Life in 417 Land
October 8, 2015

Happy fall to everyone! Man, is it just me, or has this year seem to go INSANELY fast? Like, I know years go by quickly, but for some reason this one seems faster than ever. We did have a short summer, so that may be why.

Well, I know you didn't come here to read my random reflections, so I'll get on with the blog. Not a ton of pictures here, but better than a sharp stick in the eye! Thanks for stopping by!

Video Blog - September, 2015

And here we go ...

Hey, Isaac! Isaac Braniger performed at the Apple Festival in Seymour. I wasn't there (Melissa took the kids), but I was told it was great. Be sure to catch it next year.

Nobody actually sold APPLES at the Apple Festival. Isn't that pathetic? They finally found one booth that had some, and I don't think they were even locally grown. They should just rename it to the Generic Festival.

Look up "abnormal" in the dictionary and you'll find this picture.

A duck that walks. Sure, Marian, why not.

Probably could have chosen a more appealing background, hon, but it's good to see you all!

School time with some Cedar Wood essential oil. Supposed to help you think more clearly. If nothing else it helps you smell like a tree.

Wait, Marian, you were just a toddler yesterday! What are you doing looking like a woman? One can seriously imagine her 16-year old self in this picture.

Come, everyone! Dinner is to be served outside yet again!

Another beautiful September evening, and we had Brad Kullman as our guest.

Appropriate dinner attire optional.

Hello, mini-me.

For all of those concerned, "Jordan's Creek" is still running and doing well, aside from the times when disobedient kids start throwing the carefully placed rocks. Those found guilty are forced to drink from it.

Volunteer squash! I didn't even plant it! So cool! Although, I wish it could have been volunteer watermelon, or volunteer mango trees.

I'm not looking forward to Marian's 16th birthday.

A beautiful day at Locksley Acres.

Taking the kids to work with me! Not every dad can get there by 4-wheeler.

All right! Time for some baseball at a creepy park in Springfield! This bearded guy was sitting on a bench talking to himself, so we invited him to play with us. Oh wait! That's Micaiah!
My bad!

Good form, Abby! No sarcastic comments from me! No sir!

I can't remember this girl's name, but she could possibly be a future ESFP slugger.

Dude, Marscel is Ken Griffey Junior trapped inside the body of a ... uhh ... thin guy.

Lovely picture, girls! No sarcastic comments from me yet again! Just lovely!

Did you catch the lunar eclipse? We had a tailgate party in our field and watched it till about 11:30. This incredible, awesome, detailed picture was taken right as it started.

Hello, Z girls! They all came down from St. Louis to attend Melissa's 417 Magazine Indulge Event! Everyone was having acne problems that night, so I blurred the picture.

Hannah and Rebekah. I was kidding about the acne.

You two are so cute.

Curly-haired Auntie Bek reads a story to curly-haired Marian and the boys.

I thought Philip and Grandma looked particularly nice in this photo.

Oh, but I want some!

At the indulge event, and Melissa catches up with fellow contestant Beth Raidel! My family has actually known the Raidels since moving to Missouri back in 2000, but we hadn't seen each other for a very long time. Beth went on to win the event, and you can actually see their home featured in 417 Magazine by clicking here.

All the gals getting prepped up. "Ok, ladies. Makeup time will only take the next 6 hours!"

BTW, the indulge event had a fashion show to raise awareness for charities in the area, and Melissa's was the Rapha House, a ministry which rescues and restores girls from the sex trafficking trade and shares Christ' love with them:

"Now if you fall off the runway, girls, be sure to fall heels up so you don't impale anyone."

Not sure why he's drawing on Melissa's forehead.

Bekah lends her fashionistic hand.

Wow! African woman! That poor leopard never saw it coming!

Fun with friends. Thanks for attending, gals!

Left to right ... ENTP, INFP, ESFJ, ENFJ, ESTJ, ENTP. Sorry, used Types instead of names this time.

One more time down the runway in a second outfit.

And the ladies politely clap, pretending they don't care whether they win or lose.

One more group picture.

The two lovely Niednagel sisters. Man, did Jeremy and I marry up or what?

That's a lot of bling! A little too much for my less flashy wife. I think it was like a few thousand dollars worth of jewelry or something. Yeah, we had to give it back. Bummer.

At a coffee shop afterwards. Indeed, a fun, unique night to remember!

She's forever my #1. Next year I'll try out for the guy version. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

That's it! T
hanks for stopping by, commenters and lurkers! Have a great month!