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Amy Grant


A Classic Christmas
January 7, 2015

Happy New Year! Wow! It's 2016! Don't you feel old? How was your Christmas? Our month was quite eventful, with family and friends and various enemies.

As you can see, the digital, cheesy Christmas decorations are back up! Yeah!!!!

Anyway, time's limited so here goes our month! Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - December, 2015

And here we go ...

You don't see hotties like these walking around Silver Dollar City everyday. We didn't mention to anyone why the weather was unseasonably warm.

Yep, us and the Haguewoods and the Thomas gang are at SDC in Branson for a little Christmastime fun for Marscel's birthday! He turned the big 2-0! No longer a baby, baby!

The beauty and wonder of Christmas.

Actually, William was staring at this ride, debating whether he should go on. You know, the people who make these things lack some creativity. "So like, let's suspend an old wagon in the air and have it go in circles."

The grand kids. Pa can't get enough of our little Shirley Temple.

"Fire In The Hole!" This ride's like 50 years old! Pray it stays on the tracks.

Did I mention Nathan was with us? Not that anybody cares.

A shootout ride. To be politically correct they'll be replacing these guns in 2016 with plastic bananas.

You get points for shooting the targets, but it's more fun just to shoot each other.

Our two lovely matriarchs.

Oh my word. See the guy in the green jacket? He was straight out of the 70s, and was one of the most amazing piano players I've ever seen.

The lights really are incredible there.

One of Ma's spiritual gifts is photo-bombing.

There we go. My two girlfriends.

Marscel, Taralyn, Emma, Ben, and Pa.

Yes, Philip, there is a fake Santa Claus.

Dinner afterwards with the gang!

You crack us up, Marscel! Who knows what zany thing you'll do next! Who knows! I sure don't!

Talking. Eating. You know that electric, excited feeling you get with friends at a restaurant? I don't get that, but you know what I'm talking about.

The Haguewoods came back to Locksley Manor for the weekend with us. Happy birthday!

Micaiah and Taralyn.

And it's a little someone else's birthday! Our little Marian turned 3 on the 7th. She's in love with "Cindernella", hence the dress.

Our Christmas tree. And no, that's not a space ship. That's an essential oil diffuser.

We watch it every year without fail! "A Muppet Christmas Carol."

I had to baby sit another evening, so I put on a movie from MY childhood. I mean, I turned out alright, right?

Marian loves her new American Girl doll. Thank you, Aunt Rita!

"I love her oh my gosh!"

It's Advent season, and time for our Church Peanuts Gang to sing for us.

Yes, Marian is swinging Philip's arm back and forth, while all the other children stand nicely still.

Beautiful orchestral carols.

Anna, Kelsey, Philip, and Kristian made an amazing quartet.

Each year gets better and better!

Hi, Uncle David and Aunt Judy! On their way to Colorado they stopped by again. Getting a picture of all the Niednagel nuggets.

Face-Timing my cousin Paul David with his family in Taiwan. So great "seeing" you!

Christmas eve, and time again for a hubby/wifey picture.

Kalea gets "a little of this," and "a little of that." I don't know what I was telling my dad that gave him such an animated expression.

Jules, cordially, would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. His advice is to "take it easy," and to remember that "just one more bite will never kill you."

You have us Niednagels, and then at the end of the table you have Marscel. He's too cool for us.

It's Christmas Day! "So like, how did those beautiful women marry you guys?"

I like this picture.

Same hair color, Brain Type, and same goober DNA.

Awww ...

Quite festive! Thankfully the ceiling didn't catch fire.

If there's one photograph that could possibly capture who Marian is, it's this one.

We open gifts on Christmas evening. We're weird.

And it begins. A new compound bow!

Yep, I got Jeremy a Squatty Potty! No, Jer, it doesn't go on your head.

So what dad gets their son an Orin necklace from The Never Ending Story? This one!

"As You Wish." A book by Cary Elwes who played Westley from The Princess Bride.

Marscel and I remember what it's like being a kid and not knowing how to put all your cool Christmas presents together after you open them. We shall help you, lads!

Two days later and it's now time for Marscel to go home. lol, it was literally flooding, and the only umbrellas we had were Marian's pink one and William's Star Wars one. Had to cross the river on foot so he could get to his car.

Marscel: "So how are we getting across?" - Jordan: "I'll figure it out when we get there."

Thanks again for stopping by! Happy 2016!