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A Thankful Thanksgiving
December 9, 2015

Welcome back, everyone! And in case you didn't hear the big news ...

Another Niednagel nugget is on the way! And as luck, or the Lord, would have it, Melissa is expecting on July 4th, our anniversary! lol, I like celebrations spread apart, so I hope it's not actually born on that day, but we'll see. It's not like I can control that.

Anyway, on with the blog! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - November, 2015

And here we go ...

Hi, Hannah! Hannah came down from St. Louis to do crafts and color pictures and play dolls for a week. Ok, that's a little exaggerated, but they did do crafts and color pictures.

Did you even know they had coloring books for adults? What a complete waste of time.

Another Niednagel Family Christmas picture! Here are all the garbage ones we didn't end up using.

We decided to adopt these poor orphans.

It's like, "Yeah, that picture's ok, but still pretty lame."

He's all boy.

That's one big yellow building.

Holding my best friend.

After a few hundred pictures you just, like Philip and I, stare off into the middle distance.

The final product. Merry Christmas from the Niednagels!

Saying goodbye to Hannah! Bye, Hannah! We loved having you! Come again to color and play dolls!

So after photos we headed over to Shea Brandon's wedding. Check out the look on his face. Doesn't his face resemble a Disney character? Kinda like a Flynn Rider look from Tangled.

Father and bride. Congratulations!

Now we're at the reception. Philip: "Say, what's the big idea, chum?"

At our wedding, instead of throwing rice, we asked people to throw money. It was awesome.

Back home now and we have the Carlsens and Thomases over for Thanksgiving! They all came a few days before, and we ended up having about 25 people in all. Yeah, good thing I don't have anthropophobia (fear of humans).

This photo is not PETA approved.

Acting goofy.

Conversation and games.

Marian and her newest cousin, Martin Thomas! They named him Martin after the 90s sitcom television show. (I'm kidding)

Once again, Pa carves the turkey wearing Melissa's apron! Nailed it!

"Now I'll teach you how to text so the rest of your life can be ruined."

Thanksgiving Day! Man, look at all those little rascals.

Taralyn and Melanie. It goes without saying that neither of them are dieting.

Meanwhile, Marscel shops in the child's department when finding a belt that fits.

Friends, family, and food. So much to thank God for.

Time for our annual bean bag and archery tournaments! The rains were held back for the day and the weather was a nice 60 degrees.

Good to be together again.

An artistic shot through the bean bag hole.

My wife takes aim. Her aim would end up being quite off.

Is it wrong to taunt your wife?

His body language says it all.

Mrs. Carlsen's first ever attempt at archery. Good job!

Maid Marian versus the evil sheriff Michael.

Dude, this reminds me of something epic ...


Taralyn and Rebekah take aim.

Micaiah's barber forgot to trim the top.

Evening falls, and we play more games.

We had a "Best Coloring" contest.

Charlie Brown's "Mayflower Voyage" movie! It's really good! Definitely a new tradition to be repeated in our home every year.

6 boys, 1 girl. Michael and I are trying to do something about this.

Nathan flew in the next day from California just to help me set up my Christmas tree! What a guy!

I don't waste any time. Let the merriment begin!

At the Branigar's lovely home the next day. Had a great evening together. Thanks so much! No sarcastic comments for you guys! :-)

Games, food, and fellowship. Tis' the season.

Every year without fail I see geese flying south as I put up the Christmas lights. I hear their honks as though they're mocking me as they happily head for the Caribbean.

Jordan Niednagel, the superhero Christmas Avenger. There is no roof I cannot conquer.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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