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Of March Merriment & Marriages
March 5, 2015

Hello again! How was your March? Are you excited for Spring? So am I! We had a good month, and took a fair amount of pictures, including one wedding (hence the music). Time is limited, so I'll say goodbye, and hope you enjoy!

Video Blog - March, 2015


And here we go ...

Looks like another kickin' party at Jer and Danni's house! This was their "New Addition" party, as the addition to their house is finally complete (which John Walker helped to build). Jeremy: "Hey John, is that a hole in the roof?

We were blessed with the beautiful singing of Maddie Walker, John's daughter. Her voice is REALLY like JJ Heller.

Very unique, sweet, relaxed style.

I won't point out that raspberry is spelled wrong.

Did you know when something says "gluten free" the sugar and fat and other bad ingredients automatically become good for you?

Time for a wedding! rarely goes a few months without wedding pictures! Yeah!

William wasn't too thrilled about wearing suspenders ...

...until he saw all the MANLY GROOMSMEN wearing them too!!! lol, seriously, he totally changed his mind after that. :-)

Can't remember their names, so we'll call them Anna and Elsa.

And the vows are made.

Enjoying some conversation with the Lucases and Stoltzfuses.

Sharing some cake. (eww!)

"So the bartender says to the golf club, 'I can't serve you. I know you're going to be driving later!'"

Daddy/daughter dance.

William and Philip get down with Anna and Elsa. I was surprised at some of Will's semi-coordinated moves.

So I look over and see Philip randomly dancing with the bride's mother-in-law. Yes, this would be one wild night.

Micah and Natalie can dance like no one's business.

I try. At least my skinny tie looks good.

The longest-married couple. So sweet.

Throwing the bouquet. This is a great picture.

Dancing the electric slide! Now this wasn't too difficult.

"It's Daddy's birthday. I have a present for my Daddy."

This is one for the ages.

Me and Julian, aka Squishy Bear. He doesn't take life too seriously. Keep it real, Jules.

Nothing like a low-key family birthday party. Just what I like.

Banana cream pie! I'm a glutton for it every year!

Enjoying the warm March weather with my girl.

That's Marian's patented, "Are you kidding me?" face. The problem with crowns is kids suddenly think they're royalty.

It's a ladies dinner Cinderella party thing! So Melissa coordinated a Cinderella night where everyone could dress up and go see the newest version of "Cinderella" at theaters. My mom was supposed to be the evil queen. Looks more like a Renaissance sculptor.

More ladies.

Some more ladies.

At the theater. Sorry, I wasn't there, so my comments here are pretty drab.

I've actually never seen that "ham" smile from Marian before.

It's Spring! Time to visit the Andersland's again to torture some animals!

I never thought a boy holding a lamb could look so epic.

This picture captures the very essence of Jadrian.

Chick: "Get help."

Melanie's at our house! Looks like she's cooking up some nice fabric for dinner!

Saturday morning waffles. Nothing better in this world when you're really hungry (don't argue).

Waffles take me back to my childhood. I'm sure you can tell.

The geese return. Yes, it is indeed Spring.

Phily found a lizard friend.

This is face #22 out of Marian's 100 or so different faces.

Organic produce! Complete with protein!

The garden begins. Let the madness begin.

Hi, Pa! He and Ma visited for the weekend. I really like this picture.

Jordan's Creek runs again.

So it's Philip birthday party and he's got a 102 fever. Poor little guy.

Hot dogs! I love 4-year old birthday parties.

So like, literally, 30 minutes later, Philip gets up and opens his presents and plays with the kids and acts like nothing happened. Never underestimate the healing powers of greed.

Just playing with the boogers on an average day. Have to admit that city is pretty awesome.

Anna from our church held a 4-course dinner party for couples. It was delicious!

Movie time afterwards with my girlfriend! This is a Nikon selfie! Not easy!

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