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November 6, 2015

Welcome back, everyone! HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BLOG!!! I forgot to announce it a couple months ago, but the first blog entry I did was back in September of 2005 (if you scroll down). Man, can't believe this thing is still going! Talk about a glutton for punishment! Praise God for his mercy over the years. Things were pretty bleak in my world from 2005 to 2007, and looking back now I can just see the merciful and beautiful things God did to make me the man I am today (with plenty of flaws still, of course).

Anyway, so life continues for all of us. We had a wonderful October, with all the negatives and positives to be expected in life. Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - September, 2015

And here we go ...

Jon Lueken spoke at our church about his work with Operation Nehemiah in South Sudan. Some great stuff they are all doing there.

Eating outside with the Luekens. Gorgeous sky, huh?

Happy people.

To my wife, the face of her true love. To you, the face of a creepy man.

Let's go camping! We've got our new "60 second, 12-man-tent, which really is a "60 minute, 6-man-tent"! Now if I could just find the flux capacitor.

Ignore her. She just wants attention.

My wife brought some solar white lights. We don't go camping. We go glamping (glamour camping).

By the way, we're up in middle Missouri near Johnson Shut-ins, camping with the Thomases and Wongs and Branigars and Haguewoods and a few Hansens and ... I think that's it. When events involve more than 2 families my whole world just goes into a blur.

We're all getting older, but not maturer.

Good conversation around the campfire. Time to sing Kumbaya.

Like I said, we're glamping.

Micaiah was so nice to sacrifice his face to make us burnt eggs and sausage.

Noah and Melanie. Very sweet. Very touching.

Zayn Malik and Brad Steele.

Kristian! What are you doing in your car at 7:30 in the morning with your windows up!? You're what? Studying!? Ok, who kidnapped the real Kristian and put this imposter in his car?

Hi, Heidi!

So Micaiah and I felt sorry for Kristian, or that guy in the car who pretended to be Kristian, so we thought we'd both bring him over some breakfast ... together ... literally.

Time to visit Johnson Shut-Ins! I know, cute name, but not nearly as cute as that mother and her little curly-haired daughter on the left!

All right, everyone, look directly into the sun and smile!

Hannah, Emma, Rebecca, and ... uhh ... Micaiah.

I saw plenty of people staring at these hunks, thinking they were some kind of rock band. C'mon, that was sorta funny.

Rebecca and Melanie. Smiling. With one arm around the other. (hope that's enough commentary)

You just pray for a safe landing.

Isn't that beautiful?

"Come, my brothers! Let us jump off these rocks into the waters below!" This was a blast, though the water was freezing.

I'm kindly helping my wife on the rocks while posing nicely for the camera. All would-be husbands, take note.

Pretty cute tattoo there, beautiful.

Greetings, Ben!

Walking and talking and smiling and laughing and whatevering.

I'm starving! Let's have some stale sandwiches!

The gang. They all left that night while us and the Thomases stayed for one more day.

Morning dawns. Time for Uncle Marscel to make breakfast this morning.

She looks beautiful even when she's under slept.

I've never claimed my children are normal.

Back to the Shut-Ins for some more cliff jumping!

Getting some serious hang time.

I minimize the splash for a perfect 10.

Micaiah has perfect the "butt dive."

Back home now on a lovely walk with the Stoltzfus family. How I do love fall.

Also had the Lagenbergs joins us that evening. At the table I was like, "Man, we've seriously got some messed up last names here."

Family Christmas picture! Can't show it to you yet, but here we are preparing for the madness.

Holy cow! We've now got 7 of these things!

Best buds for life.

It's Grandma Barbara's birthday!

Happy 80th, Mom!

Kidding, like I do every year. I'll tell you her real age next year.

And here's a random picture of a typical family meal where William and Philip discover that their chicken wings resemble Star Wars blasters. Great.

I hadn't been trick or treating in 20 years, so I thought, "Why not?" We headed over to Uncle Jeremy's and he filled our sacks with toilet paper! Yay! (he actually did, along with a few other goodies)

You can just take a wild guess as to what they all are.

hanks for stopping by! Don't leave without saying hi! Bye!