Hail, Ran, Or Sunshine
The Script


Of California, Weddings, and Parties
July 7, 2015

Wow, what a month! I don't think we've been home on a weekend for like 7 weeks. At any rate, thanks for stopping by! We hope you're having a good summer. It's been very nice in the Ozarks thus far and we've only had a couple days in the mid 90s with lots of rain. Beautiful outside!

All right, have fun in Niednageland!

Video Blog - June, 2015


And here we go ...

Here's our new indoor marijuana garden! No actually, we're in the Chicago airport on our way to California and they had this cool urban garden inside.

Hey Matthew, you're book is pretty good. We didn't buy it, though.

Ahhh ... the palm trees, blue skies, crisp air ... now this is my childhood coming back to life. We're in San Diego getting ready to attend some pre-wedding stuff. Melissa is just making sure the kids are still alive with Mama Monica at home.

Definitely one of those "About the Author" photos. Now I just need to write something.

Hi Jamesy! She's the one on the left and whose wedding we came to California to attend. Yeah I know, we're pretty good friends! Just don't ask us to fly across the country for your wedding!

All the ladies. I'd tell you their names if I knew them.

This reminds me of one of those nature documentaries where you see monkeys grooming each other. Sorry, was that rude?

The bride and groom! Hello, Tim Tardo!

Jeremy officiated the wedding. Yeah, Jeremy did. No, I'm serious. They actually asked him to officiate the wedding. Really, I'm serious!

Some of the bridesmaids.

The groomsmen. Quite a varied group of guys, I must say.

Jeremy gives some tips on kissing.

All right, enough rehearsal and let's eat! Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Hansen!

Hey guys! All the Hansen kids were able to attend as well. They all went to Mexico on a mission's trip afterwards.

Ahh ... I like this picture. The view was gorgeous.

Michael Denton. You just don't know what this guy is going to say next.

Here they come!

Jade, our one Niednagel daredevil, stands dreaming of one day jumping from a hot air balloon.

Abe steals the first kiss! Eww!!!

It's late. I'm tired but my wife wants to keep hugging people.

All right, it's morning and time to beauty up!

Hey, that's a nice looking family. Jules has a little gut, but other than that ...

A lovely sanctuary.

Time for some pictures.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Of course, that's Southern California for you.

Yes, a good wife is "more precious than rubies."

Jamesy and Danielle.

Jamesy and Melissa.

Ok, last one.

You kinda feel uneasy when Abe stares at you.

The ceremony!

Mr. Daher, the father, hugs the bride.

Tim sings a song he wrote for this special day. So beautiful.

C'mon, Jer, get to the good part!

Yay! We've been waiting so long for this day! Congratulations, you guys!

One last group shot.

So the bride and groom face opposite directions and answer questions. It gets pretty funny. "Who's the loudest talker?"

Laughter. Smiles. All the typical slop you see at weddings.

The Hansens are pretty much responsible for this wedding even happening. They hooked Jamesy and Tim up at a party in Springfield, and the rest is history!

We send them off with bubbles. I look pretty focused.

Mr. Daher was like, "Hey! What are you two doing!? Oh wait, I forgot. Go ahead!"

Man, they drove off in a sweet car. Happy Honeymooning!

Why am I putting up another picture of Nathan and the Hansens? I don't know. Just enjoy it.

All right, we jump ahead to the next day and we're at Dana Point Harbor enjoying some lunch with my sister, Brynn, and her family. Really was so wonderful seeing you all.

Dana Point, where I used to come as a kid so often. A beautiful, windy day.

Toby impersonates Richard Henry Dana.

Very surreal to stand with your wife where you used to feed crabs as a little boy. The years pass by so quickly, and God is so good.

Brynn was practically my second-mother as a little boy. Love you.

I jump in the freezing water with the kids.

Scott Jones! He was my next door neighbor friend growing up and I hadn't seen him in like 15 years. We made plans and had dinner together with the two fams. Such a great tour guide, Scottie!

Enjoying the evening together. Thanks for a great time, Jones'!

Yes, it's that time again you've been waiting for. That special time that comes by every June of every year. Yes, blueberry picking.

Hi, Mom!

We picked 8 buckets, and I think that's a record for us. As you can see, Marian was ready to go home.

Eating a little lunch afterwards at Hodgson Mill.

"Back in the 1880s they used to hire big buff people like your dad to turn these things." - "Then why isn't it turning, daddy?"

I like this picture. Jade is still stuck in the 70s.

Good job, hon. That water was freezing. It comes straight from a spring.

I can't believe these goobers are ours. William has definitely reached the boy stage.


Thank you, Lord.

Another wedding! Dan and Katie Langenberg! Congratulations, you guys!

Aunt Melanie is here! Yay!

The first dance.

Daddy daughter.

The crowd looks on.

Meredith Frazier and Melanie.

Hi, Heather Tull!

William snapped this picture. Time for some dancing.

Swing your partner ...

Marian inherited her daddy's crazy hair.

Oh my word, it started pouring! David Alger had some fun with the boys! Thanks, David!

More smiles. Sorry, we're getting near the end of the blog and my comments are getting lame.

We jump ahead to an evening at the creek! Watch out for leeches!

You're a good man, Will.

Crazy cousins. Jade is still stuck in the 70s.

Mary Walsh's new birth center is open! My wife stopped by while in Springfield. Congratulations!

Whoa, the pink and yellow thing has really grown.

Finally, our last event of the month! The Dischers put on a fun Victory Party celebrating World War II.

Marian looks pretty vintage. That's actually Mama Monica's childhood dress.

Hangin' with Joel Andersland.

Awww ...

There's William, and then there's these two ENFP goobers.

Again, there's William, and then there's these two ENFP goobers.

Some amazing stories told from World War II. So sobering. So thankful for their sacrifice.

These Discher gals can sing!

Avoid the draft, which really is like ... umm ... can't remember the name of the game. Like where they stop the music and if you're holding it you're out. This was fun. Would have been more fun if I had won.

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