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Of Baseball & Boats & Creeks & More Boats
September 11, 2015

Wow, I'm late! Had all the Thomases over during labor day weekend and I haven't been able to recover since! It's like a tornado came through followed by a hurricane during an 8.0 earthquake, only worse! Sorry about that!

Anyway, this blog is late, so here we go!

Video Blog - September, 2015

And here we go ...

The kids' new oil diffuser. This thing rocks, only now it's a pain having to fill it every night."Please, dad! We promise not to throw tantrums if you fill our volcano!"

Nathan Daher! The "Classy King Of California" came for just a few days and we had a great time together. I wonder if we had experienced a bad time together if I would actually tell you. Probably not.

From Nathan's perspective. Bunch of hillbillies out for a good time.

You just float there, hoping that nothing bites you, stings you, or pulls you under water.

Keoni wanted to build an altar to sacrifice one of his chickens, but I reminded him we're in the New Testament now.

Bachelor movie time!

Josh Christensen joined us for Jurassic World. We all grew up with the original Jurassic Park, so it was really nostalgic seeing it together. I actually started to tear up with joy when the first park ranger got eaten.

Springfield baseball! Let's go support our local Cardinals even though we don't know a single player!

Philip enjoyed at least the first 2 innings. When I told him there would be 7 more he passed out.

Baseball's a slow game, so you gotta do what you can to keep the crowd's attention. I dreamt that night that these two creeps were chasing me.

Hi, Danielle from Mama Jeans! Thanks for joining us!

Yeah, that's Melissa on the right. Remember that contest she entered? It's down to the top 10, and she made it! Thanks for voting!

Yes!!! Finally out on the boat again! One of these days it's gonna sink from all these kids!

This is Julian, who we affectionately call "Jules." He's 90% pudge and 10% fudge.

My kids will look back on this picture with their kids some day and say, "Yes, your grandpa Jordan was one cool guy."

Into the water!

Marian converses with Jadrian as her dinner descends onto the ground.

Growing together in stature and friendship.

No one on the lake. Just us. So peaceful.

Does Marian look like her daughter?

Our captain. I definitely kept my life jacket on.

She's the same Brain Type as Marilyn Monroe, and with those curls, she sometimes looks like her.

Daddy/daughter time. Nothing like a boat ride to help you reflect on how precious life is, and how fast time goes by.

Jer and Danielle went on an Anniversary trip to California, so we had all the kids for 3 days. Total chaos! Anyway, check out these awesome painting things! I can't remember what they're called, but they make your child look like a genius!

Basically the edges are raised just a bit, so your kids can't go outside the lines. Idiot proof! Wanna know how well they work? They asked me which one I thought looked the best, and I chose Jade's. Yeah, Jadrian. He's the 3-year old.

Ma, what are you doing here!? I thought you already used your 1-day-per-year voucher to visit us!

This is what being married to an ESFP for 35 years will do to you. Lookin' good, Pa!

To fill you in (no pun intended), instead of going somewhere for our annual Thomas-together vacation this year (like Moab and Lake of the Ozarks the last few years), we decided to do it at our house. Wait, did I say we? I meant "they."

This is Abdul Micaiah Macabre. He funded this party from his oil fields.

My organized and beautifying wife did all this. If Melissa hadn't been born at home, I seriously would question whether the basinets hadn't been switched in the hospital with another family's.

A beautiful evening together, with scarcely a bug to speak of it. Love this time of year.

Abdul kept giving toasts in honor of himself every 5 minutes. Selfish, self-absorbed sheik.

We talk into the night. Good memories made.

From left to right we've got some kid from One Direction, the emaciated apothecary, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as an adolescent.

Fun times!

I attempt to swim against the tide. Seriously impossible.

More hillbilly fun! Just make sure to do a kid count on the way home!

Cuteness meter was just shattered. We're still trying to figure out Henry's Brain Type.

"Come, fair family! Piping pizza for all!"

Is this technically my first photo bomb?

Sometimes there are a few seconds of introversion here and there.


Movie time. I can't believe what Philip is wearing. He's got a lollipop in his hand, a glow necklace around his neck, a Lightning McQueen shirt, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shorts. I seriously want to puke.

Out to another creek! Hi, Uncle Matthew!

Give us a break. If we had an ocean we would go to it.

One of Marian's favorite things to do when taking a walk. So much easier over water!

Boat time again! Check it out! This time I'm driving, and for the very first time! I'm so grown up, mommy!

She gets ready to jump off, then someone cracks a joke. She laughs, backs up, and then gets ready to jump again. Someone cracks a joke. She stops, backs up ...

... and finally jumps! Good job, hon! You make us Right brainers proud!

Hi! It's us again! Don't you just love this blog entry!?

"I won't let go! You are my eldest brother, and to do so would be to dishonor your name!" -- "Shut up and pull me up!"

Whew. This deserves a good smoke. Finest in the Southfarthing.

Aww ... it's us again. My wife looks slightly cryptic due to her running mascara.

Micaiah is the master of the back flip ... next to me, of course.

William is a total fish now. Jumps off the boat with no floaters again and again and again ...

Where are we gonna find ladies for all these men!?

Aww ... it's us again!

Marscel just wants to remind everyone to "keep it real."

Moments before a bad belly flop. Throw him up, not out, Marscel!!!

lol, this picture doesn't need a caption.

This photo was not staged. We were trying to figure out which way our dock was.

They didn't provide any help.

Heading home, wherever it is!

I had to put this picture. Love it.

Our Thomas family Christmas picture! Well, not quite, but it's 1 of 50 to choose from.

I don't think we got one usable picture. Bunch of silly hobbits.

Time for another "Hold Marscel sibling picture."

Thanks for visiting! We're off now! Have a great month!

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hanks for stopping by, commenters and lurkers! Bye for now!