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A Snow Flurry February
March 5, 2015

Welcome back, Niedbloggers! Yep, I upped the font one notch, as the writing was starting to get a little small with all the bigger screens and smaller tablets and such now-a days. Yes, here at Niedngel.com we're always at the cutting edge of technology, willing to change at a moment's notice to bring you the best in Niednagel entertainment. Whether it's William's glare or Marian's goober faces or my patented snob smile, we promise to bring you HD quality media for a fraction of the price!

Ok sorry.

Anyway, February was snowy and cold! So glad it's over! What a miserable month! C'mon, Spring, let's go! Still, we did some fun things and we're thankful for another 30 days of health and the Lord's protection. Oh, and I put a new picture of Melissa and I over there. Do that every year.

So with that we'll get on with it! Thanks for stopping by! You're such a nice person!

Video Blog - February, 2015


And here we go ...

Stay back, crazy Amazon woman!!! I have a scythe and I know how to use it!

We're down at the barber shop and it's coming off, folks! All 25 inches! Everyone inside couldn't believe it.

And ... it's gone! The lioness has been de-maned (I know girl lions don't have manes but who cares). Wow, talk about a different woman. She looked so stinking cute afterwards and I love it.

With her new look, she's decided to get a job and join the workforce. I'll be a stay-at-home dad feeding my kids yogurt and animal crackers. It's a new life for the Niednagels!

Proceeds went to Rahab's Rope, a ministry in India devoted to helping women and girls who have been victims of sex-trafficking. Please visit their site!

Thank you, Molly! Beautiful job!

"Woman cuts hair. PETA sues over mistaken Ozark skunk."

I had to mail this thing. Looked like I was carrying 'Cousin It' from the Adams Family.

Quick, which one is the doll?

Her lady fair with golden hair must needs soon switch to underwear (no more diapers, please!).

"She's the princess, Keoni. Hand over the keys."

Ahh, the lovely ladies are out for some lunch at Cafe Cusco. The pink and yellow thing really is turning into a lady these days.

She's just so cute! And her mound of millet with an olive on top! Just so cute!

So my wife comes home saying she wants our porch to look like this. Fat chance. No more outings for you.

Time for a birthday party for the birthday girl at Jer and Danni's house! They decorated everything Indian style!

Danielle painted that beautiful mural just for the party.

"Hey, William. I'll give you a dollar if you eat my Indian sludge."


"Happy birthday to you!" With kids you no longer feel like it's just your birthday.

Playing a birthday game. Jer looks like he needs a break at the office water cooler.

I got my wife a picture of a desk. "Happy birthday, Hon." Ok, so I got her the actual desk, you morons. That night I had a 101 degree fever and I wasn't feel too hot (actually I was very hot). Nothing like being sick on your wife's birthday!

Our first snow of the year! Yay! Only it's like 18 degrees outside and the fun won't last long! Yay!

Here's our little Charlotte with her cute pigtails.

"The snow is all ... just ... so beautiful!!"

The face of unbridled lunacy.

The face of a calculated psychopath.

"Now remember, wait until we get to top speed before you throw the cat!"

Ahh ... it's the next day and a little warmer. Let's go on an adventure.

"Hold on, I need to suck my thumb."

The intrepid children cross the formidable creek bed in search of absolutely nothing.

"Forget this adventure. Let's slide!"

Dinner and orchestra date! Got my new suit and I'm feeling Michael Bubleish!

Actually, it was more like a special outing with mom. Thanks for babysitting, Emily!

Lovely meal at Houlihan's. She's just so cute. Sorry, I already said that.

At Hammon's Hall for an orchestral evening. The snow made it all feel so ... whatever that word is.

Hadn't done the snob smile for awhile. Man I miss that.

Some heavenly music from the Resurrection Symphony.

Nothing like parking lot lighting. Kinda cool.

More snow. Yay.

Snow, snow, go away, please come back some other day.

Marian and I, standing and holding hands, for no particular reason. These are the best moments in life.

Fun with Playmobile. I'd still play with these things by myself if it was culturally acceptable.

Snowy days. Just hanging out together inside. Pretty cute.

Ok, as the snow melted our field was literally covered with robins. Like, this picture does no justice. I just couldn't capture the magnitude of it all.

Seriously like a horror film. There are a ton of "dots" the camera didn't capture. You should all be horrified. You should be running away screaming.

And that's it! You're a real peach for stopping by, and a real pineapple for leaving a like or comment! Lord bless your month!