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Welcome To The Future!
February 6, 2015

Wow! Here we are in 2015! The future! Remember In Back To The Future when they go to the year 2015? Well, here we are! No flying cars! What a rip off! Maybe by 2035! Anyway, as you can see, now you can "Like" the blog above. So, for those of you too lazy to comment, now you can just click a button! Gotta love the convenience! (Also, please "Like" it here rather than on FB so it remains for posterity in the blog archive.)

Anyway, I will warn you now that this is going to be a pretty boring blog. We had lots of fun in and around the home this month, but we also forgot our camera for a couple other small events. Oh well. Beats a sharp stick in the eye.

Anyay, thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - January, 2015


And here we go ...

New covers for our bed! Your visit to was not a complete waste of time after all!

Some daddy/daughter time on the tablet.

".. and they shall be as frontals on your forehead."

You know when you're young, and you have no money, but if you did you would buy all the Legos in the world? I'm older now, and I have money (whether it's in the budget or not is another matter), and I just can't say no sometimes.

It was either these or a new chainsaw.

Birthday time! The month of January is chockablock full of birthdays. Here we are preparing for Danielle's birthday. This particular meal is her favorite. Plain tortillas with splattered mayonnaise.

The table is set (I was kidding about the tortillas).

The sunset was beautiful, but you can't see a blooming thing in the picture. Just imagine it.

Hey, Jules! Looking cute! Get ready for the awkward baby pimple stage!

My wife pretty much makes the best cakes ever.

I love blurry birthday photos.

Playing our traditional birthday question game. The pink and yellow thing looks frustrated. I must be winning.

Outside enjoying a nice day!

It's all coming off, folks! Well, not all of it, but about 25 inches. Melissa is actually selling her hair. Yeah, people actually buy hair online. She'll be donating to a Christian Indian organization (no, not native american).

Girls night out! Or, night in! The Dischers and Anderslands came over for a "Girl Night" to watch Ever After. I retreated to another bedroom.

So fun having you guys! I mean gals!

Philip said he actually would have preferred a sharp stick in the eye.

So, are you coming to our ball on May 25th? Get your tickets!

Shooting photos for the advertisement. We actually had full capacity last time, so I'm serious about signing up. :-)

My outfit is nearly complete. I just need some white flip-flops.

Jeremy's new addition to his home! It makes his house considerably larger. Not done yet, but getting there. Oh, and Hi Nathan Daher! So good to see you again!

This time we're celebrating Dad's 67th birthday. No. That's not the temperature outside. That's his age.

Jeremy made this great card. Jonathan Edwards Niednagel.

My card. Hard to see, but it was a spoof of American Sniper with my dad's head superimposed.

We jump ahead now to Nathan's 41st birthday! Just kidding. He's 31. Also had Heidi Hansen over to join us!

We all watch as Nathan opens his gift. I know this is a pretty boring picture but I'm desperate here.

Awesome cheesecake dessert. Thank you, Heidi!

Cuteness alert. All hands on deck.

This is how real men play with doll houses.

And that's it! Now you can get back to whatever you were doing! Thanks for stopping by!