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Jimmy Cliff


Of Anniversaries and Birthdays
August 9, 2015

Welcome back, Niedbloggers! July was half full, half empty, with stuff we did at the beginning of it and the end of it. How was yours? It continues to rain at a steady basis and all the grass is still very green. In the 15 years I've lived here I've never seen it green in August.

Anyway, this blog is late, so here we go! Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - July, 2015

And here we go ...

Oh don't mind me. I'm just spending an hour cutting a black snake free from tree netting. Another day at the Ozark office.

It's been so wet lately that I found this guy just walking through our yard. I named him Fluffy.

Keoni's 7th birthday party! Let the loot opening begin!

You know I make the best cards. You know I do.

4th of July party at the Cook's home! They did their cool waterslide again, but this time it was even better! Look at the smile of sheer joy on Marian's face!

Dallas and I make the plunge. Marian gets her faces from her Dad, I guess.

Aww ... that's better. What a sweetie poo.

"Philip, hold on! I've got you, son!"

"My bad! I don't got you, son!"

"Forget you, Dad! I'm going with Kristian!"

Hey, Erik! Diggin' the pink raft!

Night falls, and the fireworks begin. I think Kevin was put off by my glow necklace.

Talk about one of the coolest pictures ever taken! Great photo, Caleb Royer!

It's the next day, and we're heading home. I drove with my head like this too.

One of our apples from our William's Pride apple tree. Finally, some success!

My wife's pretty flowers. Look at them. Appreciate them.

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." Romans 1:20

Marian wanted to show you her dolls. She also says, "You're a stinker budget."

So yeah, about the rain I was talking about earlier. There it is. Yeah, that's our driveway, and that's a river going over our driveway. Really fun to fix. Total blast.

Where did all these small halfings come from!? The Voellers visited Jeremy's house, and they hired Emily to come take care of their respective kids in our downstairs basement while they had dinner together. No one killed anyone else and there was never a need for an ambulance! Fun night!

Philip Huntington Niednagel. He rarely doesn't have some form of cut on his face, yet his face always shines and his eyes literally sparkle.

We promote peace and love in our household.

We had dinner with all the family. I just wanted to share my wife's creativity with food. Granted, cucumbers are altogether disgusting, but they make for a lovely setting.

Wedding anniversary celebration time at Top of the Rock in Branson, Missouri! This place was finished just a year or so ago, and it's just spectacular. The millionaire who owns all the Bass Pro Shops in the United States built the place, and you can tell he spared no expense.

I didn't know till afterwards that those bunkers aren't even real. The whole thing is a fake hitting range made from basically astroturf. Oh, and hello there, beautiful. Happy 7th anniversary!

Eating at "Arnie's Barn." It's named after golfing legend Arnold Palmer, and he literally transported a barn from Pennsylvania and rebuilt it here in Branson. I call it, "Arnie's Waste Of Time."

You just stand there in awe. The view is seemingly unreal.

So the Bass Pro guy keeps a huge collection of wines in an underground cave. He even had more than my collection at home.

I'm suing for the rights.

Inside the chapel. Can you imagine preaching with that view behind you?

With that background, I could get up and be like, "Love is good," and people would be like, "Oh my lands! What a sermon!"

A beautiful infinity pool overlooking the valley.

7 years of love and joy and bonding and growth and more love again. :-) I am so grateful for Melissa. Oh how I pray the Lord grants us 7 times 7 years (and a little more).

Selifie! Here we are the next morning getting in a quick 9 at the mini golf course.

That's my man purse. Don't make fun of me.

As I said that day, "You may suck at golf, but at least you look good doing it."

SUPRISE!!! So like the day before Hannah's birthday we decided to drive to St. Louis to surprise her. They were meeting at an ice cream parlor and we popped out of nowhere with all these pink balloons. Yeah, it was the wife's idea ... but you have to give me some credit for saying yes.

Dress boho, they said. So Micaiah dressed regular, and I came boho.

It had been a little while since Shirley Temple saw Johnny Depp.

I like photos from smart phones cause they make your skin look smooth and pasty. "OMG! I woke up looking like this, girlfriend!"

Awesome ice cream. Organic, with 15% less sugar.

So I recently submitted my resume to a well-known clothing company. I really think Goodwill will accept me.

Hello, Rebekah, Hannah, and Sara!

So they brought out this large sheet of paper, and we were to paint whatever made us think of Hannah.

"I may have painter's block, but you have fashion block."

We love you to the moon and back, Hannah!

Let the mayhem begin.

Those balloons almost took her away! See, Hannah, you're not so fat afterall!

Just wait until we have seven.

Ok, one more balloon grass picture thing. Don't ask me why they're lifting their heels.

Some of us painted some really good pictures. Others, not so much.

"Oh my gosh! No champagne!?"

You know we love our group pictures! And we know you love seeing them! Right? Course you do!

And that's it! Yes, thank you for stopping by! And it's time to say hi again, you lurkers! I see you! Bye for now!