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Spring Weddings Galore
May 12, 2016

Welcome back! You want weddings? We got weddings! Admittedly, I'm not a wedding nut, but considering 70% of our audience is female, I figure this will up our viewship! Enjoy!

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Video Blog - May, 2016

And here we go ...

Philip's Imperial storm troopers are prepared to take over the galaxy.

William's Rebel Forces must withstand the power of the Dark Side. Should they fail, Daddy will sell them all on Ebay for a serious profit.

A beautiful Spring day for a beautiful Spring wedding. Here are our 4 children. For the life of me I just couldn't get the 4th to look at the camera.

We're the Niednagels. We're as confusing as our last name, but we sure do love each other.

Grandmothers are just so special.

Whose daughter is that?

Meet Marian and Aurora the dog. Marian says, "I love her."

The wedding begins, and the bridesmaids enter.

Elliott Zink eagerly awaits his bride. (Elliot's the man in the back, not the boy in the front.)

Megan Andersland enters with her father.

The vows are exchanged.

Emily almost drops the ring. She'll deny it but I'm telling you it's true.

We now present to you ... Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Zink!

Hey look! Joel the Feeler is smiling!

Did you four sit perfectly on the blue and white color divide behind you on purpose?

I ask Blake to write my name on my cup for me.

Happy people.

Ew! More smooches!

That's a very pretty woman over there. Just to clarify I'm talking about my wife.

You can always tell when a picture is taken by a real photographer, as opposed to me.

Brother Dallas gives a fine speech.

From behind.

Melissa and Markie Discher. The two ENFJs give their perfect ENFJ smiles.

Philip wanted to portray his feelings about weddings into one single look.

The Dance.

Our seedlings have sprouted! Aren't you excited for us!!!???

Shoveling cra ... manure! Living the dream, baby!

Butterflies on the apple blossoms.

My wife's flowers! Don't you just love them!?

Can't remember what this one is called. The purple and white orchid thing.

Just a common household scene with the cousins. Army Men are pretty sweet.

And another common scene. Playing legos!

I admit it. I like this picture.

I took William to "The Legends of Golf" tournament in Branson. Got to see all the greats play! That's Jack Nicklaus in the red behind him.

Such a gorgeous day. Wonderful father/son time.

Jer and Mom, who we also came with.

Eatin' some good grub afterwards.

"I want to play golf and wear nice clothes and play on beautiful courses and make millions when I grow up." Ok, sure. Start practicing.

Now at the wedding reception of Micah and Monica Austin! They were married in Texas and then had another reception in Missouri. Here they tell their courtship story.

William takes a picture of Heather. Those ENFPs just sure know how to contort their faces.

Mingling. Gossiping. Encouraging.

It's Spring, for sure! Out come the turtles! Philip is really turning into an animal lover.

Marian, on the other hand ...

All right! Another wedding! Exactly what the kids begged to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon!

She gives her Shirley Temple look.

Man these boys are growing fast. Meanwhile, Jeremy enlightens me to the "ON" button on the camera.

That's a good picture.

"Is my argument not persuasive just because I'm crossing my legs?"

Clearly, my two boys are better raised than Jeremy's.

And it begins ...

Mr. Schlegel shares words about and for his daughter, Emma.

Yeah, Jeremy officiated. I know! That's what I said!

Really was a fantastic wedding. It was inside a lodge of sorts, and just had relaxed and comfortable feeling.

We now present to you ... Mr. and Mrs. Brian Neighbour!

Aaron Schlegel shares some words about his sister and best friend. Man, he was funny. I don't say that about a lot of people, but he was hilarious. :-D

Danni and Jer. How lovely.

And that's it! Hope we maxed out your wedding fix for the month! Hopefully next month won't have any more! Have a great May!