. Melissa was so excited ... she had only seen pictures of these pools in Italy and other exotic places. What a special time.

I didn't know it was her coming. My face captures the exact delight I felt when I turned to see my bride.


Sorry, I just love this picture too much not to post it.

All of us together amidst the setting sun.

Last one, I promise.

All of us together the next day for a bit more swimming.

Family picture time! The worst and best time of the year! This is too backlit but I like it anyway.

Not bad.

Group selfie.

Be sure to cast your vote!

Having a little fun. You just have to after all the stress.

Not sure why they keep doing this. Marscel's so stinking tall it's a good thing Pa and Ma had five other children.

I knew this would be a bad idea, it was a bad idea, and I look back on it as a bad idea.

Happy family!

Does this classify as an awkward family photo? My foot was swelling up from the bee sting, and from standing so long, so I was elevating my foot on a handlebar. Still kinda cute.

That's better.

There's just something about little girls.

Marian was so cute. She loved pushing Marscel and I back into the water and laughing. You can watch it on the Video Blog.

Michael grills some burgers! Did a fantastic job. Thank you!

Micaiah was pulled over for going 12 3/4.

So like they had a real theater downstairs. Like the screen was a real theater screen, with surround sound, lights you could dim, and blue ray HD video. It was insane.

Ma teaches Willy how to play pool without scuffing the table.

Marian was not happy being dressed like a bunch of guys.

The worst part. Saying goodbye.

William took this picture. Good job, future blogger!

We stayed for one more night and had the entire pool area virtually to ourselves.

William basically learned how to swim on this trip. So much easier then trying to teach him in a dark, grody pond!

King Kahuna Jordanyo.

Gotta love these swank jacuzzis!

William was enthralled with his "beard."

People always told me after the first child the rest don't get many pictures taken of them. You know, that just hasn't happened to us.

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